Flipbelt Flying Bit Belt -Training Artifacts used by the Great God of Running Circle

In the new era runner, some run alone, and some of them are three and 50 %. For the current high -fire marathon, in addition to a comfortable running equipment, more people will load a running pocket, most of which are equipped with energy glue, salt pills or mobile phones.

However, the needs of more and more running props have also brought a lot of trouble, that is, the pocket space is not enough, you can’t find what you want to find, and he is busy.

Today, I will introduce a sports waist bag that has a functional function and face value, and running the big coffee, Li Zicheng, and Shen Squid. Worrying ~

Flipbelt belt -the choice of the Great God of Running Circle

Runners are usually trained at long distances. The most important class is coherent, and the total running volume is completed without stopping.

However, the inevitable hydration and energy gum pills in the training process have become a problem for runners. Ordinary pockets cannot carry water or space insufficient space, which causes to stop in training. This “laziness” will cause the whole The training status is undulating or collapse.

In addition, due to the problem of space restrictions, you ca n’t find what you want during running and the continuous shaking of your mobile phone key, which directly affects the training effect and running mood. Help you solve these problems.


The Flipbelt Flying Bitthability Belt is a hidden sports waistpack in the waist. It is called a belt because it is a 360 -degree tube belt design, which is directly wrapped around the waist, which is convenient and fast.


There are four storage bags on the outside of the belt with a large capacity and a night reflective logo, which can ensure the safety of runners training at night.

The most noteworthy thing is that Flipbelt Flying has a tailor -made arc -shaped sports kettle. This kettle can be stored in the belt, which is easy to carry. The capacity is about 330 ml. It fits the waist of the human body. It will not cause trouble during training.

30km long distance training

Location: Road Run

Time: 4pm


Distance: 30km


Piece: 3 minutes 50 seconds

Model: Flipbelt Flying Bit Classic Sports Belt

Model: Flipbelt Flying Bit Sport kettle 330ml

Before the training starts, individuals are still more worried.

As we all know, drink water as much as possible to drink during running, because once the journey stops to drink water, the mechanicality of running is gone, the rhythm is also chaotic, it is difficult to run up, affecting the training quality. But with a kettle, it is prone to situations, and it is easy to disrupt the rhythm for waste.

If the size of the belt is inappropriate, it is very uncomfortable to wear the skin in long -distance training, but the Flipbelt flybel sports belt proves how much I think.


Flipbelt Flying Bit knows the real needs of the runner. The sports kettle specially created, lightweight, fit the waist of the human body.

Moreover, the sports kettle is stored on the back of the belt. It can be easily taken during exercise, and it is comfortable and not shaking. At 25km in the back, the physical strength gradually decreased, and the kettle did not appear to be unable to put it in or take it out. You only need to find the opening with your fingers to easily put it in.

In addition, the kettle kettle material uses a unique food -grade silicone soft mouth, and the amount of water is controlled within a reasonable range to achieve one -handed operation without unscrewing the bottle cap. It solves the problem of many runners who drink water during running. The body material also uses a high -density HDPE material without toxic ingredients BPA, and use it with confidence.

The Flipbelt Flying Bitta waist has five sizes of XS-XL. According to the size of the runner’s waist circumference, the entire belt does not have any additional tightening device, so that traditional waist bags will bring discomfort when exercising. Essence

In addition to saving the two worries mentioned above, the design of the Flipbelt Flying Bitt Ribbon brings me a lot of surprises.


There are four storage bags, and the energy glue and salt pills are not shaken. The simply touching during running can clearly feel their position, and easily supplies with the kettle.


12km short distance training

Location: track and field field


Distance: 12km


Piece: 3 minutes 30 seconds

After the last long -distance running -in, the Flipbelt Flying Bit Sports Belt is a must -have for running. For elite runners who are pursuing speed, except for energy glue, salt pills, and water, everything else is cumbersome. But for ordinary running enthusiasts, the necessities such as mobile phones, headphones, keys, etc. are necessary.

Take me, there is a track and field field near the home, which eliminates the trouble of driving and carried a car key, but mobile phones and door keys are necessary. The jogging class with earphones is very comfortable. It is a need for ordinary pockets that cannot be met.


Therefore, in order to test the capacity and comfort of the Flipbelt sports waistband, I brought all the usual trivial necessities.

I thought there would be a scene of drums around the waist, but it did not. Flipbelt flying Bit pocket is 360 ° surrounding the internal tubular space design, perfectly filling your running domestic demand.

The side of the waist bag is equipped with a key insurance buckle, and the items will be wrapped in one place tightly by the pocket fabric, and there will be no phenomenon of shaking during running.

The main thing is that you can flip the belt to ensure the safety of the item.

Here you need to remind everyone that in order to maintain the elasticity and breathability of the belt, the Flipbelt belt does not have waterproofing function. This is actually to praise Flipbelt.


First of all, when the material is selected from waterproof, it is bound to sacrifice breathability and elasticity. You must know that the pockets are generally covered with the navel. Over time, it will affect the heat dissipation and cause the running process to be uncomfortable, so the breathability is very important.

Secondly, the strength of flexibility is corresponding to the degree of shaking of the items during the running process. No one will like the endless feeling of the items in the pocket in the run.

Therefore, Flipbelt uses this soft sweat -absorbing fast -drying fabric. Although it is troubled to runners who are accustomed to placing mobile phones, Flipbelt Flying has thought of this and designed a waterproof mobile phone bag to solve this problem to the greatest extent.

