Escape device he invented ten years ago, and now there are a lot of people do not know


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Xiao Fang staying in a hotel in a foreign country, experienced a fire emergency evacuation, although she promptly fled, or had been smoked the smoke. Having lived through it haunt her, after returning home, she always wanted to prepare an escape devices in the home, but could not find the right, until one day, her brush to even slow down the military in vibrato, immediately go to Taobao Search ordered.

“Most people do not know this stuff, do not know what keyword search”, although even the army in 2011 to design a good relief to drop, and in the second year boarded the CCTV “I love the invention” program.


Ten years on, this product is still not widely found in the average home. They are Taobao, always a plus purchase of the collection, but few orders of people, “we want to prepare with, but never want to use.”

Ordinary people from high-level security whereabouts

Even the military is a native of Wuhan, the “China Aviation 181” spent a lifetime working, and also hit a lifetime mechanical dealings. And many military factories, like “181 in the Air” is a code name, which is located in Wuhan, the main job of aircraft instrument of development and production.

Before he retired, even the work of the military focused on “life-saving aircraft seat parachute” on expansion, Ejection seat parachute requires a stable and reliable timing, timing devices are often internal mechanical rather than electronic ” this mechanical timing device called escapement in mechanical watches, in fact, has used military equipment. “

After retirement, even the military mind is always a steady stream out many mechanical design, so in 2011, he used the escapement structure devised a relief to drop, “every step of the gears are captured escapement take control , the equivalent of a stable, continuous grasping a place, so that complete control of the speed of descent. “


Ease down even the army is not the first, but the escapement relief to drop vertical structure, “not only in the country, is also unique in the world.” Conventional slow descent often by friction to slow the rate of decline, but the friction force is not constant, so that people will fall when acceleration – deceleration feeling frustrated “, and because the presence of metal and rubber, such devices require frequent maintenance, “are afraid afraid of the water temperature.” but even the army of slow descent will not have these problems, it is the drop rate stable and does not require regular maintenance.


For most ordinary people, ease down sounds very distant from their own lives, “it may firefighters will be used.” But even the army and his team who did not think that their idea is to make the average person can easily get started the slow descent, “put the slow descent fixed in the window, home improvement and integration.”


To this end, they also designed a relief to drop the appearance – a painting as a shell, “usually looks no different from ordinary decorative painting, which is open relief to drop, you can always use.” The reason why such a design, first, to allow relief to drop does not look so awkward, and second, it is fixed in one place, “because the slow descent is not ready to use, if not fixed, may then himself do not remember where to put, fixed in one place, and do the painting tips, it is eye-catching, emergency use, they do not find everywhere. “

Descent to escape, not to lean

Ease down the fire scene is most needed, especially for high-rise residents concerned.

In my country, the only building height of 100 meters above the high-rise will force the installation of residential sprinkler systems. In addition, hotels, villas, luxury apartments will be required to install, but because of the general rise residential fire hydrant, so automatic fire extinguishing apparatus is not mandatory.

June 22, 2017, creating a sensation of Hangzhou nanny arson, causing the death of his mother and three children. Nanny lit a book on the coffee table with a lighter and threw it on the fabric sofa, leading to fire out of control, fled in advance nanny, hostess and three children trapped in the only one not caught up in the fire room for help. But because the fire pump failure, failed to extinguish the fire; at the same time because the entrance doors were locked, firefighters could not enter the house, four survive nowhere.


December 30, 2019 morning, Fuling District of Chongqing tread water bridge people in residential building fires occurred, causing the death of a family of six. Although the Times found after the fire and the police, but whether it is a professional fire-fighting team, eager to save a neighbor, or received fire training, I try to save themselves tenants, never able to recapture a family of six from the hands of death.

(Figure surging news source)


Two accidents, reflect the many communities there is a hidden danger: fire exits long pile of debris, fire trucks get in; insufficient water pressure fire hydrant, fire can not be effective; try to escape from the window of the parties, can not find a use tool……

Every time I see this kind of news, someone jumped out to buy a house can not buy a high-level, there are a lot of people live in high-rise began to be afraid, but if a disaster happens, how should we do?

Since the accident, caused by high-rise residential escape the common concern of the community, “the most obvious is that, after the winter of 2019, more than high-rise fire occurred one after another, to understand, single-person relief to drop significantly more.” But people’s minds is delicate, “and relatively inexpensive safety rope escape mask sales suddenly rise up”, but the face of more expensive ease down, “Most people would hesitate, feel that disaster would not be so Well soon fall on his head. “

Because the safety rope escape six applies only to the following, for high-rise residents, the more effective escape tool is the slow descent. In order to let more people know the existence of this product, even the military team in most of the cities have established a place of business, “A lot of people still want to try the field was assured”, in Hangzhou, warehouse, third floor window there is a trial ease down, many agents to try, exterior walls are grind a road mark.

Let everyone know that there is a relief to drop


“Even the army relief to drop the” eight years ago opened a Taobao shop, in addition to operating point under the line, which is their only online channel. Initially, the team also frequented each cell to fire safety knowledge propaganda, “We found that we all know this is called the ‘ease down’, will open Taobao search, compare prices, simply to open a Taobao shop.”


Relief to drop the browser is not high, “because we do not know the existence of this thing,” especially the team has gone through a lot of detours, “We went to the Fire Show, they are found to peers; put in the elevator advertising, public nothing perception. ” Like escape device products, promote them in fact very difficult, because they do not meet some immediate needs, once the price is slightly higher, consumers will be more hesitant.


“Our slow descent over 3000 a, should be sold on Taobao most expensive” in the team view, this life-saving things to ensure readily accessible and secure from loss, browse to the price of less than a tenth of its own a slow drop, he would think, “these sellers that he dare jump it?” everybody has the team from the window “jump” every time I go to install them, “customers want us to be a model, says that let’s jump a jump it, “they strongly believe their own products, but also never let them down.

Have your truth. They had given CNOOC has provided a number of relief to drop, “the other requirements are very stringent, our products have national standards and EU certificates, they do not look to their own money to do the test.” Their slow descent, is installed on CNOOC’s oil, appear in the shopping list of materials Fire in Guangdong Province, the real estate business has also been installed in the building in advance unified.

(Even military team operating around shaking sound)

“In fact, buying and money does not matter, and ideas about the” customer contact, there lived in luxury villas do not want to “waste” money, but also have their own setup Houan Li to neighbors. How to cultivate this idea, it is to promote the biggest problem. “Product itself has a great market, but not enough people know”, in order to let more people know the existence of relief to drop, the team began to force in a short video, “because the usual slow down a video, actually be able to have a few Browse ten million. “

They have since released a number of audio and video shake, and put Taobao link in the window for the store drainage. In addition, actively operate from a “stroll”, the video link below is the merchandise, “Most of the first time I saw relief to drop people will feel strange, they will not necessarily buy, but is likely to Favorite plus the purchase, at least know there is such a thing exists. “

(After the installation ease down to hide in decorative painting)

Team every year about two million units installed slow descent, have not so far a customer actually used before, “I hope more and more families have it, but never to use it.”

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