2018 Sports Shoes Purchase Guide: New Balance Running Shoes Recommendation, Review and Purchase Way Analysis

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I. Introduction

The idea of ​​writing a guide to the system of writing shoes, hovering from my heart from last year. However, after all, there are many types of running shoes (light, support, cushioning, control, cross-country, racing), and have a lot of models. It is really a very complicated thing to comb, so most of this idea is also Think in my heart, I have not turned on the computer.

This first article is written, and it is an incentive to yourself. After all, it will be difficult.

Speaking of running shoes, there are many seniors in the station, knowing more than me, and my systematic research running shoes are also in the past three years. However, after all, buy running shoes and detailed explanation of running shoes matrix, introduce running shoes itself is two yards, buy running shoes must involve the price of running shoes, if everyone is not bad, then there will be difficulties. And it is still a saying that is more saying about the price of running shoes.

As for the first introduction New Balance (hereinafter referred to as NB), mainly because of the price of the price, NB belongs to the domestic and Haitao prices in many running shoes.

Note: The NB running shoes described in this article does not include NB huge retro running shoes (casual shoes, sports shoes) sequences.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

In this article, you will be able to see the following

2018 New Balance Running Shoes Technology Analysis

2018 New Balance running shoes matrix

2018 New Balance Some Footwear Reviews

2018 NEW Balance Purchase Way Analysis

Note: This article has a total of 9100 words, spending a week’s time, more content, suggestion first collection and slowly

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Second, 2018 New Balance Sports Shoes Technology Analysis

The current running shoes (Nike, Adi, San Koni, NB, Yassery, Meijin, Brooks), NB and Meijin have been in the update of running shoes technology, and NB is relatively 津 美 浓It is more optimistic. Below I will introduce some NB running shoes in accordance with new to the old order.

Hyposkin upper

Hyposkin Uel: Applies Lei Cutting Technology to upper, different density thunder punching, lifting flexibility, greatly reduces the weight of the fabric, belonging to the high extensive suede. Like the second layer of skin, it is slightly thin, let the running hot sense reduction, no breathing and comfort, let the front pair, the front of the toe has appropriate protection. (The above is from NB Taiwan official website and online evaluation)

The larch cutting technology sounds very high, and the Hyposkin upper is only used in NB new Fresh Fresh Foam Lazr series running shoes and Fresh Foam Zante V4. From the evaluation and comment of overseas websites, the fitness is better, more Comfortable, and relatively lightweight, word-of-mouth, if it can be applied to other models of shoe type, maybe it will play like Nike’s flying lines and Adidas’s Primeknit upper.


The middle of Fuelcell is: TPU foaming and nitrogen injection combined with a metallic material.

Fuelcell’s midsole technology is used in NB current flagship light sports shoes Fuelcell, N2 nitrogen shocks are generally used for high-end sports shoes sequences in NB, and the idea of ​​injection of N2 injected TPU materials is really unique.

However, in the middle of Fuelcell is hard, it belongs to the hard feeling, and the weight is too heavy, so there is no huge wave. Since the time of last summer, only the top support running shoes listed last fall, 1260v7 use Fuelcell, the technical difficulty is too high, and some of the difficulty of production, the sense of foot and weight may be the main factor in hindering Fuelcell to become a killer. .


The middle of Trufuse is also a new bottle of old wine, which is an ACTEVA with a good elasticity. This material is currently used in the 860 and 880 secondary top sequences.

Fresh Foam

Fresh foam: is a multi-density smart bubble cotton. Similar to a honeycomb design, it has played a support function of the entire mid-bottom. Its thicker full palm foaming material provides a comfortable foot feel, suitable for daily jogging and medium speed. (The above is from this site information)

The NB team creates Fresh Foam more comprehensive large data cushion technology to provide suitable shoes for different types of runners by continuously collecting large number of sports data, including biomechanics, pace of power models and runners.

Although all in the same center, through different density and honeycomb shape, you can create a sequence of running shoes from getting started to top, from cushioning to support various types.

For example, the fough shape of Fresh Foam Vongo (support type) below

And Fresh Foam Bracay V2 (slower), you can see significant differences under careful comparison.