Whether it is capacity, shaking, friction, and comfort, the Flipbelt flying belt is close to the extreme, but many runners are not only pursuing fast, but also handsome, and the face value of the waist bag must be paired.

Flipbelt sports belt not only has eight colors to choose from, but also can be invisible and personal. You only need to pull your clothes and cover your waist bag. No one can see that you wear a pocket, beautiful and generous, and run the photo of the party’s gospel.

The Flipbelt Flying Bitt Ribbon is divided into two types: classic and magic stickers. The above is the classic model. It is like wearing and taking off pants. The size is selected according to the waist circumference table.

But in order to better adapt to the market, the latest summer Flipbelt Flipbelt Flying launched the magic sticker sports belt, which is faster and meets the needs of more consumers.

The following is the experience and evaluation of the two well -known domestic runners in China, the classic and magic stickers of Flipbelt flying belt.

Classic model 丨 Truster experience and evaluation of the use of Li Zicheng

Li Zicheng, the top domestic runner, after withdrawing from the professional team in 2013, he frequently participated in the marathon competition. He won up to 42 championships a year and repeatedly refresh his best results.


Partial record

The first Chinese Marathon Men’s Championship in 2018

2019 Xiamen Marathon Men’s Domestic Championship

2019 Wuxi Marathon, men’s domestic championship

classic style

Shake the running zero, so that the training is full of ritual

When I was training, I did n’t want to be interrupted throughout the whole process. The Flipbelt belt can built -in kettles for easy supply and stability. It is very helpful to me.

Compared with other belts, the Flipbelt belt is softer and fit, and the whole process will not be grinded to the waist. And the Flipbelt belt can separate car keys, headphones, mobile phones and other portable objects to avoid scratching mobile phones.

The most important thing is that the Flipbelt belt has a good suggestion for my training, making the training full of ritual -the start of the training, the upper body of the belt, the waist muscles will be slightly tight, just like the moderate nervous mood at the beginning of the big class;

At the end of the training, the lower body of the belt, the muscle pressure of the waist will be released immediately, just like the state of relaxation after the training.

Magic Patch 丨 The experience and evaluation of the use of squid

Shen Squid, born in 1990, from Shaanxi, began to lose weight in 2016. It lost 40 pounds from 186 pounds and became one of the first Chinese native pounders in the history of Sydney Marathon. By.

Magic post


It is more convenient to wear, and the size is adjusted


Magic stickers are more convenient and fast in wearable, and can be adjusted according to fat and thin, and waist circumference is applicable in the range of 64-108cm. This kind of magic paste is large and adhered. Stop.

For running enthusiasts, this FLIPBELT running mobile phone pocket is very recommended. Lycra fabric fabric is comfortable and elastic, sweat -free and dry; new magic stickers design makes it easier and more convenient to wear. ; 8.5cm wide design, while protecting the user’s abdomen, it can also effectively reduce the shaking in the process of use; the key link design, the key or mobile phone and other items, add a insurance to the property security.


For runners, the most painful thing is that running will be diarrhea when it is cool, especially in the game, last year’s Shanghai Marathon I was deeply harmed. (Forget the past……)


The Flipbelt’s pocket can be very comfortable to protect the belly button around the eye, plus the width of 8.5cm is enough to protect the sensitive parts of the abdomen, which greatly reduces the diarrhea due to the cold belly. This is for me. Personally, I am very satisfied.


Two running circles, two different FLIPBELT waist bag products, are as powerful as the function, but they feel very different to the two runners.

Li Zicheng holds the classic Flipbelt,

Select according to the size of the runner’s waist. The slight tightness behind the upper body of the belt, giving the training coronation ritual, and the psychological suggestion of the runner is the best feeling of the Flipbelt classic model to the runner.

Suitable for a serious runner to run the marathon, wear it during professional training, it is intact, comfortable and not shaking, and meet professional needs.

And Shen Squid holds Flipbelt magic stickers,

According to the runner’s fat and thin adjustment of the size, the magic stickers are firm. It is more convenient and fast to wear,

Suitable for Volkswagen runners to train daily training, jogging, and daily travel to get off work. It is easy to wear and adjustable to meet the needs of runners’ high -quality living needs.

Whether you choose Flipbelt classic or magic stickers, you can meet your running needs and let you run without worry.

Flipbelt brand introduction


The Flipbelt brand comes from Colorado, USA. Flipbelt sports belt is a very simple but revolutionary product.

North America Amazon Sports Equipment, Sports Waste Sales First Product, continues to rank among the top five for several weeks. In addition, it can be called 5K/10K on the market, the best sports pockets for marathon, and many runners and marathon runners are using it.

It has not only been on well -known foreign media such as “Characters”, “VOGUE”, “Buzzfeed”, but also has been introduced by TV media such as “HLN”, “CBS”, “NBCNews”.


Flipbelt’s belt not only has a super large space, but also has a personal design that makes you worry about sports. It is also selected as one of the US military supplies. “Business Insider”, BUSINESS Insider, says: “This is the best and most realistic solution to solving mobile phones!”

At present, Flipbelt is active in the Chinese marathon, sponsoring offline marathon, and fans are active online. This year, it is said that Flipbelt has prepared a lot of surprises for runners at the exhibition site, and invited mysterious big coffee to come to the scene to interact. Runners can look forward to it!


Time: 4pm


Model: Flipbelt Flying Bit Classic Sports Belt


Model: Flipbelt Flying Bit Sport kettle 330ml

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