Apple will launch the iPhone 13 series Magsafe protective case next month

According to 9TO5MAC information, Apple will launch the new Magsafe silicone protective case of the iPhone13 series at the spring conference. The colors are yellow, green, orange -red and blue color matching.

Figure Source 9TO5MAC

According to the previous information, the new iPhoneSe3 will be similar to the iPhoneSE2 version (based on iPhone8) in 2020, but it will use a faster A series chip, which may be A15.iPadair5 will also use updated A series chips to connect to 5G networks, but it is expected that there will be no major design changes.The new 13.3 -inch MacBookPro is expected to have the same appearance and new M2 processor.

苹果下月将推出iPhone 13系列MagSafe保护壳

Apple may also launch new leather cases and new AppleWatch straps.It is understood that Apple will release new iPhonese3, fifth -generation iPadair and 13.3 -inch MacBookPro at the spring conference of next month (maybe March 8).

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