PVC lock floor is generally much thick

The PVC lock floor is getting better and more consumers, and the PVC lock floor is generally?Today, I will answer one by one.

The PVC lock floor is only 1.6 mm-9mm thickness, only 2-7 kg per square meter, and is less than 10% of ordinary ground materials.In high-rise buildings, there is an unparalleled advantage in building body load and space savings in high-rise buildings, and there is a special advantage in the transformation of old building.


The main raw materials of the PVC lock floor are polyvinyl chloride, and PVC is environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources. It has long used in people’s daily lives, such as tableware, medical infusion pipe bags, etc., their environmental protection isThere is no need to worry.Among them, the main ingredients of the stone-plastic floor (sheet) are natural stone powder, and there is no radioactive element, which is not included with the national authority department, which is a new type of ground decorative material for green.Any qualified PVC floor requires IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification.

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