In the Fresh Foam Lazr series running shoes, the fate of Fresh Foam has a new change, which uses larch cutting technology to effectively reduce the surface of the upper wall, increase the flexibility, and increase the dressing comfort. Look at the picture that Fresh Foam is obvious after the laser cutting is not a bump shape.

Other technology

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析


: Taking “myocardial post” as the concept of creative, design the protection and extension support of the upper, used in women’s training shoes WX811

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Rapid rebound

: High rebound is high in the middle of the technology, mainly applied to racing and lightweight running shoes, and the rebound power is 17% higher than that of ordinary medium.


: One-piece flexible center, more soft than EVA, providing better cushioning effects. Multi-use for low-end running shoes sequences

Cush +

: The upgraded version of the person, but the same use is used for low-end running shoes sequences.


The whole road should be rubber sole, suitable for multiple terrain, mostly used in cross-country running shoes.

Heat Foil geothermal block

: Using the foil insulation characteristics, the heat insulating foil material is applied to the sole, form the insulating layer, and block the ground conductivity. Suitable for some NB sports shoes specially launched in summer.

Third, 2018 New Balance running shoes matrix (as of March 2018)

In a professional running community, the 2017 NB running shoe matrix has been described very detailed because of the copyright reason, this is not posted here, everyone can search according to the keyword.

The article written very specific, and it is a very thorough that each two running shoes will be, I can only be a class door ax, and some running shoes I know will join in the matrix of 2018. Dare to guarantee more perfect, but try to avoid mistakes, if there is a leak, please don’t hesitate to point out in the comments.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance’s running shoes are very confusing. From naming, it is naming according to the midsole, such as flagship light sports shoes Fuelcell, everyone is more familiar with Fresh Foam series running shoes; also named according to numbers, such as 1260 of the top buron sequence 1080 and top support sequence; also named after the feature characteristics, such as the Vazee full of VAZEE, the VAZEE series, focusing on the summer Breathe summer night, late wind series, competition Speed ​​running shoes Hanzo shadow people series, etc.

In this article, I still follow the rules that everyone is more familiar.

According to the classification rules such as cushioning, support, control, light weight, racing, sort from left to right from left to right according to the positioning

I made a picture.

It seems that it is a bit bad on a picture, so I put the picture separately.

This should be able to see a clear point ~~~

Four, 2018 New Balance Some Shop Reviews

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Some pictures of the above running shoes matrix are in the official website of NB, and some of the data and content listed below are part of NB US official website. From functional, some low-end running shoes are not big, and the running shoes I have listed in the matrix are all series of high-end, and the NB running shoes are currently in domestic purchase or Haitao is very good. The price, although functionality is not necessarily more than some of the other sports shoes, but the winning price is high.

There are some running shoes, although there is still in the domestic and foreign countries, it is already the stage of discontinuation, these shoes are some of the products (such as Vazee 2090), some are the sequences that have been abandoned by NB (such as once Top-level control system running shoes 3040, racing running shoes RC1600), these running shoes I have not placed in the matrix.

In this chapter, I will have some comments to some popular non-popular footwear so that you can choose our running shoes that suits you.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8 top-level burst running shoes

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The 1080 sequence has always been the top cushion of NB. On 1080v5, NB almost perfuses all top technology to the top, the middle ABZORB + N2 nitrogen shock absorber, fantomfit upper, T-BEAM in the bridge stable + Medial POST Support, however, from 1080v6, Fresh Foam started to sing the protagonist, as a top cushioning, 1080 Fresh Foam dosage is the highest in all NB running shoes. However, 1080v8 has no particularly large changes compared to 1080v7, which is almost consistent, the most important change is, and the laser punching design is carried out after the middle of the bottom (it can be apparent from the appearance).

Considering that 1080v8 and 1080v7 is not big, it is recommended to pay more attention to 1080v7. At present, V7 domestic promotional prices are basically half folded, and Haitao is a limited size to the low price of around 300.

New balance 880v8 times top slower running shoes

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

NB has two 880 sequences, one is a scientific shoes, models are WW880 (female models) and MW880 (men); the second sequence is the second-level burst sequence we have to say today. 880v8 is the newly launched new year, and the overall change is still not large, the main change is fine-tuning the upper structure, and it is believed to be more bonded; at the same time, the trixtles in the middle have changed, maybe Sacrifice a part of the support to exchange the boostability.

