Facial milk with dry skin: balanced oil secretion, balanced water and oil, so that the skin is moist and refreshing

Estee Lauder Rouhei Micro Milk Milk


Estee Lauder Huan Huan’s cleansing milk is very gentle and not irritating. It is suitable for dry skin to moisturize and moisturize the skin. The foam is delicate and rich. , Apply well. It is a cleansing that is very suitable for me. It is worth buying this one.

Efficacy: Moisturizing Deep Clean

Reference price: 280.00 yuan


Efficacy: gentle and clean, soft conditioning, soft care. The efficacy of dry skin products has a strong foam. While gently cleaning the skin, it relieves and nourishes the skin. After use, the skin moisturizes, moisturizing, comfortable and soft.

Japanese beancurry facial washing milk


Xiaobian decided to carefully recommend another cheap facial cleanser, that is, the facial cleanser of Japanese soy milk. This facial cleanser is a Japanese natural skin care brand. It does not add any spices, mineral oils and pigments. The main component of this facial cleanser is soy isoflavones. Sex skin can use this facial cleanser.

Yue Shi Feng Yinxiang 奶 Facial milk

Suitable for skin texture: oily skin


It is a skin care product that many sisters have been using. It is especially suitable for the use of acne and acne problems on the face of oily skin. It has the effect of soothing sedation, can rescue the skin of inflammation on the face, and effectively suppress the growth of acne.

Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser

This Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser is rated as the light of domestic products by netizens. As a cleansing makeup remover di -one facial cleanser, its small molecular amino acid can go deep into the pores, absorb the impurities in the pores, completely clean the pores, clean the pores, clean Power is enough and does not hurt the skin, which can prevent acne. It is rich in goat milk and nano -pearl powder. It not only has a good cleaning effect, but also balances water and oil, clean acne removing mites, converges pores, remove blackheads and closed acne, whitening and skinny! Suitable for any skin type!

It can gently clean up the pores and dirt, and after this washed, it is not slid or slippery. This foam used to use the bubble net is rich and delicate, soft and comfortable on the upper face, and there are no messy pigments or something. Some skin types can be used. After washing, it is not dry or tight. The whole face is smooth and tender and refreshing.

Ben sensitivity can also use the skin for so long, the skin is no longer like the previous oil, the pores are clean and delicate, and the skin is really happy every day. The skin becomes fair. It is also a little fairy.

Facial milk with dry skin: balanced oil secretion, balanced water and oil, so that the skin is moist and refreshing

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