“Do you want to lose weight? The cost of only 8 yuan of net red weight loss coffee is priced at 298 yuan, and it contains illegal drugs …

Do you want to lose weight?


Net red weight loss coffee costs 8 yuan but prices 298 yuan,

And contain illegal drugs,

Dare? ! Do you dare to drink? !

I thought that drinking weight loss coffee is also thin, I didn’t expect, enjoy “thin” while, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, etc. also come. This is not the normal reaction brought by weight loss, but because of the addition of a mantle prohibition to add to the food for obesity – Xibu Ming.


A few days ago, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the State Market Supervision, the State Food and Drug Administration jointly released the typical case: Han Mou, Hong Moumou incorporated into the country’s banned Subugming and on the online large-scale sales The sales amount reached more than 800 million yuan, and many consumers were healthy.


The cost is only 8 yuan a box of weight loss coffee, actually sold to consumers at a price of 298 yuan. Since 2018 to the case, the gang has sold more than 100,000 weight loss coffee containing ingredients.

The identification results show that the product contained the Nishbum Chunming in the country to ban the addition of the addition. It is reported that Xibuching is a central nervous inhibitor, excited, catering. This kind of drug must be touched and controlled by the doctor. Once the abuse will lead to insomnia, constipation, blood pressure, breathing difficult, gastroenteritis and other symptoms.


In the end, the Shanghai Railway Transportation Court used Han Mou, Hongmou’s crime, selling toxic, harmful food, sentenced to 15 years in prison, deprivation of political rights, 3 million yuan; sentenced Hong Moumou Twelve years in prison, deprived political rights one year, a fine of 7 million yuan.

Some netizens said that they have had this coffee: “After drinking, I am not comfortable, stop taking the future, I will smoke the silk …”

Inferable drugs are not rare, and even criminals use “drugs can lose weight”, they will trick others to take drugs.

Shanghai Anti-Drug Office: Net red DC diet pills involved

Illegal purchase, use illegal crimes

On August 17, 2020, the Shanghai Anti-drug Committee held a special issuance of anti-drug work, informing the situation of drug violations of drugs involving the spirit and anesthetic drug ingredients. Since 2018, Shanghai’s illegal use spirit, the situation of narcotic drugs is high, and it is worth vigilance.


According to the person in charge of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the illegal use of psychotropic drug drug drug drug drug drugs have been investigated by the Shanghai public security organs, accounting for the use of psychotropic components to reduce fertilizer medicines, as of August 2020, Shanghai More than 200 weight loss drugs have been investigated.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Anti-drug Office of the Shanghai City, it is the most widely influenced in drug-related drugs. These illegal drugs that infused my country from overseas, there is more psychotropic pharmaceutical ingredients of my country, such as Anfrutanone, Fente, Brigade, etc., the above-mentioned ingredients have been included in 2005 “anesthetic drugs and Psychotropic drug variety catalog.

From the condition of the cracked case, such “diet pills”, “sleeping pills”, “smart drug”, have a heart rate accelerated, headache, disgusting, etc., even anxiety depression, irritability, anorexia, tiredness, etc. The situation is serious for personal health.

The public security organs have resolutely investigated and hit the illegal crimes involving such illegal drugs, especially for the illegal selling drugs, findings, combating together, nothing to do, prevent such illegal crimes spread. Spread.

In recent years, illegal drugs such as “diet pills” in my country have contained illegal drugs such as amfitric allyzepam, fentemam, nitrated rhenefam, and 西 泮, 莫, Dafini, Lilin, etc.


Any drug with “Qiji” is carefully carefully hidden, and the choice of drugs in daily life should follow the doctor’s advice to ensure the safety of medication, do not blindly.

The so-called “God of the Medicine” containing drug ingredients not only causes harm to personal physical and mental health, but also seriously affects the order of social security management, and severely violates criminal law. For this type of drug, whether it is the merchant used by the individual or sales, it will give corresponding legal sanctions and punishment!

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