Peace Elite Glove Rabbit is still put! You can take the task without the mission

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和平精英手套兔子时装来了!不用氪金抽奖 做任务就能拿

At 18 o’clock on the afternoon of September 9, the Mid-Autumn Festival mode will be on time on time. In this mode, the Mid-Autumn Festival feature elements such as osmanthus, moon rabbits, river lights, in this model, players in the osmanthus tree, river The lights, as well as carrot houses, will be randomly dropped.

After the information published in the Mid-Autumn Festival mode, the official is also open for the Mid-Autumn Festival related welfare activities. By completing the task, you can get a permanent parachute skin, as well as the limited time carnival rabbit suit, etc. How to complete the welfare activity? Let’s take a look.

和平精英手套兔子时装来了!不用氪金抽奖 做任务就能拿

Wonderful Mid-Autumn Night Free Mask

First of all, the first activity is a wonderful Mid-Autumn Night. In this event, players can get parachute skin, permanent mask, clothing coin, coating, gold coins, etc., the biggest reward is glory bracelet, but I want to draw to glory bracelets, That chance is really low … So everyone will complete the activities of the parachute skin and mask.

This activity is divided into three phases.

The first stage is the osmanthus forest search rabbit

和平精英手套兔子时装来了!不用氪金抽奖 做任务就能拿

After players enter the event page, or have a chance to find the moon rabbit, it is necessary to find the moon, the moon rabbit can enter the next stage of the mission, and the player has three chances to find the moon rabbit, get the page. Once the chance, log in to the game has a chance, and the sharing page can also get a chance, but the player only has three opportunities every day, and the three chances can not be found, then they can only wait for the next day to refresh.

The second stage name is ancient to send the river light

和平精英手套兔子时装来了!不用氪金抽奖 做任务就能拿

. At this stage, players need to send Mid-Autumn Festival through the river light, and can also collect the rivers blessing from the friends. As long as you look at the five river lights, the player can receive a permanent mask. While lightening the river light, it will also find the lanterns and moon. When the player finds two flower lights, you can enter the next stage of the task.

The third phase of the task name is a friend

Each of the players can get a lottery opportunity for each of the moon rabbits. You can get rewards through the lottery, such as gold coins, clothing coins, parachute skin, etc., you need to get through the lottery, and players can also create a moon. For each team, each invited a player to join, the chance to extract parachute skin will increase, up to 100%, this is very testing the person of the player in the game, how many friends can, maybe I can take the parachute Skin …

和平精英手套兔子时装来了!不用氪金抽奖 做任务就能拿

Mid-Autumn Night for cute rabbit

The second activity is the activities of the mid-Autumn Night, this event will be opened on September 11, the player needs to play a classic model game, and eliminate the three people, and share the moon cake after sharing the page. After the moon cake, fed the rabbit in the event page to unlock the action. A total of four moves. After all unlocked, you can get a complete carnival rabbit suit, but a little regret, this set of fashion is limited, only one month Time, but you can get free of charge, don’t don’t do it.

Summary, these two Mid-Autumn Festival activities, welfare is quite big, the first one may be slightly complex, but you can take a permanent parachute skin and mask, interested players can care.

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