2021 Beijing Gift Tourism Products and Wenchuang Products Collection (TOP100)

(Note: Submitted by the six topic sequences listed in the contestation announcement and submission time)


Red cultural theme poster design and promotion

The source of the spirit, drinking water, derivation of the design plan as “energy water”, meaning that drinking water is not forgotten. In the form of pictures, integrating modern visual languages, giving “energy water” spiritual cultural connotation, thus achieving the educational significance of promoting red culture.


“Chinese Boy” series red hand


Take the red classic, based on the body, the history of the soul, adopting the hands of the hometown, reproduce the major events in the history of the party, the brilliant process, the party history, the beauty of the art, the beauty and trend of the art Integrate, vividly reproduce the brilliance of the founding of the party.

Qi Baishi “Long live the motherland” commemorative gift box

The blessings of the great motherland are husted, and the wooden board watermark technique is very watching and collecting value, and the hanging, writing letter, question poem, full of feelings and homage-rich wooden watermarks show non-legacy traditional skills.

Red memory hand

The towel is a “traditional female red” culture, using handmade products to help rural revitalization, innovative design, exquisite craftsmanship, combined with the cultural heritage of the famous monk and the profound Chinese medicine culture, highlight the new era to the motherland The wonderful blessings are a unique red tourism products with unique beauty and humanistic connotation.


Red dynamic shadow teaching

This set of red shadow dynamic teaching is originally designed, and the child’s familiar small hero character is a model. Use imitation skin to wear technology, simple assembly, exercise the child’s hands-on ability, and familiar with the figures production process. Understand the red culture by shadow.

“China Communist History Exhibition Hall” commemorative book


The opening souvenirs of the Chinese Communist Party History Exhibition Hall, using square open, centrally symmetrical form, product design refers to the building, square sculpture works, exhibition halls of the party history exhibition hall. Color design selection beige, gold, and white jade is the main tone.

Awakening the age IP Culture Snack


Awakening era selected three snacks: chocolate symbolizes the striking work spirit; Apricot tea symbolizes the taste of happiness is coming out; the red brick ice cream symbolizes and red and dedicated youth will.


Shengshi Hongyun


In order to welcome the Benhoon of the Communist Party of China, the “Shengshi Hong Yun” series of products, I wish the people of the whole country to move forward, happiness and well-being, wishing the motherland, prosperous, and Guotai people. Tiananmen, Red Boat, Pioneer, Camel, Peace Pigeon, Peony Flower, Red Ribbon, symbolizing the Chinese Communist Party to lead China to meet more brilliant future.


Red Lovers – Eat a Beijing Clear Extract Ultimate Coffee Powder

Highlight the party’s flag role, look back for a 100-year major historical achievement, and the party leads us to enter the next hundred years. Zero added, healthy, refreshing, suitable for home and office drinks, lyophilized to reduce coffee powder for cold-class technology.

Chinese hero IP design


“Chinese Hero” IP Condu products, produced 3D printing technology, produced using materials such as resins, water-based paints. In order to promote hero images and functions, it is designed to allow young people to learn the spirit of hero models through IP literary subtle.

“Social Fire Impression” of Jinxiu Access


Social fire imprints are divided into five colors, rose red, yellow, blue, green, black. This is five basic primary colors of the temple mask. We use five basic colors of the color of the colors to make our brocade cover, to remember these beautiful colors from ancient times and his story behind him.

Royal tea house in autumn gift box series


Royal tea table golden cattle to send a flesh gift box

With traditional Chinese red for exterior design, the classic peach hill paste is inserted. In addition to his child, there is also a meaning of Fu Lu Shouxi, the treasure of the treasure, integrating the pastry, traditional zodiac elements and blessing culture, is also the embodiment of Beijing Heiquina culture.