The 880v7 price has always been high, while 880v6 has already entered the clearance mode, the lowest price has reached 300 or less. However, the upgrade of V7 relative to V6 is still quite big. It is recommended that 880v8 will pay attention to the price of 880v7. It should immediately have a good price.

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 Breakling Sports

BORACAY’s guide price of 120 US dollars and 880 guidelines are close to 125 US dollars, or it can be defined as a secondary cushioning running shoes. But the style of 880 is completely different, and BORACAY can be seen as a slightly weak version 1080.

This pair of shoes can be said to be very high, the daily price is 350 or so, it can be reduced to 300 when engaged in promotion. It is expected that this year’s price will continue to explore, more than 200 yuan can buy a double-scale running shoes, and is not a limited size, Other large factory running shoes are basically unlikely to be implemented.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Fresh 840 V3 Breakling Sports Shoes

New Balance’s model numbers are basically regular, such as the traditional cushioning running shoes models. The end of the 40 end shoes is generally a control system, such as 3040 that has been discontinued, still sold 1340, and the like. The 840v3 is classified as a burst sequence on the official website.

840v3 has a large number of ABSORBs that have a very considerable thickness. Of course, the weight is also considerable, and the official website shows that the men’s weight is up to 367 grams. The slowingness performance should be very good, suitable for the general runner. This pair of shoes are not sold, belonging to the relatively old footwear, before the NetEase Karahai purchased tax 350 yuan. But now it is already sold out.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V4 lightweight

ZANTE V4 is the recent updated running shoe. The Fresh Foam Zante series has always been a relatively high popularity in the Fresh Foam series, and ZANTE V4 compared to V3, the amplitude of the upgrade is still relatively large, one is the upper Hyposkin upper, How to actually be inspected, at least the technology is up, and the price is also consistent with V3; the second is to carry out laser punching in the middle of the Fresh Foam in the front palm part, should increase the front palm part Ballstration performance. Men’s weight data is 245 grams, which is more than 249.5 grams of the three generations. It is more suitable for running friends who want to speed up and require a certain amount of cushioning performance.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance 1260 V7 top support running shoes

Last autumn products, but now I only have found a media review. New Balance is really micro-, even the flagship shoe type is not concerned about … 1260v7 compare V6, change very complete, the biggest change requires N2 nitrogen The earthquake is in the middle of Fuelcell, and the same as Fuelcell running shoes, 1260v7 also uses three layers of the middle (see the picture, the dark blue part, the white portion should be acteva and light yellow).

I don’t know how the curative effect of these three layers is in the end, but the shoes are definitely going to drop, the men’s shoes are as high as 334.2 grams …

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V2 top support running shoes

In the same Fresh Foam, you can derive a variety of different types of shoes, which are actually very powerful. VONGO V2 relatively generation of major changes is on the upper, a large number of external plastic support strips are large, and the inner surround support strip is changed to reinforce the soil. The secondary high-density design is used to increase support.

VONGO V2 guidance price is up to 135 US dollars, the current second-generation vongo price is high, and the lowest price of VONGO has been broken by more than 200 yuan, more than 200 yuan can buy a double-scale running shoes, and is not a limiting size, other big factory running shoes Basically unlikely (咦, this sentence seems to hear).

New Balance 860 V8 top support running shoes

In the technology, 860 and vongo have not been related, and the TruSe material continues from 860v7 to 860v8, and the inner side of the arch side has joined Medial POST high-density EVA, and T-BEAM Bridge stabilization system and ASYM Counte High-heeled protection provides powerful support. Ideal for runners of the foot.

However, 860v7 and 860v8 have never been very suitable, the prices of V6 and V5 in the opposite, have a good price of V6 and V5, considering that V5 and V6 are far, and the middle end is not upgraded to Truse, if you like this sequence or The price of V7 and V8 is more suitable.

New Balance 940 V3 support sports shoes

The 840 is placed in the sequence of the cushioning, while 940 is placed in the supported sequence. Absorb in the palm of the palm, high-density Medial POST matches the T-BEAM in the bridge stabilization system, from supporting performance, more than 860, has been biased towards the control system.

This pair of men’s men’s weight is up to 408 grams, which is absolutely a real material, but most of the value friends are not suitable for this pair of shoes. If there is a more severe feet, it can be considered a pair. This pair of shoes are sold without being sold, and Haitao’s price is not cheap.

