From 30 yuan to 141 billion, a blue and white bowl of blue and white bowl!

Speaking of the cultivar porcelain, is there only that Herch’s famous granulatory cocktail cup, in fact, another piece of blue and white bowl adding mythical colorful green pearl palace!

On October 8, 2013, Hong Kong Sotheby held a large Chinese art auction, a blue-and-Japanese sunflower small bowl, and conquered all the Chinese and foreign people who were present with elegant and charming art, finally at 141 million. HKD transactions, once again add a fascinated aura to the fabulous formation porcelain.

The value of this bowl was 80 million, starting with HK $ 65 million, and finally the transaction price plus the commission is about 141 million HK $ 141 million.

A blue and white bowl of a zone is only 14.5 cm, only less than three minutes, and it created the second high price of the World of Ming Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty, and became the most daemon of the 40th anniversary of Hong Kong at the time. Pearl.

This bowl arc wall is smooth, the mouth is slightly linked, and it is like Hua Wei. Light blue is inexpensive, and it is strong and good. The outer wall cleverly painted oxflowers, the songs, the four beautiful competitions, the fierce pet is comfortable, and the Fufang is bloom. The inner wall is looped, and the outer wall is the same, the posture shadow is slightly, more interesting.

The gear cover is a glaze, translucent, if the lipid is brightened. The bottom of the two lines of blue and white. At that time, it was a direct reflection of the artistic value of the Qinghua Palace bowl.

It is worth mentioning that it is also a good granulation of blue and white bowls. In the 1930s, in Beijing Liulichang,

It is only 30 yuan!

Chen Zhongyuan, “Ancient Talks Talking Old Wen” recorded the story of the Qinghua Bowl:

There is an ancient playing of the glazed factory called Guizhai, because it is a good thing, so there is a good thing, so it is not a good thing than the deposits in the store. The bowl was put on the shelf for two or three years and no one cares.


In 1931, Chen Zhongfu came to the door, and asked the boss Yang Runzhai: “You this bowl, I give you a selling pair, how much is it?” Yang Runzhai said: “One pair you give me 60 In the ocean, you sell more less, I don’t care, earn more and earn less is yours. “

This is four pairs, eight bowls, there are three bad, two of which have cracks, and there is a block in a mouth.


Qing Yongzheng imitated chemical blue and white floral lacquer

So Chen Zhongfu has picked up from it, and finally chose a good one to take back Ya Wenzhai. At that time, there was a British British British Banknam Schwing Dun, which was an antique sale, and saw this for the blue and white bowl in Yasuzhai.

Chen Zhongfu said: “This is a bowl, you are all granulation, you have a good look, if I am 正 仿, I will eat it!” Bai Lan Shi Dun held the bowl to see the left and left, then said: “You don’t want to eat it.” How much, sell it to me. “Chen Zhongfu took 160 oceans, and later had a bargain price, the price of 100 yuan, sold to Banyan Schun.


Ming into a blue and white lily flower grain


Chen Zhongfu is secretly jealous, and a pair of bowls have earned 40 oceans like this, and they want to go to the renovation of Zhai to buy the remaining bowls. Yang Runzhai saw a situation, knowing that this is sold, and the three-pair of bowls have been estimated to sell the price of 200 yuan, and finally discuss, Chen Zhongfu took the six bowls in 150 yuan.

After that, Yasuzhai sold one of the pair of in a good bowl to the Americans, the price of 300, 100 pieces of translation. Four pairs of blue and white bowl, this money is 210 yuan, and 300 pieces, earned 90 pieces, and four bowls, such a calculation, Yaventzhai manager Xiao Shu agriculture is quite a cost-effective.


Spring 2011 Sothebi Bryi

On the eve of “Lu Gangqiao, Xiao Shu Nong took one of the bowls in the price of 1200, sold to ancient play collectors. The other three grasses of the blue and white bowl under Yavent is, and finally there is no password, I don’t know what it is …

After that, I saved this grain blue and white bowl to Ye Uncle, who was specialized and Americans did business, and had a price of 3,000.

After the fall of Beiping, the market depression, the bleak of the glazed factory is more bleak. At this time, there are Shanghai antique merchants that Ye Tree sold the Qinghua Palace bowl selling more than 10,000 US dollars in New York in the United States!

From March 1990, Christie’s auctioned a collaboration in Hong Kong, a fierce competition, this bowl was sold in a price of HK $ 10.45 million.

According to two people who have seen the Kyua bow bowl, two antiques published by the “Big Crossing” published the photo of the blue and white bowl, the Bowl of Christie’s auction, and the bowl of Kizhai in the same year.

The so-called “same” means that the same is the cultivated palace bowl, that is, Jingde Town Royal Kiln is a porcelain that is burned by the royal.

The first sensational collection industry in the formation of the palace is in 2002, this famous brownder blue and white bowl, also known as “Kenrifu Bowl”, Lord Kenrif, Kenrif. Take 820,000 pounds in London Baolong, equivalent to RMB 30 million. Then in 2011, Sotheby, one from Switzerland, the old Treastery, the old town of the pig, and the pharmaceuticals were meticulous, with a HK $ 90 million. At present, there have been a bowl of palace in the market. The highest price is taken in Sotheby in Hong Kong in 2013. It is also from the old Tibet of Lord Kenrif, the old Tibet of Kenrif, and at the time. 141 billion. Yuan Hong Kong dollar transaction.


2011 Sothebi shoots REHION Tibetan into the green goba canezerry

Interestingly, this bowl:


Chen Zhongfu bought a pair of 60 in the ocean when I bought it from the appreciation of Zhaizhai, sell 100 pieces;


In the spring of 1990, the transaction price of Christie’s Hong Kong was a 10.45 million yuan;

In the autumn of 2009, the transaction price of Sufuby in Hong Kong was HK $ 36.5 million;


By 2013, Hong Kong Sufi’s transaction price reached 141 million Hong Kong dollars!

2009 autumn shooting record diagram

Although today is not more than the past, the price is very large, it is inevitable to sigh. Of course, this bowl has purchased 141 billion Hong Kong coins in 2013 Hong Kong Surfier in 1947. This kind of amazing price leap, also explains the true eternal artistic value, and it is impossible to measure.


In order to change the angle, even if you have these artworks, but developed networks, there is an ubiquitous message, you can make us more convenient to enjoy these artworks, and have not tasted not a blessing!


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Ming into a blue and white lily flower grain

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