Suitable for summer cushions, breathable, soft, not tired for a long time!

Do you feel like this, it’s not uncomfortable to sit well!


People who often sit for a long time or poor posture, soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments are stretched for a long time, causing symptoms such as waist and leg and cervical pain, and sore discomfort.


Office worker

For example, the crazy codeword house girl, I didn’t start

Sawwas 3D Honeycomb silicone cushion

Previously, I used a large cushion, because the material was sponge, and it was very soft to sit, but the breathability was really bad …

Sitting in summer is just a sweat of pants (咦 …..)

Sweating too much is naturally cleaned.


Such a large thick sponge!

How to wash

… …

After stepping on the thunder, looking for a house girl with 30,000 miles of cushions finally ushered in this


Super breathable

Not easily deformed

, Let you

Sitting for a long time


Last year

, Carefully polished





Fourth -generation Sawwas 3D Honeycomb Silicone Cushion

For the shortcomings of the first three generations of cushions, it was carried out


Strengthen upgrade

The fourth -generation cushion was added on the basis of the three generations of honeycomb structure, which added

horizontal direction

The air circulation, and the surface of the cushion is adopted

The cleansing instrument is the same raw material


Special coating

, Has a dustproof function.

How powerful is the function of this cushion? Listen to the house girl slowly telling you ~

Honeycomb structure breathable ventilation

Sawwas 3D Hive -type silicone cushion according to

Ergonomic curve design





Quadrilateral structure


Composition, perfect combination

Mechanical support




Three -dimensional hollow.

The bottom surface is vertical and horizontal

9 air tanks

, Side,



X -shaped groove

, Guarantee air

Horizontal direction and vertical direction

Full circulation to reach

Breathable heat dissipation



Patent certification

Oh (patent number: 201830637336.8)

Because of good breathability and heat dissipation effect, Sawwas 3D Honeycomb silicone cushion


Four Seasons Common

Essence In summer, there will be no discharge of sweating, and the embarrassment of sweat stains in the pants; the cushions will hardly and deform in winter because of cold weather.

Ergonomic design breaks down gravity, sedentary is not tired for a long time

Sawwas 3D Honeycomb silicone cushion

262 prism

264 edges

constitute. The force of each quadriceps will be decomposed on the four edges connected to the side to achieve

Gravity decomposition

The effect, maximize

Promote blood circulation

; Honeycomb design reduces the contact area of ​​the hips, and sedentary

Don’t worry about hotness


Sit more comfortable. It adopts it

The curve design of ergonomics

, Can effectively relieve long -term fatigue,

Relax hip muscles

, Make you sit more and more comfortable.


In addition, in the cushion



Slow slope design

Don’t worry about sitting tired, too

Don’t worry



~ The gospel of people in shorts!

Honeycomb structure design

Also increased effectively


Surgery at the bottom of the cushion

There are at the bottom


Non -slip hole position



Close to the seat

, Non -slip position.

This cushion has chosen in terms of material

Low -hardness silicone material

In the state of ensuring the breathability and force of the product, it has also greatly improved the use


Very applicable

Students, office workers, drivers, pregnant women

Waiting for groups. And its overall design is simple,

Office, vehicle, student chairs, home seats


It can be applied.

Food -grade silicone material does not deform and does not soft collapse

Sawwas 3D Hive -type silicone cushion selection

Food -grade silicone material

, Food -grade Silicone

Environmental Silicone

One of them, non -toxic, without smell. Not only

Safe and environmentally friendly

, Can also

Antibacterial and mildew

Be effective

Prevent dust stains

Essence There is no scale in the water for a long time, no odor, so everyone can rest assured

Wash with water

Da ~ when cleaning,

Full pad

Can be washed,

Rinse after rinse

Can become cleaned ~

Here is a Sawwas 3D honeycomb silicone cushion

Inspection report

, Separate

Lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrobide, and polybenzhenyl ether

The content of the content is detected, and the results are all


not detected

Oh ~ everyone can

Strive to buy

In order to meet the needs of more users, Sawwas 3D Honeycomb -type silicone cushions have a total of

Green, orange, pink, light blue, brown and black

6 colors, regardless of

Men and women

You can find the one you like ~

Na ~ House Girl

Work vitality

Tell you all the secrets ~


Seeing that summer is here, liberation


Cushion artifact

Breathable, non -deformation

Come and start one ~

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Sawwas 3D Honeycomb silicone cushion

Sawwas 3D Honeycomb silicone cushion

… …

… …

… …

… …


… …

… …

… …




Special coating





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