Royal tea costume dragon town Jiuzhou from the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box


Golden Yunxiang Gift Box, hot stamping process, Ruilong, together, the shape of the bundle is tied to a unique dragon, add a bit of sharp feelings. The gift box is divided into three floors, including the northern five 南,, Nanshaore, egg yolk, milk yellow and jujube moon cake, comprehensive north-south taste, exquisite materials and packaging.

Royal tea house Song Dynasty time from the autumn gift box


On the iron box, “Qiongtai playing moon” is added to the iron box, showing the beautiful scenery of the Mid-Autumn Festival, including North Quan Ren, Bean Sha, Jujube Walnut, Egg Yellow Lotus Mooncake, Exhibition of Beijing It is a good choice for Beijing to accompany the gift or Mid-Autumn Festival gift, it can reflect the cultural culture of the Huangchenggen.

Longxing number raw wine chicken year mud


The pottery, porcelain, and the mandah body with high temperature process have a uniform micro-porceleration, breathable and water, the raw materials use sorghum, millet, black rice, glutinous rice, fermented with a hundred years of green brick pool, distillation Store underground. Promote white wine and old, the alcohol is more elegant, and the taste is more soft.

Forbidden City


The Forbidden City is a wine, and the traditional culture is re-popular with a fashion. There are five sets, and the bottle is printed with a playful vivid discourse, which is deeply popular.

Cheng Tianmen Wine (20)

Hot stamping relief Cheng Tianmen totem, highlighting the gas. The cap is made of imitation of red agate materials, such as championship. The bottleneck sample is from “sea water river clip”, meaning Fushan Shouhai.



Collect traditional Beijing classic snacks, including rock candy gourd, roll, Beijing, white crisp, white kidney beans, love, ganglire, secret black flower beans, honey numbness, peas yellow, apricot, sweet lotus, 苓, was found For “Beijing Gold Tourism Food”, it is the best choice for you to “visit Beijing, enjoy the Beijing taste”.


Non-legacy handlines kite embroidery Chinese knot


Non-legacy DIY sets adhere to the principle of inheriting non-legacy, integrating design kernels, combining cultural kernels with modern elements, and serving the society through the output of new senses, new ideas, new ideas, and serving the society.


Dragon and Phoenix Xiangxiang, the beast Silver Power


Dragon Phoenix


Dragon and Phoenix Xiangxiang Since ancient times is a wedding aesthetic, this chopsticks packaging adopts the Forbidden City marriage, and the product combines traditional craftsmanship. It is the first choice for marriage to send new people.

Beast Silver Pot

The bronze statue of the twelve bonus beast of Yuanmingyuan is the prototype, and the re-drawing of modern aesthetics is carried out. Presented in the form of side image relief, supplemented with free mysterious Baroque style, emphasizing the imaginative spatial feeling and three-dimensional, forming a round badge decoration center-centricular badge.

Yanjing eight scene brewable beer series

Integrate traditional Beijing-flavor culture into the product, show the world and deep and unique charm to the world. Taking the topic of Beijing Eight Landmark Humanities, beer as a carrier, and integrates Shengshi Ancient view and Yanjing brand culture.

Royal paste, Sangui Cream


Mulberry flower grass cream, improve the famous prescription “chrysanthemum stretch cream”, select the raw material of the medicine and food, through the non-legacy process, to carry forward the palace royal medical culture, and now the time, high blood pressure Waiting for a targeted nutrients.


Gold List Type Series


“Celebration and Proposition” is the National Library Tibetan Drama Character Explorer. This series uses it to launch small-shaped IP IP and develop keychain, pencil bag, bookmark, t-shirt, red envelope, lanyard, refrigerator stickers, notebook, filling this, rubber, tape, brooch, poker, painted watch And other products.


Yufang ancient law, Quanfu, Xiang Pei + Zhenxi, four seasons, essential oil soap gift box

Yufang ancient law

Ancient China has always been a fragrant brand or sachets made from aromatic drugs to prevent evil violations, and the traditional Chinese medicine is called “Xiang Pei Fa” and “Aromatherapy Act”. Modernity is “Aromatherapy” . Especially some people who have a cold, spleen and weak, and the inconsistency in the stomach is more suitable.


