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For workmanship from workplace, a handless notebook can make the daily work experience straight line. But it is easy to do, you want to be able to use the experience, the workmanship, weight, performance and standby of the laptop have a higher demand, but it is an external element such as appearance and material.

In order to cater to the company’s notebook needs, all manufacturers have launched commercial series products for corporate customers, such as Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell Latitude, HP’s battle series. These products often work and product control are much better than the general consumer products, the warranty and after-sales are also more and more and more and more and more perfect. Although the price is small, the experience will be a lot. Today, I will introduce a few commercial books of different price gear, and patients who choose difficulty can refer to it.

4,000 yuan: Dell Latitude 3520

The Latitude 3000 Series is entry-level products in the Dell Latitude product line, although the low-end, but its work and quality still inherit the Latitude series of fine traditions, plus Dell’s own after-sales service, so that consumers can rest assured to buy .

让办公更有质感 这几款纯血商用本你必须了解

In terms of configuration, the product of this price cannot be required, but the latest 11-generation Intel Core i3 processor is still enough to cope with mild office needs, the strong shell is very suitable for users of education, sales and other industries. In addition, Dell has been integrated with Optimizer intelligent tuning software in recent years, and can enhance user user usage habits through AI to enhance the use of daily software.

At present, this machine is priced at 3,699 yuan, which has been very cost-effective as a 15.6-inch model.

5000-6000 yuan: Lenovo ThinkPad E14 2021 Ruilong version

The 14-inch model can be said to be the golden size in commercial this, both portable portability than 15-inch fuselage, and the body extension is better than 13-inch models. Thinkpad as a classic brand in commercial this, its black red appearance and “small red point” design have been deeply rooted. ThinkPad E14 2021 Ruilong version As the latest product of ThinkPad in 14 inches, the AMD Ruilong 5000 Series processor welcomed by consumers when equipped.

让办公更有质感 这几款纯血商用本你必须了解

ThinkPad E14 2021 Ruilong version is equipped with a narrow border FHD IPS screen, with a left and right border only 4.5mm, the screen is as high as 85%. The parameters are also very excellent, 100% SRGB, and support DC dimming.

At this price, the competition of each product is very fierce, the main configuration of the processor, solid state hard disk is difficult to pull away, the screen has become an important factor affecting the experience experience, this is also the ThinkPad E14 202 Ruilong version can stand out in this price. s reason. At present, this model is priced at 5,499 yuan, and a business person who focuses on texture can consider it.

9000 yuan and above: Dell Latitude 9520 2in1

After reading the entry-level and mainstream price, let’s take a look at it. What kind of difference can be made by top-level commercial books, Dell gives an answer on Lati 9520 2in1 – Top Craft + Top Configuration + AI Blessing. The body of Lati 9520 2in1 is cut by the whole aluminum alloy, the feel is very delicate, and the divergence of the two-in-one rotating shaft is very unique. It is divided into two sections, so that users can open the machine with both hands and will be hands. It is folded into the flat panel.

As the flagship model, the stacker is naturally a routine operation, and Lati 9520 2in1 has Intel VPRO platform + EVO certification, which is the most powerful combination of the business.

In addition, the AI ​​capabilities are also integrated, intelligent tuning, intelligent approach, smart microphone noise, intelligent network bandwidth allocation. It can be said that Lati 9520 2in1 is more than just a simple high-quality hardware stack, but an operation system under intelligent dispatch.

让办公更有质感 这几款纯血商用本你必须了解

As a large number of two-in-one models, Lati 9520 2in1 acts as a bidder of the Latitude camp in the bidder-level recorded model, which has indeed represented by Dell’s understanding of the two-in-one business notebook. At present, the price of this machine is around 10,000 yuan, suitable for high-end business people or company procurement.


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