In 2020, it is popular to wear “children’s clothing”, which looks thin and tall and fashionable, and people who know how to wear it have long been changed

Summer is coming, and many girls are starting to buy all kinds of T-shirts again, right? The loose and fat size one size T-shirt has always been a hot item in summer, and it is indeed easy to wear and cover the flesh. But! It does not show the figure, the style is prosaic, and it can’t catch people’s eyes at all. This summer’s popular is to wear “children’s clothing”, thin and tall and fashionable, people who know how to wear have long changed!

What is the so-called “children’s clothing”? In fact, it is a small size of clothing, the most typical is all kinds of short tops, has always been “short and long” is a necessary rule to create the golden ratio, this year this kind of seemingly children’s clothing short top is even more popular, by many fashionable elves love. In the face of dazzling styles, girls are always prone to difficulty in choosing, how do we choose a variety of short tops without flash, today I will start with four versatile items, introduce you to the selection skills of short tops, hurry up and arrange it!

1. Sports fashion small vest

A vibrant, energetic look is what summer should look like, and the small vest is not only comfortable to wear, but also has a great plastic effect. The small vest up to the navel can be worn directly with loose jeans, and the method of “short top and long bottom, tight top and loose bottom” doubles the leg length. This method is suitable for girls with a good figure, while most slightly fat girls are more suitable for a small vest with a bodice, with a short jacket over it, which does not affect the proportions and the flesh covering effect will be more obvious. Song Qian’s body is not handsome.

2. Trendy and versatile short sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are naturally no strangers to everyone, compared to ordinary sweatshirts, the exposure of short sweatshirts is not so high, which further reduces the possibility of colliding and creating a unique self. Short-style sweatshirts are also mostly looser, whether it is flesh on the stomach or thick arms, it can be covered very naturally, only revealing the thinner places below the thighs, is it instantly much thinner. Wearing it like Guan Xiaotong, doesn’t it look playful and elegant. Whether you wear it every day or attend an event, you can hold it.

Short sweatshirts can not only be paired with a series of skirts such as pleated skirts and skirts, taking the elegant and playful girl route, but also with pants to create a casual street style. The sweatshirt, which is casual and versatile, complements the pants. It is very suitable for student parties who are inconvenient to wear skirts, and physical education classes are not afraid. The crop top sweatshirt seems simple but very careful, looming to reveal a small man’s waist, avant-garde and personality. “Immortal Goddess” Jolin Tsai uses a pink crop top sweatshirt with silver sports shorts, which is awe-inspiring and tender.

3. Japanese fresh short shirt

Japanese wear is also a very popular style type, and most girls are limited to white shirts and pleated skirts, in fact, short shirts and denim skirts are also very distinctive Japanese wear. The short shirt full of design is more naughty and has a retro feeling, and while the youthful atmosphere is strong, it can also be matched with a variety of styles such as rural style and Hong Kong style, and it is very malleable. You can wear it with high-waisted jeans, denim skirts, etc. according to your own preferences, which is very age-reducing.

4. Casual simple short T-shirt

Compared with the small vest, the short T-shirt has added sleeves, which is more suitable for girls with fleshy arms. Short T-shirts blur the shoulder line, and the problem of broad shoulders and unstraight shoulders will also be greatly improved. If you have a long T-shirt, you can also roll up the bottom and clamp it with a clip to make a short T yourself. Since the short T only exposes the waist when matching, the visual center of gravity naturally falls on the waist, and girls with flesh belly are not very suitable for this way of wearing.

Lisa’s French V-neck button-up top is also common in summer, a small retro feeling, very girly, and with the same color pants, it instantly creates a sense of déjà vu with a leg length of one meter eight. The overall coordination is aesthetically pleasing. And the neckline of the V-neck and generous neck is very small, which is very suitable for girls with fleshy faces.

In 2020, it is popular to wear “children’s clothing”, which looks thin and tall and fashionable, and people who know how to wear it have long been changed. To be the most beautiful boy in the audience, be sure to choose a cropped top. If you want sports fashion, choose a small tank top, if you want to be trendy, choose a short sweatshirt, if you want Japanese freshness, choose a short t-shirt, if you want simple and casual, choose a short T-shirt. Which style we want is up to us!

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