Have you thrown away your child’s old clothes? Simple sewing a few shots to make a thermal rice bag, let alone how practical it is

The child’s body is relatively fast, and the clothes cannot be worn soon. The children will have a few their own hoods. The clothes are to prevent clothes from getting dirty. So what should I do to deal with the old cover that children can’t wear? Naturally, it is not advocated to throw away. The weather has entered late autumn. I need a warm lunch box heating bag to load the lunch box. Combined with the warm cotton and the old hood, you can make a warm and practical lunch box heating bag. Today, I want to transform this old cover into a thermal insulation bag of thermal lunch box. Let’s take a look at it together.


Production materials: children’s hood, scissors, needle wires, insulation cotton, coarse rope

Production time: 4H

Production process:


1. Prepare a child’s old cover.


2. The size of the rice box, cut the same size cover.

3. Cut the body and bottom of the lunch box.


4. Cut off the same size insulation cotton.

5. Then use the needle thread to suture together.


6. Roll out the sewing insulation bag.


7. Then fold the edge above.

8. Use scissors to cut two mouths on the left and right sides.

9. Put the thick rope in.

10. Put the lunch box in the heating bag and tighten the draw.


11. In this way, our insulation rice box is ready.

End words:

In this way, the lunch box with the old cover is ready to make the lunch box, so is the transformed insulation bag that looks good? It looks the same as buying it. Friends who learn can use some old clothes to make one. If you like it Like a message, let’s see you next time.

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