Which of the solid wood and board furniture, what representative brands?

In life, we will shop frequently, even if it is not very need, I can’t help but place. But these things are often fast items, and people will often be more rational, such as furniture.

More people will only choose to purchase furniture when they are decorated or furniture, while also in solid wood furniture and board furniture, which is good for solid wood furniture and board furniture? What are the differences? Now you will come down now.


Different materials

Solid wood furniture is

The main part is made of solid wood material, surface (or unpaid) solid wood single plate or thin wood (wood) veneer, (or unparalleled) wood furniture.

Plate furniture is

The main part uses furniture made of fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, fine wood board, layered finished material, etc.).


The use of materials directly affects its environmental, price and texture, and solid wood tends to have natural wood, while board furniture is a pungent formaldehyde. Solid price is much higher than the price of people, such as white wax wood, mahogany and other solid wood are rare wood, natural prices don’t.

2. Structure

The solid wood furniture uses a mortuary structure. This is a very exquisite process. It is very exquisite process. It does not need to use nails, screws and excessive binders to effectively limit wood to all directions. What is “stable”.


Plate furniture is assembled by hardware accessories, and the fineness of the hardware accessories directly affects the quality and decoration effect of furniture, which is why board furniture producers tend to highlight their competitiveness in the quality of hardware accessories.

3. Different service life

The service life of the plate furniture is generally 3-5 years, while the life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times more of the plate furniture. If maintenance is proper, the use of solid wood furniture can be used for decades.

Plate furniture is particularly afraid of water, as long as it hits water, it is easy to expand, resulting in deformation, which affects the service life.

It can be seen that solid wood furniture is better than board furniture, but it is specific to see how brand and consumers’ needs and economic capabilities. Of course, the brand of strength is often more favored in a word of mouth, such as Tmall’s famous source, classic brand Huaca Furniture, Qumera Home, etc. is a good choice.

Huayi furniture

Hua Japanese furniture has always been the route of everyone, has a series of solid wood furniture products, such as the impression, the walnut series, using black walnut, clear and beautiful wood, showing unique art temperament, this is the paint can’t do it The effect, touchs a silkwater feeling with hand.

In addition to producing solid wood furniture, Hua Japanese furniture also produces plate furniture, through the introduction of modern production equipment such as Germany, Italy, and its plate furniture has exceeded the relevant national standards. The design is magnificent, many new Chinese series products are filled with antique, and they can see historical charm at home.

2. 氏 木


Yuan’s wood focuses on providing consumers with environmental protection, good-looking, durable furniture, only use pure solid wood plate straight, the texture is better, with a very small amount, the environmental protection is extremely strong. Its products are covered in modern Nordic, atmospheric, very simple, elegant new Chinese, literary retro, Japanese light luxury, etc., suitable for different consumer demand.

Yuan’s Wood Berry TV cabinet is placed on the value of the living room. Considering the disaster-striking area of ​​the storage room, Berry TV cabinet is deepened, widened, separator, and backplane can be moved, which is convenient for the position of the socket, and the wall is worry-free. Wood selected is white wax, which is usually 8% to 12%, wood processing, paint, and polishing performance. The strength and hardness are also very high, strong, strong and durable, often used as a high-end furniture. The material is also used in North America imported white wax, and the 20-year-old trees are more tough, and the service life is longer.

The furniture surface made of furniture, the color is soft and warm, and it is quite elegant. Texture is natural and beautiful, you can clearly see neat interlaced white wax wood grain, warm and standard, have a high appreciation.


3. Qumerald

The solid wood quality used by Qumy Home is mainly based on Elm and oak, and the design of “Quamenuo Favi Modern” products and modern Chinese style “such as Chinese” products are extremely One of the popular products. The price of Qume’s furniture is definitely not a cheaper price, but the price is extremely high.

The oak bed of Qume is also recommended, and the white oak imported in North America is selected, and the wood is less cruse and black line, and the furniture finished product is more beautiful. White oak color is mixed with oak, usually showing a clear mountain line, and the texture is hierarchical. So white oak is mainly used to make high-end furniture. In terms of performance, the oak quality is heavier, the hardness is high, so the oak family has good wear resistance. Moreover, the oak is fine, the stability, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, the furniture made, will not be maintained and the primary players who want to start with solid wood furniture can also try to start.

Of course, in today’s development of technology, the benefits and easy production of board furniture also make it entered thousands of households. Qu-American home launched a new environmentally friendly plate called “Zero Formaldehyde Table Plate”. Using PMDi ecological glue containing free formaldehyde, the finished sheet is only a trace formaldehyde that can be self-contained in the wood itself, which will not cause harm to the human body. The log structure is environmentally friendly, moisture-proof madromellar, strong gripping, strong load gravity, not easy to deform.

Finally, when we choose furniture, we must understand the difference between different furniture, consider the factors such as brand, price, personal needs and preferences, and furniture is not just durable, but also the necessities of our lives. Conditional choice

Quen, Hua Japanese furniture, Qumy Home

Waiting for the big brand of natural wood to make furniture, highlight personal taste, and protect the health of the family, and choose to improve the quality of life.

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