The most easily ignored car parts car seat cushions should be maintained

Some people see this title, will definitely say that Xiaobian is gone! What can be said with a butt pad! Then you can make a big mistake! Every year, the problem of the assassin, which accounts for 8% of the other part of the whole body, This means that every few people will be related to the fart! This can not be underestimated! Of course, for the riders on the wheel, the maintenance of the butt pad is crucial! First, for Health; the second is to make aesthetics!

1, protect the original leather seat of the car

The original car is generally used in the leather seat. The leather seat is most prone to damage, nails, knives, hair, and key, just gently, it is very easy to leave a hole for the car leather seat cover. Furthermore, the leather seat is disassembled, and it is inconvenient to get stain cleaning. With a car cushion, you can prevent the above problems.

最容易忽视的汽车部位汽车坐垫 屁屁垫该怎么保养

2, achieve the purpose of health care

最容易忽视的汽车部位汽车坐垫 屁屁垫该怎么保养

I have to say that health is a problem that everyone has always pays attention to. The health problem is also formed by aspect. It is also a cluster of driving, and it is also impossible to neglect the risk association brought by the long-term driving to the health. Cushion, can promote blood circulation, eliminate tension fatigue, enjoy the fun of driving, and also hold health.

3, give your car to add a beautiful sense

最容易忽视的汽车部位汽车坐垫 屁屁垫该怎么保养

There are many car cushions in the market, the style design is very new, choose a good set of car cushions not only increase the beauty of the car, but also to improve the living taste of the individual, so some people say that from the purchase of car decoration supplies Can see a person’s work style and car main cultivation. It is necessary to find a car cushion suitable for self-contained car.

4, summer cooling in winter warmth

最容易忽视的汽车部位汽车坐垫 屁屁垫该怎么保养

Summer cushions, hollow, good materials, have a certain moisture absorption, and some will benefit from the air flow of the limbs and the contact surface, sitting in a long time, will not be uncomfortable. Winter, no need to say, the hairy short hair has an incubator.

In addition to the above four, the car cushion maintenance is also guaranteed to be dry! Some friends love to sweat or have rain stains, pay attention to clean up in time! Health and orderly use car environment is the favorite of every owner!

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