The most popular 4 shorts in this summer, is thin, and the long legs rely on them.

Today’s sisters Talk: What is the most elapsed place in the summer? That’s right, yes,


I have to have my name! The sea sky is blue, the golden sunshine, this strong contrast is of course, how to shoot is good ~

Strive on the beach in the summer evening, slightly salty sea breeze passed, bringing a silk hair and a broken skirt … God ~ I want to wear a clear cold to go to the sea! However ~ As a fashionable tide goose, I found a circle of all roads and found that this year’s cool look, revealing the long legs, the shorts, LOOK, really win a big ~



Although it is a must-have item in our summer wardrobe, but the sisters can not be small! Different styles of shorts, the style of presented is also different, but the only creed please remember – in fact, shorts is very fashionable! As long as the style is elected, the cool and comfortable, everyday, it is very good, it is really not a dream Yeah ~

As a surfa, I feel the most hot shorts this year.

Sports shorts

Mo is! In the street shoot of Europe and America, whether it is a wind, or go to the gym, sports shorts are a big one ~


Haha ~ Every time I see all kinds of stars wearing sports shorts out of the street, I can’t help but start thinking about my wearing the same paragraph, I’m happy, I will have such a cognition, mainly because of sports style The shorts are really a hundred and don’t pick people. I will pay attention to a little on the match. I can be fashionable, I still don’t lose sports!

But the biggest problem with sports shorts is that it is easy to wear a pajamas. To solve this problem, the sisters should pay attention to choice when choosing the style.

The fabric is slightly hard


One point, don’t soften it on the skin, this seems to be more essential ~ don’t need too much decoration and excessive color, the solid color set is enough ~

The solid color set is more convenient, don’t use brain-thinking, style, more simple, and will also be refreshed in the whole paramount. But many will wear the star of course not satisfied, then try

Single product mix

Bar! The primary player can match different colors on the upper and lower body, and then do some small echo on the footwear and accessories ~ and I found,


Green Shorts + White Tops

The match with the true wife is very good! Everyone has a chance to try it ~

High-level players can use a completely different single item to create a sense of municipality in conflict with harmonious symbiosis ~ such as adding a hard shirt outside the body clothes, you can let people know “I don’t really go Sports, this is just mine


Sporty Chic


You can also choose

Thin suit

In the middle and



With sexy, use

Lazy and exquisite collision

Come to create a special cool Girl image ~


In addition, there is still a kind of sports shorts that are superficial this year, that is, the ordinary people have a question mark.

Bicycle pants

. Don’t look at this pants too much, but the law will not let this

Ugly pants

Kendall, Beaver, Beer, Bella


They have shown this trousers in this trousers!

Don’t need multiple waste brains, basically one universal formula walks –

Oversize top + bicycle pants


, Comfortable + fashionableness stably taken! The length of the t-shirt can be covered, it is relatively daily, refreshing ~

Take Oversize long-sleeved sweaters, on the basis of daily, it has also increased a loss, and it feels the wind ~

And this trousers look ugly, but winning in a hundred bed and comfortable, the skin is great, wearing the sisters who have not wearing the same silk, pursue simple and comfortable sisters, I strongly recommend everyone!

I announced that there is no summer in the summer! Summer is coming, it is to be dew! It is to be dew! I will bet, as long as there is a summer explosive short pants inventory, you must not have a cowboy hot pants! Yes, it is so long-lasting ~ Who told it that although it is often unwilling, every year, the daily taste can explore new wear ~


The most classic match is undoubtedly


T-shirt + hot pants

, Is very convenient, don’t you say more? When it is in an urgent door, I will not have an extent that taking one tap.

When vacation,

Crushed, lotus leaf, reverse

It can be arranged in all;


If you want to have a little bit, then change it into a hot sister’s vest and small short t, show your small waist, draw the visual effect of your legs ~

Have to say, this year’s true jacket is fine, the big summer dressing example is still such a love jacket! Sisters who are not afraid of heat or long-term air-conditioned rooms can try to add a coat ~ suit, thin leather clothes, shirts can be 哒 ~


Is the sisters found? Nowadays, “Women who become a big man” is not eating incense, “I am acting as a big” is the most dior! Want to build a big hood, how can you have a classic garace item – suit? This year


Suit shorts

is still

Fashion world



The plasticity of suit pants is very strong! The hard quite specialization of the suit determines that it is a single product with boy, the female life is exactly the softness of women, reaching the so-called “”

Man MAN Balance

“. Wear, take

T-shirt, shirt, sweater, vest


They all have a charm! With the T-shirt, I recommend the Navy striped T-shirt and white t, and the legal legal horses will arrive at Get, and ordinary people are also able to control;


Oversize shirt with casual suit big shorts

, Unlocking the next sessions, let the slim waist as a hidden manner, another kind of beautiful beauty ~ put the trousers into the old dress, put the shirt into the trousers, plus a retro belt ,that is

Vintage little boy in the 1980s


The gentle characteristics of the sweater make the overall shape of the taste;

Small chest sisters can also try


Vest + suit shorts

With the match, the sunglasses are wear, no one loves, handsome is a mess!


If you are commuting, you will not be able to do it directly to add a suit jacket. Come and see BOSS out of the street ~ Millions of business is talking in minutes!

Dear successful ladies will come and see these

Is it written on my name?


Hey ~ The retro wind finally scraped on the pants. The last nomination player –


Old daughter shorts

, Know how to wear! This type of style is generally lost in the knee, and the trousers have two kinds of pants and tightening. Many people in these two years are wearing ~

Sisters tightened by our legs and legs and legs are not very friendly, but the styles of the trousers open, narrow width, is similar to the contour of the A-shaped, is more thin, it is a thick thigh Savior, it is also very provincial things. The easiest way is to put T-shirts into the trousers ~ this trousers are not very displayed, so pay attention to borrowing waist to emphasize the waistline, or expose a section Small waist, to emphasize the proportion ~

“Ah ~ this dress is good PIU bright! Ah ~ this net red dress is so good!” “Emmm ~ But there is meat on my waist …” “Will this style not suitable for me?” “Every time I try new The style, I feel that there is hundreds of eyes and stare at me, I am not free … “

I often hear many of the little sisters say such a thing, although I have seen a lot of wearing, my heart has already made a brain a few sets of outfit, but I still don’t dare to take the first step to try ~ I want to say, in fact, for everyone to organize and It is not recommended to explode, not to say that everyone will take the same style, but I hope to provide some ideas for myself through my own finishing, helping everyone try, and finally find the best style!

Suit shorts

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