What is the difference between balm and perfume? Which incense time is longer?

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Speaking of perfume, many people are familiar with it. Speaking of balm, many people now feel very confused. What is balm and how to use it? Where did you apply it? In fact, this is very hot recently!

If you don’t know yet, then you are really out! Let’s take a look at this article, keep up with the trains of the times, don’t fall behind!

The most obvious difference between the balm and perfume is the name. The alias of the balm is solid perfume, so you can see that the name of the balm and perfume is different. The balm is solid, the perfume is liquid of.


1. The design of the outer packaging

In terms of outer packaging design, perfume is a bottle of liquid -like substance, and the balm is a square or circular box bag modified box. So just looking at this, the balm is still more popular, it is more convenient to carry it, it can also be taken on the body when it is supplemented. This is also what many stars like.

2, incense

From the perspective of incense, the two are not very different, basically the same. The incense can be divided into three tones, the front adjustment, and the middle tone. Its division can be divided into different types according to the characteristics of the smell and the spices used. The purpose of dividing the fragrance is mainly to allow people to easily screen the taste of their favorite perfume without the need to hear the aroma of each perfume.

3. The ingredients contained


The main ingredients in the balm are flavors and beeswax. When honey meets cold air, it is condensed into scale -shaped, and then the beeswax consisting of them gathered. The main source of the aroma in the balm is fragrance. The relatively large fragrance source is pure natural plant extraction substances, not artificially synthetic flavors, and even allergic skin can be used.

The main ingredients in perfumes are spices and aroma. The content of spices in high -grade perfumes is more than 15%, with a maximum of 30%. Most of them are sesame oils with flowers and fruits of pure natural plants.

4. Stay incense time


Because the state of the balm is solid, mainly beeswax and plant wax, which does not contain alcohol, so there is no alcohol volatilization, so its fragrance time is more durable. Essence The perfume is different, the perfume will be different depending on the fragrance, and the time for the fragrance will be different.

5. Convenient to carry


The balm is very small and belongs to the lightweight portable. Even if it is placed in a pocket when traveling on a business trip, there is no burden, and it will not be embarrassing at any time on any occasion. There is no pressure to use it. It is also very resistant to falling and difficult to melt. The perfume is liquid, and the bottle body is relatively large. It is inconvenient to travel when traveling on a business trip. And if it is used, if it is sprayed suddenly, it will feel a lot of taste at that time. After a while, the taste is not obvious, so it is not very convenient to use.


6. How to use

Gently take out the appropriate amount of balm with your fingers when you use it, apply it behind the ears, the inside of the wrist, the back of the neck, the waist, the knee joint, the ankle, etc. Not only does it exuding a good smell, but also the effect of moisturizing the skin.

The difference between the two is introduced below, I guess you can’t wait to buy a balm for yourself! I have prepared a few balm for you below!

1. HFP balm


This balm is recommended to me by a friend, and I tried the mentality, but I really fell in love with it when I try it. It is the same spice company as big names such as Hermè I like its taste. It smells not pungent, and is very advanced.

It is really not easy to taste such a high -grade spice that can be bought at this price. Its naming is also very comfortable. They are named by plants. Because the four are plants aroma, it is very comfortable to look at the name.

2. Fello Mongolian balm


Its fragrance is very seductive, with a faint musk, and there is no description of the unbelievable saliva taste of Fello Mongolian perfume. It is also very silky to use, where you can apply it in the hand and neck.

It takes a long time to stay incense. It is about four hours. It is very convenient to carry. It can be used to apply it twice anytime, anywhere, like a hand cream, which is very convenient. The most important thing is that the price is also very cost -effective! The cost -effective is super satisfied!


3. Diptyque Tiprak


The aroma of this balm has three degrees, because this one is strong and light. Its front tone is orange -blossom rose. The middle tone is the aroma of the night incense, and the tone is musk -like, so it feels comfortable to smell the whole.


The outer packaging is very textured! It is similar to the relief, heavy, full of richness, and will also give away velvet, very advanced. The sense of use is very nice! This is strongly recommended!

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