Lohas nourishing | East Ajiajiao freshly prepared, open winter nourishing

“Ejiao, a bowl, sesame, white rice stuffable, powder, bloom, Xinghuchun rain laugh. Run youth, guarantee the year, have the money.”


– “The autumn night, the blue sky, the flower” Yuan Lu is white

For thousands of years, Ejiao brings the nourishment and health of people, flowing through the dream of Datang Gui, flowing through the songs of the Yuanzi, flowing through the Qing Dynasty Endless face, flowing through the Jiangnan women’s generation of Fenghua, stream To modern fashion people’s health nourishing.

Jiao Keyuan Mall East Ejiao ,,,,,,,,,

Amazing listing

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Freshly prepared Ejiao


Good glue is good, use “Heart” to make a good glue

East Ajiajiao Ejiao Cake opened autumn and winter nourishing season


Fresh price: 369 yuan / 500g

759 yuan / 1000g

Premium ready-to-hand handmade Ejiao cake for 3 days

It’s so adhesive, it’s delicious.

Real material, fresh, eat, eat with confidence!

Go to a “health nourishing of health” ~


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