Children’s Day event Preview: Children’s Day of Warcraft Players, probably “fur”

2021 “World of Warcraft” children’s weekly event opened (ie “World of Warcraft Children’s Day”) only. If you want all possible, you need more open roles to collect them. Below us to do a simple Raiders to help you quickly understand the relevant situation of 2021 World of Warcraft children.

Say in front:

• 2021 Warcraft children’s week task is no difficulty, nothing more than access tasks from A points → B, then from B point → c point …, eventually returned to A and from 4 small pets with 2 pet props Select one of the rewards in the package;


• The task area is roughly divided into four, respectively, the main city of the old world main city (Ogryma and Storm City), the main city of Shatas, Nosanda Laran and Warcraft 8.0-8.3, respectively (the tribe is Zandara, the Alliance is Kurtras.

• Children’s weekly related achievements are 8, of which “World Events” – “Children Zhou” is 7, the title is 1 (reward “Women’s Monitor / Male Monitor” title);

• Small pets got in children have high value, and level 1 excellent quality small pets can sell 30,000 g (US service as an example), worth more accounting to get them;

• Recommend the Master’s professional priority to do children’s week tasks, can transfer a lot of time (the only difficult task is “away”).




1, “Only home is good”, use a stove (any stove) in the orphan side;


2, “Wow, very cute”, get a child’s weekly task reward to jump out of the achievement;


3, “bad example”, eat 8 desserts under your child’s gaze (can be around the player character), the dessert can be purchased in the above task area ice cream businessman;

4, “Everyday Routine Work”, complete 5 daily tasks with orphans (summoned using props orphans);

5, “Thousands of hammers”, with the orphans into the eye of the storm and occupy a banner, the Otrak Valley attacks a tower, the Alase Basin raids a banner, the War Canyon returned to the flag of falling.

6, “like the king, baby”, with your orphan defeat the Endigon king in Russia;

7. “Sudentating Mother”, a role while holds Egbert’s egg, dried insects of Wailley and Irak training collar (corresponding to three children’s weekly pets);

8. “For the children”: Complete the above 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 achievements, reward “women’s supervision / male monitoring” title.

Simple process (as an example of Ogryma):

In the Ogrima Lane District, I found an orphan guardian Badville, and you will get a “orphan whistle”, you can summon orphans at any time (this item is permanent in the childhood), the player will receive Three tasks, separately with orphans to this area, you need to pay attention to: Three tasks need to plan the route, first come to the recent task point and long distance.


When the player completed the above three tasks, the orphan will give the player two tasks, usually interact with it (buy paper plane, buy ice cream, etc.). All the five tasks are all finished, you can receive the “Remuneration Task”, and choose one of the small pets and pet props rewards.

The above task process is a single area, and the players also need to complete the other three task lines in Shatas, Dallari and Zagra / Curtlas.

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