Lin Xinru is a hot mafang top flow, wearing a white tube top and elegant age, noble atmosphere

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Sometimes, the more simple colors can wear a different flavor. Lin Xinru selected a white dress with tube top design, no other colors were modified, and there was no special design, very clean and refreshing, simple.

White is more clean and pure colors, which is particularly heavy, combined with sexy tube top design, but it is just a unique atmosphere and personality. The main effect of this style is to highlight the exquisiteness of the bone, showing the smoothness of the shoulder line, and more style.

Lin Xinru tells you more Tips: TIPS1: Tube top Sexuality


The tube top design is actually a mature breath, bringing unique female rhyme, giving a sense of charming but very elegant image. The biggest advantage of this design is to highlight the beautiful neck and sexy straight straps, even soft lines, so that the whole people have become bright.

The hot body is perfect, but it is not divided into vulgar. Stylish and sexy design, beauty and casual, amazing. Lin Xinru, there is a lot of women’s temperament, wearing a white tube top dress and confusing, super good looking.

TIPS 2: White dress is clean and refreshing

White is actually a very eye-catching color, it is pure and refined, it comes with Qingli and casual, it can be described as the most moderate color system in all color, simple and clean, reflecting the natural and sweetness of the crub. White dress is not only a versatile style, but also cooperate with a variety of styles.


Create the external image you want, and even make the overall matching more deserved. This refreshing and elegant effect, so that the crub is even more favorable. Lin Xin is like a hot masterpiece, wearing a white tube top and elegant age, noble atmosphere.


In fact, many sisters will be in white first. Although it looks very simple and refreshing, it seems that there is not much special, but it has a big role in temperament and overall shape. Lin Xinru is like this, putting her elegant and generous, interested sisters can try.

How is high level to create? You must know the tips: first: Pork Skirt is sexy


Some dresses with high-ground fork are really able to add a sexy index to us, and the leg-type girls are wearing a particularly blue eye. At the same time, we can use a pair of high heels to assist in dressing, simple High-heeled sandals can also reflect the feelings of the atmosphere, and can also give the legs more slender visual effects, it is really very attractive.


Additional view: short dress

Short dresses can also make us look super-type in unknowns, after all, two slender legs can be exposed to outside, and the leg-type girl is nature is nature, but we also need us. Additional confidence and outstanding charm!


Second: Black and white with more atmosphere

Black and white have always been a very wild color, when black collides with white, this pair of contrast colors can show an extraordinary visual effect:

1, for example, we choose a set of black clothes to wear, it is very ok on a white bag, so it is very daily, very beautiful.

2 White jumpsuits are also very Nice, it can present the charm of women in the post, at this time, we can make a more perfect dressing style in the waist, and we will put extra additional plus. The black high heels can also make a perfect summary for the whole body’s holiday.

Third: fine belt


The belt is really a key to dressing, the wide legs can be contracted on the waist with the waistband, and the same dress also has the same tips, and the choice of thick belt is more likely to show a good figure curve. And the choice of belt color is also very important. It is highly consistent with the color of the skirt. Don’t choose too abrupt color so that the whole body wears a harmonious unity, very advanced.

Lin Xin is really a female star, and her aesthetic. Her wearing very young, fashion, and super age, the girl who pursues fashionable, can learn from Lin Xinru clothes. To create a unique beauty, good, today’s content is here, you love you, let us become more fashionable together!


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