Arin endorsement underwear is accused of conservative fan power

South Korean Popular Women’s Member ARIN’s member ARIN is loved by the public, and there is a beautiful name of “National Sister”, which has become a lot of advertisers.

Recently, Arin continued to serve as the underwear brand spokesperson, but there were netizens on the Korean forum to release articles with her endorsement, referring to different spokespersons, and common underwear spokes, only showing underwear with hands or human formats, but not actually Putting up the product, accidentally causing hot discussion.

Arin代言内衣被指保守 粉丝力挺称小题大做

From the released underwear advertisement, I saw that Arin hangs the underwear of the endorsement on the hanger or put the underwear in the hand, emphasizing the brand cheerful and cute image, try to minimize the exposed picture.

Arin代言内衣被指保守 粉丝力挺称小题大做

However, since this is not very different from the frequent advertisements that the model personally wear the underwear show, some netizens leave a message: “Too conservative”, “Underwear model does not wear underwear together”, “Is there still the meaning of model? “, Pointed out that it is quite contradictory to conservative and endorsement.

Arin代言内衣被指保守 粉丝力挺称小题大做

In addition to the underwear, the pajamas is taken by Arin, which also makes some netizens think that there is very contradictory, but there are also many fans who have a quite ARIN, saying: “Some people stipulate that underwear advertisement can only wear underwear?” “The pajamas advertise is very cute, why is so many people dissatisfied?”

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