When the literary tips have also launched derivatives, Chinese film derivatives really ushered in a good time?

“Dasheng returned” derivatives sold more than 10 million;


“Big fish Haizhen” crowdfunding derivatives have more than 50 million sales in two weeks;

“Catching the Dew 2”, only the genuine authorized Huba dolls are close to 200,000 pieces, with sales income of more than 4 million;

“Xiyangyang and Gray Taro” In 2016, more than 250 licensed products licensed, with a total sales of 2 billion yuan;


This is a group of amazing data thrown by the Beijing Film Festival, the vice president of the Beijing Film Academy. For a long time, Disney’s derivative authorization model has been Zhenjin Lao, but China’s film practitioners are ashamed to talk about the domestic land and declarative derivatives.

However, this phenomenon is a significant change. On April 20th,

“The Road of China’s Movie Products and International Movie IP Authorization and Derivative Product Development Forum”

In the film market link, the practitioners in the derivatives industry gathered together to explore how China’s own derivative path is going. Today, China’s movie box office is about to move towards 60 billion mark, the future market in the film is also more crazy.

Not only the Spring Festival, several large pieces have launched derivatives. The recent “small pieces” also released the audience in their respective vertical fields, built a variety of fun derivatives: from the “Cat and Peach Blossom” cat ceramic potter, to “Take a free” “” Girl’s Heart “necklace, then” later we “couple insulation cup,


Domestic film derivatives that bid farewell to the labeling are going to a golden age that combines brand marketing and movie content marketing.

From the Spring Festival to the literary small piece: movie derivatives must poke in love

At the end of last year, the entertainment industry has interviewed many people in the derivative industry. When the “you think which derivative is designed in 2017, many people give a unified answer: a” knife ” .

In fact, this legendary “knife” is derived from paradise bamboo swordsterels from “embroidery 2”. How to extract derivative elements from a literary temperament martial arts film? Authorized management company 神马 神 Chairman Guo Hao said: “Shenma is fun to join hands with the bamboo language, Wang Xingji, Achi Cat and other brands to take advantage of the market. Everyone pays that we will make a knife into an umbrella, the knife is still in Longquan The town is produced, more than 220. We made a crowd of 1080,000 in Taobao; there is also a cooperative sweater that teamed up with the co-cultivation.

In addition to the complete team of team talents, and professional industrial design standards, Guo Hao believes that


The derivative industry is essentially encompassed by content, and the content translates into emotions drives the purchase of consumers.


For the “Qimen”, “Red Sea Action”, the egg factory CEO chapter is lightened, and it is considered that the derivative needs to find a matching product symbol.

Last year, the egg factory promoted the cooperation between the film “Jianjun’s largest” and seagull table, and independently developed a complete style design manual, integrated the “Times Memory, Zhonghua Excellent Product”, into the product, Create a series of derivatives with Chinese film temperament and characteristics. From the propagation level, the egg factory also has a complete hand-painted version of the poster and the dynamic poster, which combines the derivatives and brands with movie marketing.

The industrial thinking of China’s film is infiltrating into the industry. This year’s Spring Festival “catching demon 2” Note that several films are series of movies, which also illustrates

IP influence and sustainability are a key to creating derivatives.


Hubba, a series of “catching the demon”, is the image IP known in the domestic movie. This spring, “catching the demon 2” and McDonald’s large-scale cooperation brushing friends circle, from Huba “Fortun” to the Qingshui Town theme restaurant across the country, “catching the demon 2” box office exceeded 2.2 billion, this It is also not related to the development of derivatives and brands.

For the Light Shadow Spirit CEO responsible for “catching demon 2” business cooperation, the company has to do bridge between quality IP and brand, find the most suitable depth cooperation model, not simple resource replacement.

In addition to cooperation with McDonald’s, “catching demon 2” is also associated with ThinkPad brand image “small black”, jointly launched Huba Magic expressions, working with 51talk, launching a derived child online English learning video; Winter Olympics, “Hu “Reporters attracted many male audiences for the film.

Lack of pre-development and industrial chain writing, derivative development is still in the Blue Sea stage

However, many successful cases do not represent the development of product development after China’s film has entered the maturity stage.


