“After the Night Fall” Chapter 12 home

Chapter 12 to Go Home

Qichuang Studio.

Qichuang’s upper body was naked and pierced on the floor. The shirt and tie were put on the back of the chair, and the glasses and watches were placed in front of the computer. His body is thin, but the pectoral muscles are very thick, without excess fat, and the muscle of the hard State is bulging. When wearing clothes, two impressions are completed with taking off your clothes.

At this time, he took an orderly deep breath and used one side to cross the abdominal muscle exercise back and forth. A thin layer of sweat appeared in the bare place of the body, and the light flashed under the light. There are classical music on the table on the table, and the soothing rhythm of severe exercise does not seem to kiss each other, but this music has given him the relaxation of the action breathing steadily.

Working late at night is his home -like meal, so a habit of coherent movement and lonely floor and beautiful and smooth music are full of confidence.

After the fixed movement was over, he approached the closet, took out the white towels and washing bags and walked to wash his face. He first washed his face with soap, then wiped his face with a towel, and then sweat on his body. When he did these, the movement was so meticulous. The door of the face was opened, and the music approached his ears along the door, and he hummed a few times from time to time. Take out a small bottle of perfume in the washing bag, spray it under the armpit, look down and smell it, then stretch the right hand several times, and look at the swelling of the back of the hand. Essence

In the mirror, he concentrated on sorting his hair with a small comb. The hairline was slightly back, because the forehead was wide and perfect, which felt pretty good. Put on the glasses, put on a shirt buckle, tie the tie, pull the shirt collar, press the collar knot, and after cleaning, he carefully looked at his face again. In the mirror, staring at himself was those severe eyes. He placed his hands on his face, holding his breath, and his eyes did not blink. There was a kind of expectation in his heart. Time stop, logic frozen, consciousness locked, and all sensations turned into objects. He wanted to put himself in a static figure.

However, no matter how he focuses on his breath, he has not seen the state he imagined, and the mirror still just reflects him at the time. After turning several times after turning the neck several times, he began to clean up the washing supplies. He put them into a plastic bag one by one. In addition to rubbing the towel into a ball, he was taken away. He turned off and closed the door.

After Qichuang left the wash room, we stayed for a while. Qichuang still reflected in the mirror. Qichuang -Ruo Xu is just Qichuang’s image -looking at the face washing room from the mirror. His expression was still, and he stared at this side, but then turned his neck, put his hands on his face, and stroked his cheeks a few times. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

In front of the table, Qichuang thought about what he wiped with rubber rubbing with a rubber finger. This action was exactly the same as the pencil picked up in the room when Endong woke up, and it was not a point to play with the tricks. For a while, he put the pencil on the pen, and the pencil was still arranged in the pen.

He was ready to go home, so he packed things. First put the files to be taken home in the leather bag, put on a suit top, wash the bag back to the closet, pick up the shopping bag on the floor, and put it on the table. He sat on the chair and checked the things in the shopping bag one by one. The shopping bag was brought from “Rose”.

Light yellow light trench coat, red high heels, the soles are a bit biased, it seems to wear old shoes that have been worn for a long time. Pink V -type sweater with crystal beads. Embroidered purple bra. Orange tight skirt, black long black. Light pink briefs, inlaid with cheap cheap fibrous laser edge. From these clothes seem to be sexy, in fact, they are not as sad as they are. The bras and briefs are covered with dark blood. Low watch, white artificial hair bag.

A unpleasant expression appeared on Qichuang’s face. He checked the prostitute’s items one by one, and he remembered what he did in the “Rose” room. He wanted to forget, but the pain in his right hand could not be powerless even if he wanted to forget. The current items in front of him do not have any legitimacy for him, and he still checked calmly and seriously. He was excavating the cold relic of not far away.

He opened the handbag and poured all the things inside on the table. Lipsticks, eyeliner, paper towels, lip line pens, contact lenses, etc. There are some other kinds of fragmented cosmetics. The most important are bags for condoms, throat sugar, hemostasis, earrings, a bottle of oral contraceptive pills, glass -decorated money clips, five thousand yuan of banknote, several thousand yuan banknote and zero coins in the money clip. In addition, telephone card card card card card card card card card card , Traffic cards, beauty coupons, etc., there are things that do not judge the identity of prostitutes. Qi Chuang made a moment of hesitation and pulled out all banknotes and put it in his pocket. He wanted to be the money he gave her anyway.

A normal wide -screen mobile phone in the handbag, the owner cannot inquire. The mobile phone communication records are all numbers, and even the information function is deleted cleanly, not even a Chinese character. He couldn’t understand it for a while, and be careful to this point.