Zhenxi Jingyun four seasons essential oil soap gift box

We excavated from Chinese medicine ancient books, combined with the practical experience of Chinese medicine health experts in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined corresponding natural herbal and essential oil according to the rules of the four seasons, developed the “Beijing Yun” series four seasons of essential oil soap, due to time, It is better to make our lives better!


“Play · Enlightenment” brand non-legacy series nine links

Jiuyi Ring is one of the four traditional Chinese intelligence toys in ancient China. The development of nine links in history has reached the prosperous city. The principle of nine-linger reflects the principle of mathematics, which is consistent with the Gray code in computer binary, and contains deep Chinese traditional culture.

Old Beijing custom map silk scarf


The scarves re-created the map of the capital library collected by the Capital Library. The map drawn in 1936. The historical life scene of North Passage in the Republic of China has demonstrated the historical life scene of Northern City. It has a high historical value, combining artistic, practical and publicity. . Use silk material, manual crimping, double-sided printing.


Chinese yellow is a good fortune


This set of tea is a high-tech tea series for our “Big Chinese Festival” gift concept. All organizers are derived from the ancient people, adhering to the customs of drinking tea and gifts. The grass is gray glazed, and the ancient and modern, quiet and elegant, the original ecology is very funny, and the packaging follows the ancient leaps.


Four-in-band junk car series car pillow paper towel bag fragrance bag

The inspiration comes from the Qianlong period courtwriting paper pattern, with mud gold painting with mud gold, the elegant and Yong Yun is combined with exquisite and fine secondary continuous pattern, a relaxation, denseness. Yunxia is ancient auspicious pattern, symbolizing high laundering and wishfulness, and pinning people on a good life.

Niu2 series craftsman cattle styling wine, cowhide doll


Niu2 series craftsman cattle styling


In order to promote the “five- and five” strategy of the high-quality, the “five- and five” strategy started, creating a “new people” brand, cow wine design, has developed “the craftsman cattle” IP with “Niu Tun” meaning. With its prototypes, the Niu Limited Edition Collection Wine Model Q Meng, the consciousness is the best in your favorite.

Niu2 series cattle artery doll

“Kraft” series dolls break the shackles of traditional plush materials, use high-quality leather and PP elastic sponge, and the hand is smooth. Q Meng styling, filled with fullness, unable to stop “cowel”, can’t help but want to hug and pinch.


2021 Beijing Taiwan University Jili Gold Spring Bowl

In 2021, Beijing Taiwan University Ji Dali gold “spring bowl” is made by China Arts and Art Master Zhao Chunming. This product is treasured, and the entanglement is played as a hand, with spirals to work, design the lotus throne, open the window in both sides “Daji Dali”, “Everything Go”.

Steps LYH-4 women’s shoes


The upper is a hand-embroidered lotus flower, an inner cloth surface, and the sole is a cotton cloth, a cotton linen rope, and a layer of non-slip film is posted. Handmade, breathable, comfortable, suitable for garden, costume, Hanfu, leisure, home, wedding, banquet.


Painted gourd

The painted gourd is on the gourd of the skin, drawing the characters or flowers and birds and beasts, the color or gorgeous or elegant, and the painted gourd is applied to the first layer of transparent oil, so that it is bright and lovely.

Twenty-four hollow tea

Gudu Beijing, Chinese culture capital, typical northern city, four seasons, and the throttle is obvious. Pharmaceutical food homology scientific adjustment, gold proportion of gold, through “twenty-four-air tea” convey the cultural heritage and health concept of Beijing Beijing.

A raccoon mini dolls Zhonghua Beast and a raccoon mini doll lion dance

The twelve beasts have a long history in my country. The lion is the excellent folk art of my country. The former virtual image guards the capital. The work of the work is checkered, the beast is cute, the lion dance is vivid, two images are fun, falling nature.

