The cold wave hits Guangdong people to be busy, “plus velvet thick bottoming shirt” hot sale

Lingnan is coming, the coldest winter this year, have you hidden in the nest buy? The reporter found yesterday that on the e-commerce platform, “plus velvet thickening bottoming shirt” soared 38, the fourth place in the whole network of e-commerce platforms, 10 search words, 7 and defense Cold correlation, cold into the “public enemy”.

Guangzhou citizens travel in the cold wind. Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Chen Qianzi


The cold is a “public enemy” yesterday.

These two days, with the general cooling, the reporter found that in Taobao, the search volume and the royal search volume have soared sharply, among which “plus velvet thickening bottoming shirt” as a keyword soared 38 yesterday, column The fourth place in the whole network of the e-commerce platform; “girls’ bottoming skirt plus velvet thickening” soared 29, ranked the seventh place from Yesterday. In the top 10 search words, seven and cold-cold; the most sold online store, this month has sold 110,000 plus velvet thickening bottoming shirts, it seems that the cold has become the “public enemy” of the whole people.

As the winter bottoming essential, “Chinese-style thermal underwear” has different forms in various places, and the people are also in the country. There are more love in the north to buy cotton trousers. The Central Plains area loves the sweaters. The south has turned the autumn pants into winter essentials. Ali data shows that as a country that is cold “especially complex”, the Chinese people are busy in November.

Cotton pants, autumn trousers, flood trill … has become the basic equipment of the whole country, covering the land area of ​​more than 90%. Taobao big data statistics cotton trousers, fewepties, and autumn trousers have become the volume data of various provinces and cities across the country since November, and the results showed the boundary line with China’s geographical high degree. The boundaries of the cotton pants and the autumn trousers are roughly the first line of the Great Wall, the northeast provinces and Inner Mongolia north of the Great Wall, are all hot areas of trousers. As the coldest region of the country, thick trousers (including suede, down pants, etc.), nature is the best choice for rushing.


The boundaries of the autumn trousers and non-Qiuji District are basically the north-south boundary line. In the first line of Qinling, the first line of Huaihe, the average temperature in winter is lower than zero degrees, which belongs to the temperate, and the temperature of the Qinling and Huaihe River. The average temperature in the winter is higher than zero degree, which is a subtropical, which is also the heating in China. No heating boundary line.

Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Cao Jingrong

▌ ▌ 广东 “打 边 炉” 寒 more safe

It is said that the cold is “physical attack”, and the coldness of the South is “magic attack.” The northerners said, “Let’s dry cold are straight, but only if you have it, there is a warm home, this winter is biting to the past.” Their in the south, penetrates into the cold in the bones.

These two days, Guangzhou’s cold is this cold and cold cold, so that many neighborhoods only want to nest in the quilt, let many harden and strong people will be willing to worship. Therefore, it is particularly interesting that Cantonese people also pants. In fact, although the winter triangle is relatively warm, the mountainous area in northern Guangdong is also very cold.

Just as the people of the whole country are busy with the winter, the Cantonese people who have been warm in the warm winter all year round smiles. The northern wind roller, and the Cantonese who loves to eat, the family purchases the electric shock furnace and electric hot pot. The time the best “hit furnace” has arrived, no matter how to add clothes, it is better to post some of them. A sense of security.

In addition, there are also neighborhoods to tell the reporter, and the cold is 360 degrees without dead corners. The online new charging hot blanket is not paved on the bed, but it is directly to cover it. It can also be washed, people can put on the toilet, and achieve coldness is everywhere.

Text: Guangzhou Reference · Guangzhou Daily reporter Liu Xing Guangzhou Reference · Guangzhou Daily Editor Li Lin

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