6 perfume recommendation: I don’t believe this will like this! But it is really a sweet and very young girl.

Have a small partner, say that I want to listen to my perfume. In fact, my enthusiasm for perfume is generally, it is very light. I miss the two bottles, sometimes I will buy a bottle for two years. Coupled with the current freelance, most of the time at home, with less the opportunity to use perfume. Most of the perfumes have become a home fragrance.

Today, I will choose from the existing perfume in my hand (the girl who questioned questions “said that it is suitable for the fragrance of the students, so she is specially in the cabinet.


Let me talk about my preference to perfume:

I have always liked the fragrant perfume, especially citrus. Most of the perfumes in the early years are more sensible, lively perfumes. Later, I slowly started to like a little little sexy perfume, which represents perfume should be a small black dress of Guerlain.

This is my subjective preference to perfume. If this is the type you like, look down ~

01 Anna Sui Fairy Dance Anna Sui Dance Elf

This perfume is really a bit old, although now put on the front of the cabinet, but I really love it. Clearly remember this is just the second Anna Su, I bought. The first one is a dream, and I felt that this packaging was too young! Now in turn, I think that Anna Su is so exaggerated ~~ Haha, maybe I can only explain my old.

Time adjustment: orange, mango, pink pepper;

Mid adjustment: fresh rose, peony, bamboo;


Tail: sandalwood, fragrant grass, vanilla;

This time I tried again today, I always feel that it is not too obvious. Instead, it is a sweet rose flavor. Very young girl’s rose, sweet taste is full of fragrance full of bamboo. The last final tail tune has some deep sandalwood accompanied by citrus.


This will be too sweet to me now, but it is really a very young woman. The seventeenth year old girl runs, playful young girls in the sun. Old aunt has to sigh, you are so beautiful.

Many people say that this stay is not long, but I think the fragrance suitable for the girl should not be faint, don’t you Zhang Yang? It is no problem for four or five hours, and the incense of the last residual thing I feel that it is more pleasant than the forward and middle. This, I just watched Taobao has not sold, the flagship store has a blue packaging, I don’t know if it’s new version, it is recommended to try it.

02 Marc Jacobs Small Toon Dream Lady

It’s very embarrassed, this fragrance is currently being used by me, but this does not mean that I don’t like it. This is said to represent elegant, pure, free.

Tightening: Xiko, pear, blackberry;

Mid adjustment: jasmine, lychee, blue wisteria;

Tail: Musk, Coconut, white wood;

This remember is very clear that it is bought in Six, when several small daisies have tried it, I think this is the most light, typical flower fruit.

And Anna Sao, the tempura of small daisies is clearer, the taste of the west, the taste of the raspberry, and this taste is a bit rush. The tail tone is obvious, but with the taste of white wood fragrance and coconut, very fresh ~ Wear T-shirts in summer, small white shoes stroll through the teenage, low-key, quiet and very clean.

This bottle is praising its packaging, but I also want to spit it. It may also be more than the year I bought, and the problem of oxidizing paint is very serious. It is recommended that you can buy small packaging, 100ml of perfume is not easy to use.

03 Guerlain black skirt


Guerlain small black skirt has a lot of money, I bought this called “EDP My Cocktail Dress”. Clearly remember that the reaction during pregnancy is particularly serious, and even the most basic laundry liquids can’t smell. Forgot to buy a small black skirt in Squarem, open trial, have been in the third day, there is a faint fragrance, decisive to help me buy.


Time adjustment: jasmine, rose, green leaves;

Mid adjustment: sour cherry, orange flower, apple, black gallon;

Tail: patchouli, amber, musk;

This forward is very very heavy. If you use your strength to measure, you will have dizzy, there is a strong alcohol. But gradually gradually emitting wooden aroma, the fragrance is long, and the slim is constant.

A little mysterious, a bit of sexy, the last tune, my favorite, gentle, powerful. Women aged 25 -30 should like it.

04 Lancome Miracle Perfume


This shopping is also a small sample, and I bought it in a pack. Miss Estee Lauder, who had to admire shopping to send a small sample, is really selling. This type of staying time is also the kind of staying time. I use it in the studio to keep the scent of 2-3 days.

Time adjustment: lychee, freedom;

Mid adjustment: ginger, pepper, magnolia;

Tail: Jasmine, sandalwood, musk, rose;

This is the tensor of all perfumes, but it is a sweet girl with a wooden aroma from the front to the tail. It is very suitable, sweet and not greasy. Because it has smelled it once today, the nose has been killed. The following is written in 2019. September for reference:

Typical flower fruit, I have always no resistance to this kind of fragrance. The forward lychee and freesia will not give people a deep impression, mild green ginger + magnolia flower + pepper gives you a sweet and happy happiness. The tail tune amber, musk, jasmine, and roses let the sweet and charming fragrance continue.

05 Jo Malone Orange Flower Perfume

The orange flower of Zuma is too clear in all my perfume. The packaging is the cold packaging of the regulations, and it is not shaken. The fragrance is also a fragrance that is very easy to distinguish from the flowers.

Tightening: Citrus, Clemine, Dewy Greens;


Mid adjust: orange flower, lotus;


Tail: lilac flower, orange flower petals;

What is it in front? I have no resistance to citrus flavor. This tone is like just peeled orange fingertips remaining orange peel flavors, and the light floral fragrance is accompanied by a little bit of bitter scent.

If you say a few of the girls, it is sweet, this will make others feel that you have read a lot of books, very changing literary girls. Quiet, clean, don’t do, there is still a little bit of small feelings.


If the only shortcoming should be the short stay, it is almost 1-2 hours. I bought 100ml, I started to buy too big, and I just felt just right, just good ~

06 Armani Si Fiori

This is a new year in 2019 and is also a typical citrus.

Time adjustment: black gallon fruit, orange flower oil;


Mid adjustment: Niui orange flower, like a moss, patchouli, rose;


Tail: Vanilla, white musk

I only know that Si is more popular with red, love is relatively talking about some big women’s temperament, sweet, thick. And fans of fiori, I first tried to like the kind. A sweet taste is made in a fresh, real clear flower, no rouge. It is the scent of the cherry blossoms in the early spring, which is the taste of the summer strolls. Fit female students in the age of 23.

It is said that I have to praise the packaging. Why didn’t I think the powder is so good? The bottle is very textured, 100ml purchasing price 600 out, it is worth it.

At last:

The inquiry is really private, and this is not my expertise. I tried it a afternoon, my nose was numb, or the skin care was more easily. Therefore, today’s reputation is only used as a sharing reference. If you really are interested, it is recommended to go to the counter for a counter.

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