The woman passed 30 years old, don’t always wear T-shirts, try “chiffon shirt + trousers”, really temperament

Women in different ages are also very different. When they are 60 years old, they like to wear T-shirts. Simple design highlights the refreshing and energetic side, but after 30 years old, we should try to wear T-shirts as much as possible. The public’s single product is not only unable to highlight temperament, but it is easy to look at the cheap. If you are still worried, you may try the combination of “chiffon shirt + trousers”, simple and generous, especially temperament.


The chiffon shirt has a light material that creates a full-scale breath. There are also a variety of styles for you to choose, which style wearing a look is no pressure, it is used for long Pants, both satisfying the clothes demand in the current season, and can use the genus pants version to add a few neutral qualities to the chiffon shirt, give people a decent and fashionable feeling.


First, chiffon shirt + small black pants

As a classic basis, who can have a small black trousers in the closet? Its pure black adjustment has a slimming effect and a hundred attributes. Single wear may be slightly bored, but if it is with itself, it can create a few distinctive elegance. Quality, completely don’t worry, we will wear and feel. Like Chang Minying, this body is wearing a plain chiffon shirt with small black pants. The micro-loose sleeve design can contain different arms, and the whole Look is both advanced and no warm temperament.


The version of small black pants is not a few, if you are a short child, leg-type bending girl, it is recommended to choose the high waist straight black trousers that suits you, and its high waist version can improve the waist line, optimize Body ratio, and straight pants-type cutting can reduce leg-modified straightforward, easy to make the wearer’s body and temperament simultaneously. Like Song Jia, wearing a striped chiffon shirt with high waist straight trousers. The vertical stripes are designed to be visually elongated, with high waist pants, and it is not only 10 cm.

Second, chiffon shirt + strap pants

Many women think that the style of the chiffon shirt is too mature, it is easy to wear, and the key is to match, if you want to wear very young style, you can try to use it on the strap, but for coordination It’s better to dress with black and white, and the two colors belong to the contrast color system. It can highlight the bright and dark contrast of the visual, but it is all basic tones. It will not appear to be too fancy, more High level.

Common velvet skirts are created with denim, if you want to wear someone else, try the velvet strap trousers, not only with the fine light of the silky material, provide visual highlights for the shape. It can be used to increase the thrust type of the pants type by the hanging material, even if it is picked, the upper leg is not pulled up. LOOK like Zhang Wei wearing a velvet tape pants with a chiffon shirt, simply putting on a short tube boots, and the whole shape is cool and personality.

Third, chiffon shirt + jeans

To say that the top of the trousers, the jeans will be ranked, whether it is a descendant cut, or a tannin cloth that comes with a street attribute, it can play the role of shape, basic every girl There will be one or two denim trousers in the closet, and when a hard jeans, in the textured chiffon shirt, it will definitely bring the neutral wind and gentle collision, and add a few more elegance. temperament. Like Song Zu’s shape, wear a piece of chiffon shirt with jeans. Unified light blue tones are both fresh and elegant, and it can become a bright color in autumn styling.


In recent seasons, perspective bottoming shirts are also one of the chiffon shirt. When we are wearing, it will basically choose the t-shirt, then with jeans wearing, on the one hand, can be superimposed To prevent light, on the other hand, several items of the style attribute season, even if it is a small white, you can wear a good look and fashionable. Like Rose, I chose such a wearing, picking a print chiffon shirt and black t-shirt with denim trousers, the shape of the flowers in the shape of the flowers can highlight the waistline position, the high effect first level!


Fourth, chiffon shirt + small white trousers

If you want the whole shape, you can choose the “Chiffon Shirt + Little White Pants”. Pure white panties are more eye-catching properties than small black trousers, but don’t pick too loose trousers when you choose money, it is easy because of the visual expansion of the bright colors, while pulling the legs Type, picking straight white trousers more insurance. Like Song Jia, this activity is wearing a piece of chiffon shirt with a small white dress, and all-white color is simple, it is very lined with her temperament.

The woman has been 30 years old, try to wear less T-shirt, try “chiffon shirt + trousers”, really temperament. Early autumn temperature is not so cold, wearing a thin thickness, appropriate chiffon shirt, just, you can learn from the previous models, you can highlight the temperament of wearer, know how to choose your own style can you Wear more outstanding results.


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