In the heavy rain, he saved more than 50 people

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“Not long ago, Zhengzhou was so heavy rain. I tried my best to save people. I could save one more.” Recalling the unforgettable scene of saving people more than a month ago, Yuan Gebing (see picture, photo by Zhu Yuyu) said.

Yuan Gebing is 31 years old. He was born in Jinniu Village, Yaoping Township, Fangxian County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. When saving people, he was a labor worker of the Civil Construction 11th standard project department of Zhengzhou Municipal Control Node Engineering of the China Railway. “July 20” Zhengzhou’s heavy rain, he soaked in the flood for 16 hours, rescued more than 50 people who did not know each other. Recently, his deeds were reported by the media, causing heated discussion among netizens in Henan and Hubei.

Come forward

At more than 12 noon on July 20, Zhengzhou was heavy rain. The intersection of Longhai Road and Jingguang North Road has a crowded ocean. The crickets, the roof of the car, and the bus platform are all waiting for rescue.

Seeing this situation, Yuan Gebing, who was passing, suddenly looked dumbfounded: “From small to large, I haven’t seen such a big rain.” He had no time to think about it, and the water passed, first pulled a few people on the nearby flower bed to the roadside.

Not far away, two buses came back and forth, and stopped at the intersection of the tunnel. The vehicle stopped side by side, squeezing the water channel, and the water flow was even more urgent. Soon, the water in the bus did not have the knee of the passenger. The end of the carriage is high, and the elderly, children, and pregnant women in the car move backwards, and crying in the carriage is constantly.

“Get out of the car with me.” Yuan Gebing swimd over and greeted loudly.

However, looking at the deep and urgent floods, not professional rescue workers, passengers did not dare to get off the bus.

“The deeper the water accumulates, the car is not drowned, it is even more troublesome!” Yuan Ge’s soldiers were anxious. “I have been on the river since I was a child.

Repeated mobilization, passengers began to try to walk out of the door. Yuan Gebing was exploring the road ahead. The first four passengers followed closely, holding hands, and breaking the water. Finally, the four were safe to the roadside.

Yuan Gebing saw the rescue speed and was not safe on the road, and began to find rescue supplies. When he appeared again in front of the passenger, he had plastic boxes and foam boards in his hand. Passengers are lightweight and picked on the foam plate; those who are in weight, pull the plastic box. In this way, Yuan Gebing successfully rescued a dozen people.

Persist in rescue

A 50 -year -old man “hanged” on the road signs by arms, and his feet were rolling floods. When Yuan Gebing saw him, he was soaked and his lips were green.

“I was 1.69 meters tall and weighed 163 catties. Later, I learned that the man weighs 180 pounds, so rescue is particularly difficult.” Yuan Gebing said.

Relying on good water, Yuan Gebing launched the first charge. Swim next to the road sign, he made his best and supported the man. But the other party would not swim and dare not get off the water.

Yuan Gebing traveled to the side of the road, found foam boards, and rescued for the second time. Unexpectedly, when he was halfway, the current became anxious, and he was washed away for two or three hundred meters away.

Yuan Ge soldiers were unwilling, and also found plastic boxes and ropes. The third attempts failed again due to water anxiety.

At a hurry, a car was rushed near the flood and forced to stop in front of the street light. On the roof, the driver kept rocked his arms to help for help. Seeing that the car was not far from the roadside, Yuan Gebing was interested in his wisdom, tied the rope on the door post next to him, and threw the other end to the driver. The driver then passed the rope to the man trapped on the road signs. Two trapped people pulled the rope, greeted by the rapids, trying to move. Try it twice, and it has not been linked. Yuan Gebing went into the water again, dragged the rope, and pulled the trapped person to the side of the road a little to the high place.

“Sixth time, finally succeed. The moment the rescue was successful, he was paralyzed.” Yuan Gebing said.

Salvation and grace

In the heavy rain, many volunteers participated in the rescue. Three young people around the age of 20 were rescued an old man, but because of the rain and rush and unstable standing, they might be washed away at any time. Yuan Gebing saw far away, hurriedly swim, let them hug the foam board, pull the old man to swim on the roadside, and finally help 4 people out of danger.

Yuan Gebing turned to save others, but it didn’t take long for him to see the three young people trapped in the vortex because of saving others again. He hurried over and rushed to the place of the incident.

The water potential is too urgent to go against it, and you can’t walk along the direction of the water flowing, move a little bit. In this way, Yuan Gebing pulled the young man to leave the danger.


At the safe place, Yuan Gebing said to the three young people: “You won’t swim, don’t go into the water anymore! Let us swim to save!”

From noon on July 20 to around 4 am the next day, Yuan Gebing kept wading to save people. His legs and feet were scratched in many places, but he did simply handling, and then he went to the water to save people. In the next few days, he followed the rescue staff to investigate the water soaking vehicles to assist in directing traffic, and did not sleep a few times.

The China Railway learned that Yuan Gebing’s touching deeds transcribed him from a labor worker into a formal worker. After recognizing him from the video, the rescued people sent the flags to thank the life -saving benefactor.

Yuan Gebing said: “Last year’s fight against the epidemic, the people across the country supported Hubei. I did all of this, both out of this division and wanting to report well!”

“People’s Daily” (September 12, 2021, 04 version)

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