When I was a child, I was dark, I was black, and now I really invented it!

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There is a magical life in the world is a stacked quilt.

喵 妹 has always felt stacked quilt

Is a waste of labor


Get up in the morning, I have to mess up in the evening, and I’m beginning to start.

Summer is okay, winter is simply a “brick”

But every time you use this theory to respond to the accusation of Uncle Guoan.

Uncle Guoan will say:


“Then you have eaten yesterday, I don’t have to eat today.”

Getting up is particularly difficult

When you catch up with bed, you have to stack quilts.

Then it is definitely being late!

That way, you can’t do your hand.

Can you keep the bed neat?

I really have! Let this bed to help you


Spain’s company in order to solve the problem of stacked quilt

Develop a bed that automatically stacked quilt

OHEA smart bed appearance and ordinary bed

But there is a robotic arm on both sides.

There is also a roller at the bottom

After the button is turned on

OHEA can be within 50 seconds

Help you put your bed

In addition to manual operation, also self-with induction system


When you start from the bed for 3 seconds

It starts working

Automatically help you make your bed

It is simply the gospel of the bed with a lazy group!

OHEA smart bed total 5 sizes


But now is still in the development phase


Hey, I feel that the small parties who can’t use it are sad.

妹 来 给 你 介 介

This SmartDuvet bedtack

Name, you can let you never use bed

However, smartduvet is not quilt.


It is just a mesh similar to the cover

Made from ultra-light material

Can be fixed in the quilt by matching rubber clamps

Thus, it is similar to the support of “bones”

When the pump is inflated

This mesh is set to open

Thus, the quilted paved is on the bed.


In addition to the inflatable pump, there is also a smartduvet box

Can also be connected to the phone

Everyone uses the app to realize a one-button bed

Can also prepare your bed time on the app

For example, according to its own situation to set different laying time

It is simply a man-friendly technology.

In addition to stacked quilt,

Smartduvet also makes a quilt have two temperatures!


Never use the other half of the body temperature

Cover the same quilt and the students are awake!

The driving force comes from the “air conditioner host” in the bottom of the bed

That is, the SMARTDUVET box above


Inflativity control is completely relying on it!

As long as the host is controlled by the APP

You can achieve independent temperature control in both sides

Heating while cooling (saying that it seems like cooking …)

With the above two beds,

Is it also the problem of stacking the quilt?

Of course, the bed is convenient

Also save a lot of time

But keep healthy sleep habits is the most important!


So the sister is going to sleep!

Baby Good night ~~

I want to know how my sister looks at the technology industry with a homesteree, smart products?

Please pay attention to the sister’s love, straight men amazed

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