Give butter to the excavator every day, do you know how to choose butter?

In the previous article, I popularized the “What is butter” and “Why are the excavators hitting it every day?” From this we know that the demand for butter is very large, so you need to add at least once a day. Then the question comes to the question. How should we buy butter?


For the old driver of the excavator, buying butter has long been a commonplace, but as a novice, it is impossible to start as a novice in the face of the variety of varieties, different signs, and different colors. Thinking of those dense parameters behind them.

When choosing butter, first of all, we need to know that its scientific name is lubricating fat, and the main conditions of friction (load, speed, temperature), working status (continuous operation, intermittent operation, vibration and impact, etc.) and work should be considered. Environment (humidity, temperature, degree of air pollution, etc.).

The most commonly used butter brands of machine friends are: Jianma, Mobil, Shell, Great Wall Shangbo, Kunlun, Unity, Du Guan, Floating, Five Stars, etc., using these big manufacturers’ products, more assured.

In different categories, lithium butter is the mainstream product, which is divided into general -purpose and polar pressure composite types. Therefore, when choosing butter, we must recognize whether it is general or polar pressure composite. Secondly, it must be depends on what characteristics and applications of butter have to see if these characteristics are suitable for excavators to see which parts are more suitable.

① The use temperature range is also a must -see, because the lubrication site of the excavator will produce a relatively high temperature under the action of friction. If the selected butter does not support high temperature performance, the damage of the excavator is very large. of.

② Use speed of lubrication and friction

At high speed, you must choose a lubricating fat made of a large cone in low viscosity base oil; for low -speed fat, you should choose the lubricating fat made of a high conical incident number made of high viscosity base oil.


③ load size

When heavy load, you should choose lubricating grease with high base oil viscosity and high thick agent content. When the load is particularly large, you should pay attention to the choice of lubricating fat with polar pressure additives or fillers (mesh -sulfide, graphite); when low and low load, generally use the lubricating fat with short consistency soap fiber structure and medium viscosity base oil.

④ The environmental conditions used

In the environment where air is humid or contact with water, it should be used with good water resistance; for a long time, it should be chosen to be thicker (that is, the grade higher) fat, so that the sealingability should be better, which can prevent impurities from mixed with the friction. In the environmental environment, synthetic oil lubricating fats such as fluorochemical grease should be selected.

⑤ The method of friction with a pair of lipids

When concentrated, you should choose No. 0 ~ 1 to lubricate fat; for regular use of fat guns, lipid cups and other parts, you should choose No. 1 ~ 3 lubricating fat; Select No. 2 or No. 3 lubricating fat.

⑥ The working status of friction

For example, when the vibration is large, the application of high viscosity, adhesion and vibration reduction, such as high viscosthane alkyl or mixed base lubricating composite soap base lubricating fat.

⑥ use purpose

Specific choices for the types of lubricated fat must be frictional, the working conditions, working status, environmental conditions, and fat supply methods; for the protection of fats used, it should effectively protect metal from corrosion, such as protection, such as protection In contact with seawater water, aluminum lubricating fats with strong adhesion and high water resistance should be selected. Generally, lipids can be selected from lipids with lipid deeper high viscosity base oil. For sealing fat, it should be paid attention to its resistance to the sealing medium solvent.

⑧ Guaranteed to reduce fat varieties and improve economic benefits

In the case of satisfying the requirements, try to use lithium -based fat, composite soap -based grease, polycardia and other multi -effect commonly -effective lubricating fat. In this way, it not only reduces the variety of fat, simplifies the management of fat, and can reduce the cost of fat and reduce the cost of maintenance due to the long life of the multi -efficiency fat.


① The color and performance of the butter have nothing to do


Color cannot be used as a basis for judging butter performance. The initial color of the butter is mainly determined by the additive (coloring agent) color. The color is in color in production, mainly to prevent misuse and mixing between butter.

② The amount of addition should be appropriate

Excessive butter will increase the friction torque, increase the temperature, and increase the fat consumption.

③ It is forbidden to mix different brands of butter


Due to the differences in the thick agent, basic oil, and additives used by butter, the colloid structure will be changed after mixed use, which will increase the oil division, change of consistency, and mechanical stability.

④ Pay attention to the fat change cycle and use process management

Pay attention to regular injection and replacement of butter. When replacing, squeeze the waste butter until you see the new butter at the drainage port. The process of adding the butter must be kept clean, and the textile machinery impurities, dust and sand are mixed.

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