He pulled out a paper garbage bag from a corner, all the things except the mobile phone were all thrown into the inside, then squeezed and held the mouth of the bag. Seal again. The mobile phone is still on the table. He picked up his phone, looked at it for a while, and put it back to the table -he was thinking about how to deal with the phone.

Your mobile phone music is closed and puts in the bag. Wipe the glasses with glasses cloth. Then he called a taxi on the table, and one minute later, the company’s universal export door and so on. He wore a trench coat, glanced at the wide -screen mobile phone on the table, and picked up and put it in a trench coat pocket without thinking. Pick up the leather bag and garbage bag, and stand at the door and look at the entire room. After the lights on the ceiling were all extinguished, the room was dark, and the gap between the shutters of the window was diarrhea into the light of the street lights and the advertisement lamp. The situation in the office was vaguely visible. He closed the door of the office and walked deep into the corridor. Rigid shoe and sound came from the distance. From time to time, he yawned, and his face ruthlessly revealed mediocrity, as if he was tedious that one day was finally over.

Take the elevator downstairs and open the door, walk outside and lock the door. The cold air made his exhalation completely white. In the wait, a taxi drove over. The older driver opened the window next to the driver. Are you Mr. Qichuang? After confirming.

Qichuang drilled into a taxi.

The driver looked at the rearview mirror and said, “Sir, it seems that you have pulled you a few days ago, the house is the Mingdong side?”

“Yes.” Qi Chuang replied.

“Yes, I have been there twice today.”

Qi Chuang was silent.

The driver mobilized the car and said, “Your job is really enough, always go home so late.”

“The company is not dazzling, has a lot of overtime, and wages do not rise.”

“The same is true for us to drive a car. If we extend the labor time, we will not make money. You can still make money. At least, the company is reported to the taxi fee.”

“Oversized to this point, I haven’t paid for a taxi, how can I go home?” Qi Chuang smiled bitterly.

He was talking about what he suddenly thought of: “… Ah, by the way, I almost forgot, turn right in front of the cross intersection, go to a convenience store to buy things, and it will be done for a while, my wife explains.

《夜幕降临后》第十二章 回家

The driver said to the rear -view mirror again: “There is a one -way road over there, and it is a bit far away. There are several other convenience stores. Is it elsewhere?”

“What I want to buy, maybe only this one is available. Besides, I still click on garbage.”

“Okay, it’s okay. I just worry that the phone will jump a few more and ask if you are willing.”

Turn right at the intersection, drive a small journey, and stop at the appropriate position. Qi Chuang left the bag, picked up the garbage bag and got out of the car, and threw it away in front of the convenience store. Many garbage bags quickly covered his garbage bags and mixed with their garbage bags immediately lost their characteristics. He thought that in the morning, the recycling car would deal with these garbage. He glanced at the trash can and walked into the store.

No one in the store, the young man at the receipt desk is playing with his mobile phone. The popular song echoed in the store. Qi Chuang went straight to the soft packaging milk, and picked up low -fat milk to confirm the fresh -keeping period above. During the validity period. See the sour cheese of the plastic box, and then take out a can. At this time, he remembered something, took out the wide -screen mobile phone from the trench bag, looked around for four weeks, and confirmed that no one saw it, and put it next to the cheese box. The wide -screen mobile phone naturally became part of the counter, and it was integrated into it. Inadvertently made people feel like there was a long time ago. Qi Chuang was finally relieved.

Qi Chuang paid the payment at the receipt and left the convenience store to the taxi.

“Did you buy it?” The driver asked.

“I bought it.” Qi Chuang replied.

“Then, now it is straightforward.”

“I’ll sleep first, wake me up when it’s coming?”

“Okay.” The driver replied.

Qichuang put the plastic bag of milk and samples on one side of the bag, and slept with his arms. He didn’t have a heart to sleep, instead of saying that he couldn’t get up with his own mind. He just closed his eyes and was sleeping, and he didn’t want to continue chatting with the driver. At this time, the brain was blank, and the right hand prompted the faint pain, and at the same time, the heartbeat was painful. It’s inexplicable, he thought like this. The sea is so far, I have to take a plane for two hours.

After the taxi was driving for a while, when the red light stopped, at the crossroads, a motorcycle beside the car seemed to be sitting on it and waiting for the red light to turn green. The Chinese on the motorcycle did not notice the Qi Chuang behind the taxi. Qi Chuang’s eyes were closed and deeply buried in the back seat, and he was silent in the virtual world of the tsunami. The signal became green, and the motorcycle was soaring. The taxi started quietly, fearing to wake up Qichuang, and then left the crossroads.

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