Beijing Impression Door Ring

Light door is surrounded by good music, Fua auspicious world. The narrowed version of the neckline of the cultural, door culture and Fu culture in Beijing Siheyuan, which can make a crisp and pleasant knock. Can be used as a refrigerator, or can be decorated outdoor, furniture, car interior console, etc.

Dish U disk creative small U disk


Natural huguu, a combination of creative, design into a small and exquisite “gourd U disk”, can be used as a beautiful picture of Beijing travel. Easy to carry your body, fashion practical. Hand-woven rope and U disk movement correspondence, with red, blue, green three colors.

“Twenty-four-air” engraving gift set

This seal uses a few typical engraving techniques, using several typical engraving techniques, using materials such as Zhejiang Red Rock, Laos, Qingtian, Shoushan Stone, and forming a series of engraving art, condense The author has created and inherit the traditional culture.

Temple of Temple


Attractions of the Praying Year of the Temple playing card ice cream. The taste is the Temple of Temple. Color value and delicious are all. There is also a pray for a pray for a pray for the cake rod to enhance interactivity.

“Grand Canal Legend” Beijing Volume


“The Legend of the Grand Canal” Beijing volume is the original story of the original Beijing section, the whole book is translated in English, and the pen is painted. The book was selected for the Chinese original “original power” project in the Central Propaganda Department, as well as Beijing publicity culture guidance fund support project to help “large canal cultural band” cultural construction.

清 清 工 扇 扇

The pattern is selected from the panoramic view of Kunming Lake, which is used in the Summer and the Summer Palace, and the paper printing process is good. Summer, attracting the coolness of the silk. Local champion line, hand-made paper and sweeping process, bright colors. Quupas, is also a beautiful art decoration.

Summer Palace X Kattell Golden Night Makeup Series

Peacock is a symbol of auspicious bird, meaning smart and kindness and freedom. Peacock is open.鎏 金 台台 series extracts the peacock in the screen, with peony, pine cypress and other elements. Combination of moving and static, putting a classic classic.

Summer Palace X Cuisine One Breakyna

The Summer Palace and the Cuisine Jewelry jointly created “a lifetime” aimed at the jewelery of jewelery to make the Royal Fushou culture of the Summer Palace into the home of the Summer Palace, so that culture is “live”; at the same time gives jewelery Cultural connotation, increase value heritage, let the product “stay”.


North Sea Long Puch Embroidery

Beihai Dragon photo frame is made of silk fabric, the pattern is derived from the North Sea Kowloon Wall Dragon, and the design is improved into a frame shape, and can be in the home. The process uses the non-material cultural heritage project of Qinggong embroidery to embroidery, embroidery, distinctive characteristics.

“Cao Xueqin’s wine” gift box

This gift box set is based on Snow, South Wine, and the wine and wine order are in red buildings. Friends are applying, the company gatherers to help alcohol, knowledgeable fun.

Red House Middle Autumn Festival + Red Building Folding Fan Series

Red Building Mid-Autumn Festival series

Cao Xueqin’s home is a person in the Qing Dynasty, and it is more familiar with the manufacture of the moon cake. According to Cao Gong’s ideas, the food is in the martial arts, but there is a principle of the Master, but there is no teacher, but take the right mouth. Mid-Autumn Festival is a red building, moon cake is sure to debut.

Red Building Folding Fan Series

The ancients used to use poetry into a fan to show the wind. “Red Man Dream” Zhongbao Yucao: “Yesterday, the fan, I was in love that there were several white sea bangs, so I wrote it myself, but I took it in my hand.” Choose Jia Baoyu ” Night is “” Winter Night “content, pure is a red building.

Wenya inheritance series – Spring still


This series of jewelery design includes pendants, earrings, brooch, rings, mainly using Royal Garden Elements to Canada’s design concept, using natural and Tianyujia’s 925 silver materials to create traditional and fashionable ladies jewelry.

