Test 26! Fruit and vegetable cleaning agent cleaning effect is not imagined

Like the true king, the washstick will be careful, and it is too much, and it is finished, I still feel the luck!

Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Council

26 fruit vegetable cleaning agent and determination of cleansing essence by cleaning food)

, Test the farm residual removal of the fruit and vegetable cleaning agent, always feel that the fruit and vegetable is not clean, this time can put down the big stone.

Because it is a lot of money to buy fruit and vegetable cleaning, it will not be more clean than the water …

So this is still not recommended …

Full level:

1, fruit and vegetable cleaning agent / cleansing food for cleaning food

Effective to pesticide residues


But the effect is not more than the water is too much


Wash the water, the surface of the fruit and vegetable is an effective cleaning method

. It can peeled peeled peeled, cooked cooked, better removal effect on pesticide residues.


Fruit and vegetable cleaning agent / washing, the residual problem, no need to worry too much

It is better to wash more rinsing.

4, use ozone, ultrasonic working principle

Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine


Theoretical pesticide residue is better, but the comprehensive cost and effect,

Value cost is not high

Can the fruit and vegetable cleaning agent really go to the farm?

Can, but it is not much more reliable.

According to the test results of the Consumer Council,

After cleaning with water, the pesticide removal rate reached 72%.

And the peasant removal rate of the fruit and vegetable cleaning agent is


76% ~ 85%

Between, the cleaning effect is actually not imagined, and it is a brocade.

▲ 26 fruit and vegetable cleaning agent pesticide residual removal effect contrast

How did this farm have been tested? The Consumer Council also gives a detailed description:

1. Pick the two fruits of the Dutch Beans and San Daughter to pesticide residues as a sample;

2, soak the sample fruits and vegetables to the maximum amount of pesticide solution that may be used in the simulated planting process;

3, soak for 3 hours, take out, naturally dry water;

4, then add 1% of the fruit and vegetable cleaning agent solution for 1 minute, one of the groups were soaked only as a control;

5, finally washing the machine with fruits and vegetables for 15 minutes.

Cannot not agree that the vegetable cleaner has a certain role in removing the residue of pesticide, and the test is also used to be the largest amount of pesticide solution in the planting process.

But we are generally in regular supermarkets, and the fruit and vegetable farmers and peasants bought by the vegetable market are detected.

Generally, it is not particularly worried, but it is necessary to be particularly vigilant in street hawkers or the fruits and vegetables sold by farmers.

▲ There are farmers inspections, and the general situation can be restored to buy

Do you want to be alert to the residual problem of cleaning?

Suspected, it is best to rinse with the cleaning agent.

Fruit and vegetable cleaning agent or can clean the food, the effect is always better than the washing, but after washing, it will usher in another question: the farm is seven or eight eight,

What is the residual of vegetable and vegetable cleaning?

Is this not a kit?

▲ The bubble of full pool is clean?

The Consumer Council may not consider this, so no residual test of fruit and vegetable cleaning agent.


However, I found some reference data from the 13 detergents released from “consumers report”: “consumers report” according to the fruits and vegetable cleaning agent GB / T 24691-2009, tested 13 detergent Residue,

The results showed that 13 detergents were obtained from 0.3 mg / kg to 1 mg / kg, and the average residual amount was 0.56 mg / kg.

According to the national standard,

It is generally believed that the fruit and vegetable cleaning agent residue is ≤2.0mg / kg is safe to the human body.

. The performance standard of fruit and vegetable cleaning agent is more stringent than detergent, and the residue of the vegetable and vegetable cleaner may not exceed the standard.

However, because there is no direct data support, the actual residual amount of fruit and vegetable cleaning agent is still doubt, I suggest that everyone is finished


Rinse it carefully with water

How should fruits and vegetables should be washed?


Flow water rinsing + larinated is enough, it can peeled and peeled, the effect is more thorough, and of course, the addition of fruit and vegetable cleaner washing is also a choice for a brocade. It is necessary to completely wash the vegetables that can be cooked.

1. Flush the water, get it!

According to a paper discovered by the US National Biotechnology Information Center, the flow was flushed for 5 minutes.

The average removal rate of 16 pesticide residues is 41.2%.

, Removal rate




Not equal. If

Go up

The effect will be better.

2, can peeled peeling

The pesticide residue is mainly concentrated on the peel part, and the pesticides that penetrate into the flesh is minimal.

3, can cook cooked

Most of the agricultural disinsters can be effectively reduced under boiling conditions. The same as the paper mentioned above, the average removal rate for 16 pesticide residues was 37.2%, and the removal rate was from 42.8% to 92.9%.

It is worth noting that three kinds of pesticide residues are under boiling conditions.

No reduction

Therefore, even if it is a cooked food, it is not possible before cooking, or



4, ozone, ultrasonic cleaning

This is a common cleaning method of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine. Also is the paper, ozone and ultrasonic removal effect on 16 kinds of pesticide residues in the US National Biotechnology Information Center, and the average removal rate of ozone pesticide residue is 53.9%, and the average removal rate of ultrasonic pesticide residues is 66.2%.


May destroy the surface of fruit and vegetable

It causes agricultural residue to penetrate the inside of fruits and vegetables, so although the removal rate is high, it is also advantageous.

Although ozone and ultrasonic wave are better than the water is rinsed, it considers that the cost of the purchase of fruit and vegetables is not low. And if the water is rinsed, the time is longer, and the removal effect is definitely better, and it is also possible to consider adding fruit and vegetable cleaner to lift the removal effect.

From the angle of cost and effect, it seems that the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is not very necessary.

We generally have a regular supermarket, and the fruit and vegetable farmers bought by the vegetable market have been tested. Generally speaking, it is very worried, it is very worried about agricultural disabilities. When cleaning, try to soak, rinse, and smash long.






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