The starllar lion head, it turns out to be so beautiful, worthy of the Wenwan walnuts

The starllar lion head is one of the five tigers in Wenwan walnuts. It is named after its stars and dense lines. The real old tree fruit, the texture does not send firewood, but it is very full, and it is extremely beautiful to play.

The stars of the starry lion head have also become “Baihua Mountain Lion Head”. Lao Tree is located in the Baihua Mountain Scenic Area in Mentougou, Beijing. After the successful grafting of Lao Shui nuclear farmers, the old tree went to Baibaoshan to completely damage the old tree twice. The current wild old tree does not exist.


This is a stuffy star lion head, old tree bone, and a real grinding plate.

The texture is thick, full, and the leather is first -rate.

Large and thick side, slippery base, pairing is a boutique in boutique.

The round body is not only very smooth to play, but also the opponent’s palm acupoint massage is also very effective.


The starlon lion head really has a very artistic beauty. Not only is the lines staggered, but the paste of each pattern is bright and reflective, like a little stars in the night sky.


Full Tianshan Polying Picture


If you also like to play, and you can pay attention to Lao Song’s headlines, many dry goods knowledge in the process of playing with text and playing walnuts. I believe it will help you. I believe it will help you. In addition, more high -quality dry goods are continuously updated, so stay tuned …

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