Food consumption was hot, soy products and equipment were put into creation to create a delicious flavor

The rapid development of the “Plant -based” track makes people pay more attention to a series of high -quality plant protein raw materials. Traditional soy products have become popular again on the new market. At present, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the consumption of soy products has gradually entered its peak period. As the soy product industry accelerates the transformation and upgrading, automated soybean processing equipment injects new driving force for polishing high -quality and high -efficiency soy products products, helping the development of the soy products industry To meet the diversified needs of the consumer market.

The new year of the lunar calendar is here, and the countdown period of the Spring Festival has entered a period of countdown. Come. Because the homemade foods such as fried tofu circles are mostly made on New Year’s Eve, and fresh soy products cannot be stored for too long, compared to other categories of annual food food, soy products consumption is getting closer and closer as the Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer. Only then did it gradually.

Recently, the consumption of tofu, tofu skin, dried tofu, dried tofu, vegetarian chicken and other soy products have increased. Many soy products companies have increased annual orders, and the overall consumption trend is better. In the current soybean products companies and the production of horsepower, it is refreshing that the powerful combination of traditional production technology and modern production line not only makes soy products more efficient, but also further releases new vitality of industrial development.

At the end of last year, Qiancheng Village Soy Products Processing Base in Wei Fen Town was officially put into operation, and it took the moment to catch up with the peak of consumption growth before this year of this year. It is reported that the processing base is one of the local key rural revitalization agricultural industry demonstration projects supported by the local area. The concentrated acquisition of soy ingredients, the traditional brine production process is cooperated with the grinding equipment, pulp equipment, etc. The storage of storage and the increase in farmers’ income increase, and in a higher degree of automated production, the traditional soy products flavor is more mellow and stable, and the level of quality and safety is strengthened. In this way, the results of poverty alleviation in the soy products industry have also been effectively connected with rural revitalization. The traditional industries are rejuvenating a new and vitality of modern production, driving both local industries and economic growth.

Moreover, there are always many types of soy products, with

Tofu production lines that collect beans, grind beans, pulp, pulp, filling, and packaging equal to the tofu production line

,as well as

Automatic pulp system, handmade tofu leather machine, bamboo shoot automatic peeling equipment, drying equipment, cutting equipment

In the food production and processing of soy products and equipment, automated and uninterrupted circular production can make the production of soy products simplifying, saving time and effort. After the bamboo is moving to automated production, it will consume a lot of time, manpower boiler cleaning and pulp, etc. in the past. It will be solved. From the filtering of the pulp to the automatic formation, drying, and cutting, it will reduce labor costs and increase resource utilization rate. It can also better ensure the quality problems such as the molding, dry and humidity of the finished yuba, and make consumers buy comfortably and eat at ease.

In recent years, the soybean product industry has been upgraded, soy products have become a beautiful landscape in the production factory workshop. Many hand -made workshops have moved towards the large -scale production of the beginning of the prototype and ushered in a “new life”. The person in charge of a deep processing enterprise of soybean products stated that after more and more mechanical equipment in the production of soy products, the soy products series products can be produced more efficient and more in accordance with different production processes, fully meet market demand, allowed to allow market demand to allow market demand and let let the market demand be allowed to allow market demand and allow them The long -term development of soybean products has launched signboards in inheritance and innovation.


With the consumption before the Spring Festival, in order to better meet the supply of soybean products, in recent days, Anhui and Guizhou have carried out food safety supervision and random inspections, allowing the people to eat “rest assured soy products” special operations, etc. Good New Year Food Safety Customs. Related soy products manufacturers must also always adhere to standardized and standardized production, and create a happy and peaceful New Year environment.

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