Sweater + wide-leg pants, these 15 sets of winter wear, look good

The next one to meet is our Chinese Spring Festival, but Xiaofi is not a ticket that has already been bought home, waiting to go shopping and drink.

I know that everyone is spread all over the country, there are southerners, there are different northern, regional, climate, and the way to wear is naturally different.

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

But no matter which place, there is a single product you will not be strange, that is the sweater. The heat of the south is single, and the northern part is superimposed, and it is used to wear the formula, and the eye is only in an instant.

We have also spent many times, it may be more about how to choose sweaters, such as materials, styles or colors.

Today, we will talk about these and refine, talk about the chemical response between sweaters + wide legs, this formula is not very high for the requirements of the body, so you can’t worry about yourself with your big belly or small legs.


毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

Wear big, not wearing small, more similar gestures

The large sweater is usually impressed with people, but not everyone is suitable for this Oversize version.

For example, a very thin person, the body is flat, it is likely to

It’s not a thing that can’t stand itself.

, Hide your own good body, you can’t get lost.

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

Slightly a bit slightly fatty, after the flesh’s body is put on, it seems to be more lazy, can’t help but look at both eyes.

This year, the big sweater has a striped element, he has to say,

Stripes are really done

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

And a round of round, it is still fighting.

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

But most people are in dressing, they always like to match black, in fact, it is not easy to make mistakes, but they will not be lucky, and they will not see you in the crowd.

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

Want to learn high-level wear, we

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

To add bright colors in dark color

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

To play the role of attracting attention.

Whether it is the north of the south, basically we have to take off the jacket in the room, show the clothes in it, so since we do it, we must wear good.

I don’t know how many pieces of sweaters in this cardigan, there is a very small version, there is moderate, but wear to wear, I still feel that the space is enough to be most practical.

Almost in any clothes, you won’t be wrong. Generally, white T is very routine, or there are knit bottoms, superimposed other shirts, not too much wear.

Sometimes there is sometimes climate, basically can not wear coats, wearing a very thick clothes to keep warm, I can go out.

I feel that the scarf is arranged on the scarf, for shopping, buy vegetables downstairs, what is the little cute to throw garbage? !

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

In order to have more wearing possibilities, we must also prefer large sweates, especially suitable for superimposing.

Of course, it is not to say that all big sweats are suitable for stacking, or pay attention to the selection of version, such as not too long.

It can be slightly wide, and the gap between the body is just right.

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

This is why it is recommended that everyone must take a closer to the size of each part of his body, not easy to step on the thunder, can’t look at the model.


Sino-style medium, more advanced sense

If you don’t have a little cute, we will talk about the senior sense of sweaters.

Sometimes the Chinese rules are not wrong, but for this kind of wearing, it is very tested, maybe you see very much in the video, clear the single product is simple, but giant advanced.

This is the typical demonstration of the clothes perfect fit, such as this foundation round neck sweater, its small details are the location of the shoulders,

Made a little lantern sleeve, very suitable for collapse

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

The instant gas field has become a lot.

The pants fabric is very important because the sweater is crude fiber, which will easily look rustic. If the pants are mixed with a crumpled, it is difficult to not let people think that they have just been done from the ground.

at this time

The shake of the trousers determines the advanced level of wearing.

If the outer sleeve is placed outside, this is more obvious.

If you want to add a little bit, you can help you with a tissue collar, very good to buy, a search online search will come out.

A apricot will make people feel gentle, and it is just that women in the workplace.

If you want a high-level sense, more cool, then the sweaters that leaders are your first choice, the higher the collar, the more people think it is close.

Brunette straight pants, you can supplement the lack of light-colored sweaters, and the thick INS wind is wearing, you must love it!

There is also a class of sweaters that I am particularly preferred in the strict winter, that is, high-neck sweaters, with coat absolute!

And this coat is usually very strong. This kind of no matter what you look, it is more texture, just with the lamp cord pants, wear trousers or jeans will not be violated.

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

Has anything, after wearing a coat, the exposed collar is really big, even if the wind is blowing, it can also cover half face, and the face is huge.


Color blessing, add some materials to life

Winter is mixed with black and white gray, I always want to more colored breath, after all, colorful, you can give us happiness from visual.

Purple is usually sexy symbol, but I think in winter, it is said that it is better to say that it is better to say, you can put your skin is very white, and you can rush!

I am more favored in life, I don’t know if it should be the sentence, the bigger the age, the more you like pink, but it is really cute.

Generally, this kind of pink, I will teach you a small trick of my own private, the pink of Hai Ma Mao is more bright and moving, which may be because the material and color are shot, it is soft hanging!

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

Even if it is used as an inner, wear it in the jacket, it is completely not lost, the color of the older is also charged very much.

The small version will take a little little sexy

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

It is also very heart-machine dressing skills, with wide leg jeans, whole-walking straight male harvester.

There is also candy color green, and the lady is too smashed. May this color is less friendly for Huang Hao Peak, slightly fluorescence.

If you want to try it, you can try more to be more ash, there will be a good effect.

毛衣 + 阔腿裤,这15套冬季穿搭,好看极了

Usually, this kind of candy is usually matched unless the color master, it is the correct unlocking method.

Today, we mainly say that sweaters and trousers are mixed, the style is really a lot, in this cold winter, there is a companionship of sweaters, I feel warm in my heart.

Before the grain sharing, some little cute embarrassment does not like to wear sweaters, but I hope to make you love the softness of sweaters, love the sweater brings you.

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