Beautiful stylish red ladies low collar bottoming shirt knit, detailed text tutorial

Many sisters in this dress are imitated, and the effect is good. The clothes are mainly in a flat needle, so as long as the size is good, weave it, it has been successful. The preparation of the fungus, and it is not too difficult to study carefully, but worry will be more fat. No matter how much, first weigh, wear it yourself, don’t give people.

After more than 20 days of hard work, it was finally completed. The previous concerns are more, the clothes are very fit, the lace is also very good. In short, it is worthwining.


This line is bought online in the summer, and the price is quite cost-effective. But I didn’t weave it before, so I don’t know if it is bad. Now weave a little, feel good, and there are quite a velvet.

I am worn now, and I don’t have it at all. I didn’t make a shrinking process, I think the velvet is long enough. Will you get a ball, wait for a while to make an evaluation.

First above the original version:

Tool: No. 15, No. 13 Needle


1 inch = 13 needles


Usage super province, only 4 half

Weaving process:


1, after the film: 182 needles with the 15th, weave the double ribbed to 2 inch long time to change the 13th needle and uniformly receive 10 needles, to 172 needles (13 inch width), and the flat needle. Calculation result (12.5 inch -5 inch -1 inch -1 inch * 2 = 4.5 inch), weaving to 4.5 inch to start the waist, each contain one inch to receive 3 needles, each of the hand, there is a total of 166 needles Do not receive unscading, starting the needle, put a needle on the second side of each bed, put three times. At this time, there is a total of 172 needles, and it is not allowed to continue to weave 4 inch. Total woven to 12.5 inch fork, 6 needles, 4 lines of 2 needles, 306-pin (10.5 inch width), and shoulder 5.5 inch. Weaving shoulders on the back. Shoulder 36 pin (2.7 inch width). Weaving time: October 15 to October 20, 2011.

2, front piece: open the door when 7 inch, the middle is 8 pins. The rest of the same sheet. On the three inch of the fork, the front collar is opened first, first flatten 10 needles, then collect 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, and then receive 36-pin, do not accept the sufficient Long and weaving shoulders.


3, the door: 1 pin 1 line with a 10 needle, a total of 139 pins. Two two knitting on the second, and the collar is woven. The right door is open. Sewing. Nail button.


4, collar: pick 208 needles, weaving the pickles of the pulley under one line. Each two lines receive a needle at each side of the shoulders, and the front is closed at the front.

Now start the woven sleeves. First calculate the number of needles first.

(1) 3 inch * 2 * 13-pin / inch + 2 = 80 needles, according to the pattern, add 2 pins, a total of 82 needles.


(2) 4.5 inch * 2 * 13 / inch + 2 = 120 needles (make up integer)

5, sleeves: slices. 82 needles with the 15th needle, weaving double ribs to 1.8 inch long time to change the 13th needle, weave the flat needle, the sleeves gradually add the needle to 120 needles, weave it to 13 inch long-term sleeves, the sleeve is 3.5 inch, then The second line will receive 3 needles once, and the second line will receive 2 needles once, and the flat should be completed. (It is very easy to write, the weaving is very difficult, no week can be taken)

6, wooden ear. Pick with the ear enclin (so better pick), 5 lines to pick 4 pins, knitting the first row with the first row, the first row, the second line, the pixin, the third line Weaving a needle, the fourth line flat needle, the added needle, the needle, the second line.

Three wood-earlier sides of the door placket are also symmetrical. 10 needles between each fungus. The first root starts from the number, and the sixth and seventh needles are picked up, I picked 113 pins, the second, I picked 111 pins, the third 112 needles.

The manuscript comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please private letter! Thank you for sharing! Love life loves to weave!

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