City contour Beijing series magnetic suction


Beijing series magnetic absorption, using imitation process, combined with Beijing’s characteristic culture. It contains 6 famous attractions in the Great Wall, Tiananmen, and Forbidden City.


Summer Palace Panorama Ink Ingot Gift Box

A panoramic view of the Summer Palace produced by a mold made in the 1950s carved. The front of the ink ingot is the panoramic view of the Summer Palace, the back side is the famous landscape name of Yanheyuan, such as “rope mirror”.

Meet the ancient North · Meet you – Gu Bei Shui Town Great Wall Cultural Tape Series Wenchuang Tourism Products – 箸福 公 公 + “咕” Squirrel Chopsticks Series


Taking Sima Tai’s original Great Wall historical and cultural landscape, Gu Bei Shui Town Scenic Area is characterized by the background, reflecting the product of “Great Wall Cultural Belt, Beijing Park Condu”, helping China’s excellent culture in the new era, promoting the inheritance of cultural heritage. Fufu Gong chopsticks with the IP mascots of Gu Beiwu Town as the main design element.


Lenburg and Series Matsen Dry Red Wine

Lenburg Princess Semi-sweet white wine (auspicious, like it) is produced from Beijing Lenburg International Winery. The winery is located in Fangshan District, Beijing, 2019, Fangshan Winery, Wine Production Area, is officially raised “World Wine”.

朕 的 心意 故 宫 食 中 礼 盒 珎 盒 盒 series

The box design is inspired by the Ming Dynasty, the five old graphs, four gift boxes, the floral fruit elements in the Forbidden City, the creative color matching makes the picture, the traditional gust, the modern, the modern fashion, whisper Cross Linghua Fangquard continuous spread, meaningful, and endless.

Shougang three blast furnace plate set

The famous building “three blast furnace” and practical tableware in the first steel garden is ingenious through industrial design, covering three different forms of dining plates, material selection of resin environmentally friendly materials, and the cultural history of modern culture and modern culture.

A like

Designed with the main building on the Beijing center axis, it is equipped with phoenix, flowers and grass, with koi as a carrier, meaning Beijing’s future, and strive to wealthy future. This product uses 100% silk fabric, with a beautiful meaning with Hua Gui classics, highlights noble and prosperous.

Ice and Snow Beijing Series

As a Beijing folk art worker, create a group of winter theme products with Beijing characteristics with non-legacy cultural, this series has a total of 4 products, with ice and snow rabbit, hand account, refrigerator stickers, puzzles, welcome Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.


“Ice” series


As ancient painting “ice” as a creative source, the characters are dynamic, lively and vivid, showing ice sports, making the cold winter hamper. The ice cracks are also known as the opening, and its graphic, such as ice rupture, lamination lamination, extremely stereoscopic, spring ice, everything is initially, there are thousands of things, heaven and earth.

“Winter Olympics”

The design team of China’s arts and crafts masters is carefully planned, with a total number of 43 cm. It uses Jingtai Blue, glazed and engraved three major non-legacy art. It is to welcome Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The artistic product introduced will be launched. The design is inspired by the Olympic five-ring logo, and the five colors are taken from the five colors of the Olympics.

Snow-enamored mascot roll paper doll

In Beijing 2022, the mascot “Snow Bell” is the prototype design, using the recyclable corrugated paper as the raw material, DIY self-produced “snow barrel” small ornaments. Send a good blessing to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Environmentally friendly and fun, both interactive and ornamental.


Tide play with tea

The combination of Pu’er tea and the game makes traditional culture and competitive sports into new sparks. The gift box uses gold-plated silver-plated crafts to show high-end atmosphere, the picture of the Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway represents the image of Beijing Winter Olympics, the image of the ice and snow athlete vivid and cute , Cheering for the cutest Chinese athletes!