The Hollywood film industry represented by Disney has formed the industry chain of each company, such as Disney’s film and television entertainment, theme park, consumer goods authorization, and the media network department collaborate, constitute a large-scale derivative industry, movie is only the IP on the chain. The strategic origin and one of them, more than 70% of IP revenue comes from the box office.

Ni Yue Red believes that there are still many problems in China’s film derivative industries. For example, most film and television companies are small, and they do not form a collaboration between enterprises, and do not understand how to develop film IP derivatives; no derivative standard system, The protection of intellectual property is not in place; the derivatives marketing channels are not sufficient, regardless of the environmental platform, the direct store or the e-commerce platform, and it has lacks the environment of the film, which reduces the perception of the value and significance of movie brand brand. .

How to improve the current status? In the event site, guests put forward a lot of views, such as strengthening the training of professional derivatives talents; broadening derivatives marketing channels, do not let them become the same cinema for populations; also derived The product is developed, refuses to label marketing, and the formal authorization mode, etc.


“On the one hand, the original design is the source of film derivatives. IP authorization should not be just a short check. Our original ability is not strong enough, and the management and investment of the derivative source is not very full, to pay attention to the research and development of visual gallery. All the best-selling movies in Hollywood are almost all visual gallery for designing team research and development systems in the film production process, including movie scenes, characters, animals, plants, buildings, transportations, props, jewelry, etc.

“On the other hand, it is important to obtain the development of derivatives, the pre-planning development work is very important. In the movie creative process, the development derived product is included as a strategy into the filmmaster work plan, and the core concept of the movie The image, props, clothing, jewelry, scene and other elements are seriously studied, screening, strengthening the characteristics of certain elements in the creation process, laying a good foundation for subsequent product development. “

Imagination Economic Age: What kind of derivatives we have to get cheer?

At the forum, the entertainment industry is very interested in the sharing designer model of Luocococo “dare to play, dare to think, dare”. Whether it is the development of “Forbidden City Cat”, or Xiao Huang × Jiuyang Soymilk, Beiqi Group × COSPLAY × COSPLAY 趴, Luo Ke can brought people in front of it.


“Two years, Yuluocar can establish Luojia platform on the basis of 1500 for free designers, and now you have already gathered 20,000 designers and nearly 1 million users,” Luocococo IP Energy Center Director Zhang Wei said. On this shared design platform, whenever a movie design task comes over, it will build a creator community. The designer interested in the task can spontaneously register the team, and the design tasks will eventually land, hatch and product.

The design is not allowed from the designer itself, and there is also a film “Subcommittee”.

“In the process of landing, there are a lot of water to provide us with good ideas and ideas. More is thinking about fans. Such fans and designers combine, effective in providing us with a lot of product design ideas in a short time. “

The IP derivative brand 52toys, who has just announced a 10 billion A-round financing, is undoubtedly the focus of attention. “I have been derivative for 17 years. The two years of market is more concerned about this industry, maybe more than ten years before I have experienced.” Behind 52toys, Leo Chen Chen Chen Wei sighs.

If the derivative can be divided into a hard perimeter of the hand model, and the soft surroundings of the daily live practical functions, the high-end model production of 52TOYS is undoubtedly. In the view of Chen Wei, China’s dinner has exceeded 300 million. With 90,000, it enters the mainstream consumption group class, and the traditional interest consumption will become customary consumption. This is the huge market space of the future China derivative market. .

Last year, 52TOYS cooperated with many overseas film and television companies to develop “Alien” and “Iron Soldiers”. This year is with “Ninja Turtle”, “Naruto”, “Gossra”, “Ottman”, etc. Big IP cooperation, making the Box series of BOX series, the BOX series of BOX series. It is understood that most of these derivatives have at least 6 to 8 months, strictly in strict accordance with the production standards of the world’s first-line brand.

At the same time, Chen Wei believes that the sales channel of derivatives is very important. “Derivatives are not only a realization tool, but the derivatives appear in any position, which will be more influential in IP. The industry experience of children, let us have accumulated a lot of cooperation Channels, from the trend boutique, to the composite bookstore, even mesa net coffee, convenience store chain system, the young people like to go, “we will lay the channel.”

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