Self -made meat intestines are so delicious

If the child wants to eat ham sausage, you want to try it yourself, so you make this kind of net red tabletop meat sausage, according to your own taste

By Chaojun



The hind leg meat is about four pounds


The bags bought in the bag in the bag are about three in the bag

A few drops of liquor


Most of the bowls of green onion ginger pepper water

Moderate amount of starch

Salt sugar raw soy sauce depends on the meat

The enema of the enema device buys a set meal together

Moderate amount of cotton line

Net red desktop barbecue intestine can make six pounds of meat, appropriate amount

Practice step

1. A egg, an appropriate amount of starch, do not need to put those ingredients if you use the meat (salt, pepper, raw soy sauce)


2. Onion ginger water, bubble with warm water, spare


3. Soak the cold water of the casing for 30-4 minutes, drop a few drops of white wine to fishy

4. Cut the back meat into large meat or small slices (remember not to break) and pour into the desktop meat sausage and stir well. I put half of the three pounds of meat, pour onion ginger water in four or five times. Stir well every time you can absorb it! Grasp the meat many times and beating, which can make the meat q bomb into the flavor! Pickled 1-2 two hours

5. Reserve a pound of more than a pound and did not put the meat intestines. Try it yourself. According to the meat, put some salt and sugar, black pepper, oyster sauce and pepper noodles.


6. Wash the soaked casing water twice, put one end on the faucet with water twice or three times


7. Put the marinated meat in the enema device

8. The meat is squeezed out a little, which is convenient for the casing, the casing is put on the enema device, and finally knotted


9. Don’t fill up, reserve space, six or seven points full, don’t do it! The irrigation intestine is divided into small segments with cotton rope


10. Fight, use a toothpick to tie the air next to the air

11. Blow the surface with a fan (key to the crispy intestine) 2-4 hours


12, cold water pot, don’t boil, low heat and low heat for about 30 minutes, add cold water when boiling

13. Cook and remove


14. Cut the cotton rope short, put it in a sealed bag, put it in the refrigerator, and you can take it out at any time to fry

15. The finished product is sprayed



You can also season it yourself. If you save trouble, you can buy it. There are spicy people! Remember not to be too solid, full of six or seven points, there is a gap in patting! It’s too easy to fry!


There are tricks for delicious food. Each of my dishes has a small trick. Everyone searches for “bean fruit” to directly view my recipes!

Remember to collect and pay attention to this recipe! Welcome to leave a message below to share your suggestions on this food.

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