KWORDS Thousand Cup – White Snow


The KWORDS Thousand Cups fused 3D printing technology and traditional ceramic hand technology, made from unique porcelain “jade soil”. “Yushu” blew the glaze into the soil, and the porcelain oil remarks was branched by high temperature. The selection of jade soil guarantees the “word” and “cup” effect.

Beijing Siheyuan Series

Use the 卯 structure to build ancient architecture, hands-on to understand the traditional buildings, accurately open mold, volume production, and use environmental protection. Carry forward traditional architectural culture and highlight high quality life charm.


Miyama · Ziqi Yingxiang Gift Box


The overall design of this product comes from the Forbidden City to collect the blessing to the shaft, select the child image in the picture as the subject vision. Through the high simulation Qianlong “Fu” word, high-standard general gods and spring battles “Wanfu, Ping An, Yichun, Yingxiang” and other elements and forms have shown the traditional cultural culture and joyful gate.

Forbidden City Construction Chocolate


With the design elements of the Forbidden City construction, the nine palaces are shrunk into the size of the size, which is nine, lifelike, three-dimensional system, delicate and elegant, select quality cocoa raw materials, two can classic tastes, craftsmanship hand, slow grievance Carving, the tip of the tongue is naturally taste, rich in fragrance, unforgettable entrance.

Mei Lanfang “Spring News” osteoporne ceramics, Peking Opera Bridge

The Beijing opera is the Chinese cultural treasure, Mei Lanfang is a generation of masters of Peking Opera. This design selection Mei Lanfang represents “Spring News” as a creation element, and cleverly combines Peking Opera classics and tall-to-pull types, and all gorgeous in Beijing. Practical functions and processes, the perfect combination of creativity.

Peking Opera Bridge

Beijing opera is Chinese cultural treasure, this design selection “Mei Lan Fangxun” in Beijing opera characters, etc. as a creation element, and cleverly integrates the Beijing opera represents the characters into the bridge design, and the packaging design is elegant, and the practical function and craftsmanship. .


Metal refrigerator posts (four packs)


Using zinc alloy, three-dimensional embossed, electroplating anticone, inspiration with the eight views of the first steel, and the pattern design is based on the industrial characteristics of Shougang.


Forbidden City front door too and sheave chocolate


This design will be the top ten of the Temple of Temple in the top of the product, take the 10th National Beauty, and the sense of elegant and respectful, the design is highlighted, and the charm of traditional culture is always in the daily application.

Shougang gold memory cup (red, yellow, green, blue)


The process of firing, printing, ceramic material, inspiration in the first steel eight views, design of bright colorful first steel garden theme series ceramic cups.

“Song Dynasty Xiaoxiao” sound calendar

Designed to select the audio content of Himalayan “Song Dynasty Xiaoxiao”, select 53 topic content, one-week topic is equipped with audio QR code, combined with the concept of four seasons and the elderly paintings of the Song Dynasty, made the “Song Dynasty Xiaoxiao” calendar.


Oracle series

Oracle is the text of the Chinese businesses and animal bones during the Chinese business week, one of the world’s four ancient texts. The National Library is currently the largest unit in the world. This series has developed an orabic keychain, ruler, handbag, postcard, refrigerator sticker, square towel, file bag, tie, water cup and other products.


Jingtai Blue Ice Meizi Tank


The work is combined with the plum pattern and ice crack pattern. The plum has a high-quality quality, ice cracking natural sky, and the expression of the elegant culture, the expression of the elegant culture, showing the expression of Jingtai Blue Team New aesthetic form, reflecting people’s admire, highlighting a beautiful times.

Spiral inlaid

The base base is made of a gold paint inlayed flat ribbling process. The modern feeling of the table lamp is lined with each other with the colorful gloss of the spike. Flat grinding screw techniques are expensive, colorful. From the birth date, it is popular with the emperor’s customs, it is called craft treasures.

