Most practical | Baby dental glue purchase guide: 8 hot teeth glue competition, with what you want


最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

After 4 months, the baby gradually started to grow teeth, and

There are a lot of discomfort caused by long teeth, which affects sleep lightly, and has a heavy and attracts appetite.

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

The situation of many babies is the madness of saliva and crying, so at this time, a dental gum is particularly needed to alleviate the discomfort caused by the baby’s teeth.

Today, I mainly recommend a few practical and affordable dental gum styles, for the reference of the treasure mother, the effect is particularly praised ~~

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

Suitable for babies for more than 3 months

“All Features”

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

Effectively relieve your baby’s tooth pain, gum discomfort,

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

Can promote the development of the baby’s gums and jaws

Some tooth glue can be frozen, which is better to relieve the effect

Two -in -one tooth & toothbrush, more practical and affordable

Silicone material and super soft, avoid the baby’s bite to the finger

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

babybanana banana gum

Two sisters around me, Mummy, uses this tooth glue. This tooth glue is mainly two -in -one toothbrushes/tooth glue.

The head of the brush looks hard, but it is particularly soft and designed by massaging the tooth bed. And this one can be frozen, the effect will be better.

Sophie Little Deer tooth glue

Speaking of Little Deer tooth glue, many Baoma may have heard it. I have also written in the previous article. This gum is too famous. I use this to Monica.

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

There is a baby around me who treats this as a toy, and basically won’t bite, and Monica likes it, so it depends on the baby’s preference, so this

It can be used as a toy or a tooth glue, and there will be no sound when pinching.

This gel can be said to be one of the best in these gels today. Although it is a bit expensive, if the baby likes it, I think it is worth it.

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

Dr. Brown Coolees soothing gum

This can be called watermelon tooth glue, the material is very good, and it can also be frozen.

Suitable for babies, such as babies over 6 to 7 months.

This gum is not suitable for young babies, because it is not easy to grasp, and if the baby’s mouth is small, it is not easy to bite, so the mothers can choose according to the age of the month.

Dr. Brown Flexees Jianya tooth glue

This can be said to be the best hand, the baby can hold it with one hand. Relatively speaking, this design is not very good, it looks the same as the water pipe.

However, it also depends on the baby’s preference. There is a mum next to me buying this. It is used for 10 months to change the new.

Nuby bites

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

Nubi’s brand is actually good. There are actually several gums, but only this is the best, and it is very small.

The baby is also very easy to hold, and it is especially suitable for it to be used as a toy.

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

Comotomo tooth glue

This is actually a bit similar to the above Brown, which is relatively simplified.

The material is also very soft, but how much this one is actually cheap, their brand is really good.

Tommee Tippee Shu Shuojiu

This one is actually 4 months. They have 3 months and 6 months. Bao Ma searched for a cat. The material of this model is very soft, mainly this one is more suitable for hand holding. Select it depends on the mother’s choice.


We are no stranger to Pigeon, it is a very good brand, and its products are also very good.


This gum is actually used by Fan Weiqi for the baby, so I recommend this

The design of the petals is very suitable for babies with smaller menstrual age, and it is also very suitable for toys.

Qiaoma said

Haha ~~ Do you see this here, but it’s a little eager to move? The these articles mentioned today are particularly affordable prices.

You can buy dozens of dollars,

Except for the little deer a little more expensive.

Some time ago I also published an article supplementary food tool. Some Baoma also mentioned that the article did not give an address, so I mentioned it today.

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

I have all the products I posted by a certain cat, but it is best to go to Amazon/Haitao first, after all, rest assured.

Recently, some practical articles have been published, and Qiao Mom does not want to help these brands to advertise, just

The baby’s knowledge is also quite a lot. I do n’t know what to do for a while. I also hope that my mother will give me more clues ~~~

Do you think the article is good? Recommended to friends who need it is the biggest encouragement to Qiaoma!

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

– Monica Ma Ma-

最实用 | 宝宝牙胶选购指南:8款热门牙胶大比拼,有你想要的

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