Ten minutes fast -handed brown sugar flowering buns, stronger than takeaway

This recipe can be made of 12 steamed buns.


BY Lao Liu’s kitchen




500 grams of flour


5 grams of yeast

100 grams of brown sugar

280 grams of hot water

40 grams of red dates


40 grams of walnut kernel

Brank 4 grams


Practice step


1, 100 grams of brown sugar and 280 grams of boiling water are mixed until the brown sugar is completely melted and it is warm.

2. Put 500 grams of flour in 5 grams of yeast and stir well.


3. Pour brown sugar water into the flour slowly and stir with chopsticks while pouring.

4. Knead it into a smooth dough and wait for fermentation.


5. Prepare jujube and peach kernels, chop the knife, and need to be used.

6. The room temperature is 20 degrees, about 1 hour, the dough is fermented to 2 times large, the baking soda adds a small amount of temperature water, add it to the dough, and knead it.

7. Add red dates and peach kernels to knead it with a folding method.

8. Knead for about 8 times and rub the dough to grow.


9. Put the dough into a large dough with your hand, facing up the section, and the upper end will be slightly closed.


10. Put it in a steamer and send it for 15 minutes for twice.

11. Open the fire and steam for about 20 minutes.

12. Out of the pan.

13, fluffy and sweet.


1. Brown sugar must be boiled with boiling water, otherwise it is easy to have sugar pieces. 2. The dough is good, and it is best to use the fruit to add a folding method. 3. Don’t omit the baking soda, otherwise the flowering effect will affect. 4. Finally, the steamed buns must be plastic, and the opening faces up.

Nutrition of flour

The effects of nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and intestines, removing heat and quenching thirst. The wheat is sweet and cold, and the sexual, spleen, and kidney meridian; nourishing the heart, nourishing the kidneys, removing heat, quenching thirst; treating dirty, fever, thirst, dysentery, bloating, trauma bleeding, and burns.

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