Car dream series


The Beijing Auto Museum divides the car dream into the three topics of “Youth Dream”, “Struggle”, “Regaining Youth Dream”, selecting different daily necessities as a carrier according to different topics, combined with innovative design techniques, develop “Car Dream” series of cultured products, expressing the concept of people, cars, and city, advocating “people – car – life – social” harmonious development.

Friendship lock red ship pen plug

With Luban lock, increase the stigma engraving, engraving the content “Southeast Northwest Tiandi” Liuhe, meaning Tianxiao, Deze Four! The red theme also symbolizes the boat of friendship. Two-headed copper parts, like a branched stick, custom sea god, have “wishful” “stable” meaning.

Shengshi Wangfu Guo Canvas Pack


Take the iconic architectural image of the Gong Wangfu, the rear cover, the drama, Xianyumen, Wanfuyuan, etc., and integrate the cultural atmosphere of Wangfu into the daily necessities.

Beijing City Gate Postcard

This set of postcards take the elements of Beijing City Mall. After referring to the data information of thousands of city gates and Xi Renlong “Beijing City Gate City Wall”, the Beijing Nine-door will be used. The seven gates of the outside city and eight corner buildings, the two Diaolhouses were completely restored in the same angle.

“Wonderful big white” rabbit


This rabbit is strictly made according to the traditional “Mountain” rabbit image, with the traditional “Mountain” rabbit, wearing a red robe, the back plug is flagged, and the body is a white tower, and the left and right sides are white tower. The temple iconic red wall hall, the upper side of Beijing traditional Sha Yan kite modeling.

Leaf Plate Gold Embroidery Pendant Bookmark Series

This series of works use the techniques that have been treated as raw materials, using cotton lines, silk wires on the treated leaves, the bookmarks or pendants made by hand drawn patterns, the pattern can be thought about by the manufacturer’s preferences. It is the best choice for friends and relatives and business.


Bo Mumps

The cultivated ice products are launched by the Capital Museum and the taste. The ice products retain their unique and exquisite beasts, and the carvings are fluent, so that the national treasures have high audible art on the ice cream, let the cultural relics “Live” “Going out” “Taste”.

“Way Tiger” Gold Pendant


The pendant is based on the Chinese National Museum. Cultural Features.

“China Railway Museum Retro Train”


China Railway Museum, located in the north side of No.1 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, covers an area of ​​1000 square meters, is a national professional railway museum. As the development of intelligence, small train literary products, with aesthetically decorative effect, but also remember history, there is also a good tourist commemoration.

Palace Museum Ruyi Organs Works

The overall shape draws on the “Ruyi” form, joining “Confucianism”, “Ruyi” text, integrates the traditional Chinese culture auspicious meaning, the shape is simple, the details are exquisite, the process is mature, suitable as cutlery and commemoration.

Palace Collection


The gangsmith has a total of three of the patriotic cat series, all in the Qing Dynasty Qing Bai Yu Double Cat Word Decoration as the prototype, with the “Forbidden City Cat” as the source of inspiration, using the courtyard with advanced color, to create a unique court high-level aesthetic wristband .

“Beijing Natural Museum Dinosaur Plugs”

Beijing Natural Museum is a large natural historical museum, there are four basic exhibitions and a dinosaur world Expo. Dinosaur card toys use dinosaur form to create elements, design with puzzle functions, and solid wood production is more environmentally friendly.

Light shadow room paper carving lamp

The source of people · Beijing Zhoukou Site – Paper carving lights Restore 700,000 years ago, the scene of life, the intensive woods are freely picking, hunting, engraving through exquisite hollow engraving on the lights.


Book people’s treasure chest, “pillar” ridge seal


Wen people’s treasure chest

According to the modern literati’s spring, it is unpredictable, just like the hidden bones of the literati. After the big opening is big, the silk is buckled, and even the literati’s talents show. The ancient women’s dressing box, re-design, in line with the modern simple appearance trend, and is practical.


