I want to wear comfortable pants in summer and make a pair of cotton and linen casual cropped pants. There are tutorials here

Today I will share with you in the summer cloth, retro cotton and hemp printing casual pants. This pants are very suitable for wearing on all occasions in summer. It is comfortable and beautiful. The practice is simpler. Simply, our tailoring has been put on the sewing head without putting the sewing head.

The tailoring drawing is still drawn by the usual city -inch unit and CM unit. In the tailoring map, the black is the market inch data, and the red is CM data to meet the needs of different students. Some students say that they can’t understand the city inch Units, in fact, as long as you compare with the soft ruler, it is easy to get the data. We use the city inch and not inch. Don’t make mistakes. In the future, our course is also equipped with a video tutorial of CM and the city -inch unit drawing.

The main points of production:

This pants are more casual suitable for all occasions in summer. This pants are still thinner. It is a bit difficult to make in the production of our side bags. You can choose a little wider and tight, and the foot mouth is relatively small. A bit


The feeling of pants.

Cut the picture:


The cutting picture of this pants is suitable for people with a weight of 100 to 120 catties and about 160 heights. People who heavy here can be drawn here. If you have data, you can put about 5 inches to 6 inches on the loosening amount. It is best to choose hemp and



For good breathability.

Reference data (unit: city inch)

Pants length: 26/86.6cm (this can be pressed by each person) hip circumference: 31/104m mid -range: 15/50M

Foot mouth length: 4.5/15cm (this can be pressed according to the needs of each person) If you wear too loose or tightly, you can appropriately increase or reduce related data. If you are unfamiliar with your classmates, you can convert it, 1 -inch = 3.3cm. The following data table can refer to the data you need.

We have opened my love for pure technology exchanges. We will update the original formula cuts every week. If you like it, add our circle.

(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

The formula cutting can be applied to the data of the formula. If you do n’t understand, you can leave a message in the comment area below. If you like our original drawings, please remember to give us a praise below, share with more people to express our love for me, and encourage us to create a better tutorial for everyone!

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