New Balance 1540 V2 top control running shoes

Although this pair is known as top, and the price is also the most expensive system of running shoes (megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megade. The positioning in the official website is the control system running shoes.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The 1540 model and 990, 993, 2040, etc., are beautiful, because the price is more expensive, high, and there are many cow X policies, so they are in China. President slow running shoes. These types of shoes are not strong, while 1540 is more close to traditional running shoes.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance 1340 V3 top control running shoes

Compared with 1340v2, V3 has undergone N2 nitrogen shocks, then enlarged Abzorb, making this pair of shoes more like a strengthening version of 940V3. Plus the T-BEAM in bridge stabilization system and Stabilicore support technology, and the stability is abnormal. Friends who are severely funding can be considered.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The control system running shoes is not available, and this pair of shoes Haitao is not cheap. If you need to purchase a friend who is running a running shoes, you can consider the 3040 series that has been abandoned. It is also top-level control, but the clearance price is very inexpensive, Haitao is at least 300.

New Balance Hanzo Shuang Dancer series racing running shoes

New Balance Hanzo Shadow Family Series is the ultimate running shoes designed for marathon runners, lightweight shoe with new balance, Top sports shoes, technology, boat. The Hanzo series is divided into three kinds of shoes S (Speed), which is suitable for long distance marathon runners, R (raining), is a daily training suitable for runners.

As a long-distance racing running shoes, the New Balance Hanzo S series uses the 4mm drop design of the front and rear, and the entire sole is relatively thin, the thickness is less than 20mm. It seems simply, the New Balance Hanzo S series long distance racing running shoes applied to technology in the sole is still very rich. The front palm uses the Rapid Rebound, which has the characteristics of rapid rebound after the cocktick. In the main force area of ​​the front, it is loaded with Dynaride high-grab the ground. The bottom slightly smaller structure is tough, the angular is clear, see from the side, and it is very similar to the nail shoes. The post-palm uses the REVLITE lightweight cushioning center and increases wear-resistant rubber in the surface of the main force region. The front and rear palms are connected to the palm of the pair of palm, and the support stabilization of the medium bridge combines 4mm low drop in nature, smooth and stable gait.

Since 2017, the Hanzo series has made good results in many marathon. Hanzo S is more suitable for elite runners, with only 185.6 grams of weight, and is similar to that has been discontinued. Master within 330 in the whole horse can be considered.

In January this year, NB announced that M. Lab signed a global cooperation agreement, and M.Lab’s author is a familiar “shoes god” three village Renshi, which has created a very popular Takumi series for Adidas. In the recent interpretation of the Hanzo series recently, New Balance M.Lab Hanzo appeared in the Tokyo Marathon.

New Balance 1500 V4 racing running shoes

1500 has always been a relatively praised existence in the RC series, mainly because 1500 weight is lighter, and stability is better. 1500V4 is not larger than V3 or even V2 variations, and also uses Fantomfit seamless upper + revlite light weight + TBEAM in a pair of training race running shoes.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

In terms of price, the current domestic V4 has not yet been listed, the price of V3 is high, and 1500v2 has always had a good price. Considering that the upgrade is not too big, the purchase of 1500v2 is also a good choice.

New Balance 1400 V5 racing running shoes

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The 1400 series is also a popular racing running shoes, and there are also New York Marathon specialty, and individual feels very good. It adopts the fantoma seamless upper + revlite in the middle. And this pair of shoes are in the racing running shoes, which belongs to the foot feel, the official website shows the weight of 223g, and it is not bad for racing running shoes.

This pair of Haitao has a better price, but the country is currently known to maintain the original price of 819 yuan. You can pay more attention to the price of Amazon, USA if needed.

New Balance Fuelcell top lightweight running shoes

This double running shoes look at the name of the flagship from the technology, however, the weight is really too heavy. Although the official positioning is still a lightweight running shoes, the official data shows that the metric is up to 295 grams, it is impossible to call ” Lightweight”. You can see this pair of shoes as a pair of slow shocks, after all, the foot feelings brought by the three-layer in the middle should be good.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance 890 V6 top lightweight running shoes

890 V6 belongs to the second sequence, the official data weight is 255g, which is much lighter than Fuelcell. The middle is a large piece of REVLITE. REVLITE can basically become a pair of top. The shock running shoes, then although the revLite is much dosing, the weight is not increased, mainly the weight of Revlite itself is relatively light. The TPU reinforcement of seamless shoes and front palm is guaranteed.