The existence of China’s architecture is the Taichi Hall, and the peak of China’s wood is to make a handling office. Ten ridges in Taihe Temple are the subject matter, and the scouting technique is detailed and rational, becoming a ten idle seal. Can be made in a box, or package it separately.


Wufu gift box

“Wufu Gift Box” is created with three-layer five-sided shape, and the entire design is inspired by ancient Chinese food box design. The packaging is opened in the three-layer inner box, and there are 5 Eucommia products. The bronzing process makes Chinese traditional auspicious pattern cranes and clouds.

Temple of Temple, Tianqiaohua, a hundred years of happy things


Kite, historical culture, deep heritage. The three works are “a hundred years of joyful incident” for the establishment of the party, the famous historical “Tiantan” and folk story “Tianqihuahua”; they use a kite process, and they collect the essence of Northern Rolling, to choose, tie, Making crafts made by paste, painting, and putting.

Love rabbit series

“Longteng Beijing” Wen Jiang T-Shirt Pattern adopts a compact process, a reactive printing and dyeing process and mesh flocking process. As one of the landmarks of Beijing, Great Wall is also the most Chinese understanding. It is a component with components. We praise Beijing and sing the motherland. In addition, there is a civilian T-shirt in “China Aerospace”, “New Youth”.

颐 品 C-flavored sandbucks


“Summer C-flavored” seabaughty juice is a design and poverty alleviation product carrying rich Beijing cultural connotation. Beijing International Design Week will enlighten the Royal Garden culture of Yiheyuan to Lu Liang’s sandstick industry, design three national windsome seabaughty beverages, cultivated products, including “Buddha Xiangyin around the Yulan” “Jin Guangde Die’s shadow” I heard the sound of the sound of the sound. “

National style blue whale sleep pillow

Double-layer pillow, high and low adjustment, satisfy different sleeping positions, double curved shape, fit the cervical vertebra, fill the gap between the neck, no matter what sleep, you can sleep sweet. Skin touch, stable support, can also be used alone.

和 园 手 宝

Designed inspiration from traditional court warm hand stoves, integrated charging treasure, hand warmers and makeup mirror three functions, outdoor continuous hand warmers for 4 hours. Inspiration and design patterns in the Summer Palace Birds, there are phoenix peony, listening to 袅 袅 袅, gold bird flying, and birds and phoenix.

Temple of Temple

The name of the “Prayer Calendar” comes from the Temple of Temple, with Chinese traditional twenty-four airlines as the main line, putting the Temple of Temple of Temple, organically integrates, Ji Tianzhu Ruo Le Culture, Twenty-four-air culture, Chinese blessing Culture is a very practical and rich connotation.

Product winning × 和 园 联 国 国 国潮 数据 数据

The Summer Palace is the starting point, selecting the collection of Guangdong embroidered screen “Birds Chao Feng”, the unique exhibition of the beast Liuhe Taiping as the source of inspiration, the beauty of the 和 园, the style of cultural national tide is daily details In the middle, feel the beauty of the Summer Palace.

Kingee dream string series products

Jinyi culture and the central ballet are exclusive, with the primary style of the Chinese Basheng Dancing drama “Dunhuang” as the prototype, Dunhuang classic cultural symbol “rebound” is the design core, using crafts with sandblasting, polishing.

Yi Shengshi


Work American literary and Rongshi home appliances have launched a series of national tide products. Combine the national gift elements with traditional forms, elegant Oriental Meyun with modern products, highlight cultural heritage and humanistic care, create “colorful, fruitful, useful, interesting”.


Sound messaging


“Sound” is both close to the sound culture of the Temple of Heaven, reflects the romantic connotation of Wenchuang, and is also a “sound slow” word with a very high reputation, causing people to associate with the ancient wind.

Honeymeta “蜜” series IP


For each feature taste, it is designed for its unique intertwinening IP image, and the series is “”. Take hundreds of fruit essence, incarnate the best girlfriends. Everyone in 蜜 is specially characterized, but also has different “super power.”

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