Get rich: the people after helping the hand farten, 80 yuan per piece

For many people, there is a romantic relationship trying to get out of a failure may be very difficult, especially when you find out the most beautiful travel photos you shoot.

Although many people will relurse these digital memories, as part of the “After breaking up,”, it is worth a new online service called Edit My EX, which is no longer necessary.

As the name suggests, if someone wants to delete their own predecessor from the digital photo with commemorative significance, Edit My EX will drop the front P p of the photos for your photo, and retain the rest. You only need to transfer your photos to their website and tell the image editing expert. You want to delete the content, then pay the cost of 8.99 pounds (about 80 yuan). Within 48 hours, you can get an unclear photo.

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EDIT MY EX Creation Mark Rofe Subsenger a friend who provides this online service after helping a friend deletes your predecessor in its best photo.

At that time, the friend just got out of a bad relationship, so he wanted to give her a gift as a gift. When she saw this photo, I was very happy and laughed. In this way, Mark witnessed how powerful of the effect of deleting its predecessor from someone. So, he decided to provide this service to others.

Rofe said: “As a person with a design background, I think you can make good use of your skills to make someone experience a smile, plus my designer team, we have can’t wait to help others are removing anyone After the arrogance, you will receive your favorite photos. “

Currently, Edit My EX charges $ 8.99 for each edited photo. But at the same time, they also offer a considerable discount for multiple photos: If you need their experts to handle at least four photos for you, each photo charges 6.99 pounds.

It is worth mentioning that Edit My EX pointed out on its website, some photos may not process due to too complicated, in which case they can handle another photo, or provide full refund.

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