The berets popular this year’s autumn and winter, see which one is suitable for you

As the darling of the fashion industry, the Breda hat has become the focus this fall and winter. The hotness of comfortable and sports mixing and matching makes the berets with literary genes easily out of the circle. The berets can be concave and modify the face shape, especially the big face, and the flat hair is correct for one second.


Beretic hat is not a patent of a certain style,

Each style has a suitable treasure hat waiting for you to dig.



The hat version is round and the fabric is delicate.

Girls in the picture above are fashionable, and the girl is naturally natural



The hat version will be more at the atmospheric point, and the overall is soft. If it is hair, the material is exquisite in material

The picture above is elegant and classical, the picture below is elegant and natural


The overall hat type will be more atmospheric than girls, elegant elegance, and a round version. The fabric has a gorgeousness visually


The picture above is romantic and classical, the picture below is romantic and teenager


The hat is cut straight, stingy, the overall version and fabric are stiff

The teenagers above the picture above, the young man is naturally natural



The straight -line cutting, the entire hat type has a certain sense of lines and decoration, which gives people agile and special visual impression. The fabric is light and light

The picture above is fashionable, and the picture below is fashionable and elegant

Ancient model

Classic hat -type, dignified, not fancy, less decorative, stiff fabric, and workmanship. The hat shows a low -key sense of low -key

The classical classical is romantic, and the classical classical is natural

Natural type

The overall hat type will be atmospheric and soft, the cutting lines will be smooth, and the fabric texture pattern will be obvious or arranged at will


The picture above is naturally elegant, and the picture below is naturally romantic


The hat -shaped atmosphere, paying attention to the sense of decoration, generally the material has a sense of luxury, the hat has a strong sense of presence, and it cannot ignore

The drama above is elegant, the drama below is romantic

Don’t underestimate a hat. If you buy the right style and color, you can make your shape change, easily beautiful.

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