At present, this festive price has never been discovered, but the price of the previous generation V5 is very considerable. At present, the Tmall policy is 299 price. It is estimated to be more cheap when engaged in activities. V5 and V6 are not the same, but V5 in the middle of the double density is also worth starting.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Vazee Pace V2 Lightweight Sports Shoes

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The product of the VAZEE series has been launched or replaced by the Fuelcore series. PACE is the highest end of VAZEE 2090, which uses REVLITE materials, V2 and V1 than the upgrade. It is not very obvious.

PACE V2 is already a 16-year product. In 17 years, it has not been updated. It may be called, but the price is in the price, the low price of domestic countries is more than 200 yuan, the price is very high, suitable for daily training.

New Balance Fuelcore Sonic Lightweight Running Shoes

The Fuelcore series is the successor of the VAZEE series, which is also the main lightweight. The SONIC individual thinks that so many pairs of Fuelcore running shoes are the most handsome, mainly there is a BOA automatic lace, which looks more cool. Overall, this pair of shoes is like Rush V3 plus BOA dial.

The Sonic upper is made of elastic fabric and increases plastic materials on the upper to increase stability and upper highlights. One-piece shoes, with a new BOA system, package and lock the feet, increase stability. BOA system and PUMA DISC system, very met. Rotate the turntable tighten the steel cable to pull the upper. The midpoint is a light energy in the middle of the bottom, lightweight cushioning; sole rubber material, non-slip wear.

At present, this pair of shoes are higher in domestic prices, but Haitao will often have a good price, and Fuelcore Sonic has a lot of joints, and the joints of joints will look better.

New Balance Fuelcore Rush V3 Lightweight Sports Shoes

FuElcore Rush V3 is the third generation of Rush. The first two generations Rush belong to the VAZEE series, and the third generation belongs to the Fuelcore series, and the middle is still a constant REVLite.

This Fuelcore series Rush V3 running shoes are just incorporated from the VAZEE series. User engineering mesh materials is used in the upper projector, which is more durable and breathable. The universal revlite light in the middle is wearing a comfortable light cushioning; the bottom is designed with a multi-angle bending groove design, which is more easier to force. Shoe anti-collision protection, after stabilizing TPU tablets, effectively protecting feet.

Rush V3 is currently the price of Haitao is not bad, and the price of Rush V2 can even drop the low price of about 200 yuan, and the price is quite high.

Five, 2018 New Balance Purchase Way Analysis – Domestic Articles

In this chapter, I will introduce some ways to buy in China. I hope everyone can buy a cost-effective running shoes. The following running shoes I mentioned If you have any questions, you can search in this site after you can copy it, you can see historical prices and encyclopedia.

Tmall Flag & Jingdong

The reason why Jingdong and Tmall’s official flag is placed, mainly the two stores are a business, and the store business entity is New Balance Trade (China) Co., Ltd.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

When promoting, the substantially the same price is also the same. Of course, sometimes it will engage in brand day activities in Jingdong, sometimes in Tmall to engage in brand day events.

And the official flag of Jingdong and Tmall purchased NB running shoes, mainly to see

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The strength of coupons.

Because the daily running shoes promotional price is basically the same, and the coupon has depends most of the final start of the running shoes. In general, in the March 8th, 618, Double 11, Double 12, Double During, Tmall will send a shopping allowance. At this time, it is more cost-effective in Tmall to buy NB running shoes, and shopping. Special good prices can appear.

Jingdong will also issue a platform voucher in the same time. Some will have a limited amount of large coupons, such as 618-500 or 618-300 coupons, you can choose according to the two preferential strengths. .

Compare products that are purchased in Jingdong & Tmall, including top 1080 series, Most of the Vazee Series (Pace, Rush and Caost), Fresh Foam Series running shoes, some low-end running shoes, etc., more suitable for purchase Top products, such as Fresh Foam vongo, 890v5, Fresh Foam Boracay, is the price range of 200-300, and the price is highlighted.

Suning Online Market

Suning Tesco NB is a famous laminate delivery. Many worth of friends will worry about the problem of fakes. According to our well-known goods, the goods are still relatively positive. Mainly because Suning Tesco often releases large coupons like 599-300, 399-200, often there will be a price of NB running shoes. As long as Suning is easy to purchase a coupon, it is a good time to buy shoes.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Compare NB running shoes purchased in Suning Tesco include Fresh Foam Cruz, Vazee Rush V2, etc. However, Fresh Foam Cruz mainly is mainly casual, and it is true that the functionality of running may make you down.

Amazon China

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Central Asian promotion rules are there is no regularity, and Central Asian promotion can hang Tmall and Jingdong. In the previous time, the Central Asian clearance, running shoes can actually have three pairs of eight-fold additional seven fold, plus itself is as low as 5 Folding quotes, directly got out a lot of history low prices. And it is a low price before the low hanging.

Even if it is usually, some running shoes will have a very good price, especially some new shoes. When the Tmall, Jingdong and even Haitao price is high, Central Asia can always start the first shot of the price cut, especially It is the first half price of 1080v6 and 1080v7 in top-level sequence running shoes. It is in Amazon China.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

More suitable for bought shoes include some new NB sports shoes, domestic and Haitao sell the original price, Central Asia often has a 50% discount. In addition, it is suitable when you purchase any shoes, and Central Asian is going to clean the warehouse is the best time you can leak.

Line under the store

Don’t smash your physical store, especially the days like Double 11, some shoes are not discounts, and the physical store is 50% off all shoes. For example, I have purchased a pair of 1080v6 in Hangzhou, I only remember the crowd of people, and everyone bought a shoe with the pick-up, and the optional running shoes were very much.

I heard that some Outlet’s NB is cheap, there are many more than online purchase.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Ole purchase

The above mentioned offline physical stores, then here is talking about Ole Store on the line – Ole purchase.

Ole purchase will sell some of the replacement NB running shoes, but there is no regularity in the promotion time.

There are 259 yuan in the short period of time, like Pace V2, Bracay V2 or even 880v6 is only 259 yuan, 259 you can’t buy it, 259 you can’t buy it.

Sixth, 2018 New Balance Purchase Way Analysis – Haitao

When I said the domestic channel, I naturally had to mention a sea.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify a argument: NB Most of the foot-type Haitao’s price is not domestic purchase.

Therefore, as long as you don’t want to buy some specific shoe type, it is really no need to have Haitao.

Here, I will tell you the Meiya and Joe’s NB OUTLET, but these two websites can not be delivered directly, please transfer it, please transfer ~~~

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Amazon, USA

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Nb’s women often have a limited size price in Meiya, but more concentrated in the US code 5, 5.5, and 6 three sizes.

Some sports shoes that are mainly suitable for purchase include Fuelcore Sonic, Fuelcore Rush V3, 1080V7, Fuelcell

In addition to 1080v7, these four pairs of shoes have not been discounted in China, and in Meiya often there will be low price, sometimes even more than 200 yuan.

Especially to say that Fuelcell, the domestic price has been stable in the original price of 1199 yuan, and the price fell below the valley in Meiya. A pair of female fuelcell I purchased only had more than 200 yuan. Of course, more than 200 is the price of god, and the price of more than 300 yuan is actually a lot.


Joe’s NB Outlet is equivalent to NB official online discount store.

There is also the official eBay store of the same name, but the eBay store sells things without website selling.

Joe’s NB Outlet has events in the four seasons, and the shoes inside are basically the last generation of shoes. From professional running shoes, professional sports shoes that are often specially special include Vazee 2090 and Fresh Foam Vongo, and more. Overall, the price advantage is not large, and the leisure shoe such as TrailBuster will sell much more cost-effective than domestic prices.

Seven, summary

NB has been hit in China, which not only lost the Chinese name of New Balance, but also in front of the cottage brand like New Balance and Newburren, the brand premium rate has been reduced to a very low level. NB running shoes have gradually be gradually microphone, and the word-of-mouth is getting worse, but does not hinder the high cost performance of NB running shoes, and at least the masses can be possible for NB brand recognition.

This article makes a simple carding for the purchase of NB running shoes, hoping to help you run friends.

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