Don’t hide your legs, with these “shorts”, no matter how much leg hair is, it is sexy.


Occasionally cool, but I also believe that everyone has realized that the weather is getting hotter.

The hot weather style tests the essence of a man. Whether you are a real person, you can see from here that the conflict between temperature and decent will make many men have nothing to do.


However, it is true that considering the temperature of sweat, and then requiring a person to wear delicately, it is obviously not “humane”.


Therefore, under such contradictions, the best way is to have both two, while wearing comfortable, the best style is also elegant.


Of course, it is not easy to do this. In the next month when the fire clouds are burned, Ye Zi will try his best to solve the co -worries of temperature and demeanor for your friends from all aspects.


Today, we first from the basic items




If you have an impression, you should remember that the leaves also talked about some shorts of shorts for a while. Here we will not repeat it, but go back to the fundamental to start with the shorts itself.


In fact, it is simple and simple to say such as shorts, complicated and complicated.

In the eyes of many people, shorts are like T -shirts, and the structure is simple and there is nothing big.


But only when you come in to study, you will find that it is more difficult to wear shorts. It depends not only on your match. Many times your own style style also has an important impact. How outstanding your “hardware” is in control.

It’s better to get late early. In this issue, the leaves come to see with everyone. What unique and unique shorts are worthy of your ancestors in the wardrobe, you can be fashionable and refreshing:

Oversize shorts, shorts are also official


It may be neglected by everyone for a long time. Many people do not know that shorts have changed trends, and Oversize SHORTS is a popular product in recent years.

The so -called oversize short

Large and wide pants

In recent seasons, its figures are everywhere and are loved by major brands.

▲ AMI 2020 spring and summer series

The most flattering part of the wide short oversize shorts is,

It makes shorts no longer like shorts


In the past, shorts in the field of men’s clothing talk about “rules”, such as Bermuda, a few centimeters on the knees are clearly divided, and wearing the upper body should be stable and appropriate.

Oversize Shorts subverts this tradition. It enlarges the pants tube and relaxes the length. Most of them are 5 or 6 points. They will not go straight up and down. Fall, no longer so regular “beam”.

Because of this, such a short and short band has a clear neutral style, which is biased towards the “skirt” atmosphere.

Some brand styles will also put a few pants on the waist of the trousers, like traditional trousers, add a bit of formal and elegant taste on the basis of neutralization. Feeling full, no longer “home”, weakening leisure.

▲ MAISON KITSUNE2020 Spring and Summer Series

Although Oversize Shorts is a popular product, Ye Zi believes that it deserves to be collected permanently.

In the most fundamental “practicality”, Oversize SHORTS wider pants can match men with thick calfs, even if it will not make you look long, but at least it can modify the leg lines to make it makes it make it make it make it make it make it make it makes it make it. Flowing, no longer obsession.

As far as the style is concerned, the wider pants tube also brings a more relaxed tone, which has improved the elegant and soft temperament charm for you.


In hot weather, there is no need to be too complicated. A simple T -shirt is presented, and the refreshing feeling is immediately different. personality.

It doesn’t matter if you get tired of the T -shirt, one shirt can be changed to another style effect.

Choose Oversize’s shirt style to match Oversize SHORTS, and you don’t need to be a little eye -catching design. The solid color style can be created to create a minimalist style of “refreshing version”. Details become your style language, let alone how handsome.

The rough in the work of work shorts “fine”

If it is a fans of work, there are a few workers shorts in the hot weather, which shows a tough attitude.

But you should also know that more simple work shorts, wearing difficulty, but higher trousers.

The most important thing for the choice of workers shorts is the texture of the fabric.

In most cases, the fabrics of the workers should be avoided as much as possible, as much as possible, as the following, I wonder which box is turned out of the bottom of the box. Sleep.

Although we do not discriminate against, when we want to go out to play with handsome, wearing it is unwise.

Therefore, the texture of the work shorts is best to be tidy and stubborn, and it is not easy to appear creases.


In the costume shorts, some oversize workers have also appeared in the past two years.

In simple terms, it is the trend of work shorts that conform to the trend of Oversize SHORTS above. On the original wide and short waist -shaped shorts, the workpiece pocket structure is added on both sides.


It’s not just fans of work. If you are tired of being shorter, you may wish to try such an oversize work with a better detail and change fresh.

Different from ordinary work shorts, it is also different from the short and short. Oversize is short -handed in two pockets that appear forces, so that it will not be too tough or neutral. In the style of Qi, with a little delicate taste, the style of dressing is fashionable, which is very novel.


“Ugly” denim shorts

Frankly speaking, among all shorts, denim shorts should be a style that most men don’t like.


There is no other reason. The fabric is hard and rough. It does not have much modification effect on the leg shape, especially exposed a short short pants type. If its own leg shape is not perfect, it will expose our ” Ugly.


But it cannot be denied that because of the fabric, among all shorts, denim shorts are also the most recognizable, which is its advantage.

In the summer shorts, there is one more choice. The most important thing is how we should put an end to its ugliness and leave its “Sao” alone?

Similarly, Ye Zi recommends that you choose more “wide” when choosing denim shorts.


This is because the wider version of the denim shorts on the upper body will not be too strong. Even if it is not very soft and elegant, the surplus space leaves the room for buffer, which not only emphasizes the texture and optimizes the real wear. It also made denim shorts cute a little bit.


In terms of matching, denim shorts are not much different from other shorts, but compared to T -shirts, leaves recommend that you use a shirt to combine with it, especially long sleeves.

One of the reasons is that the wider denim shorts will actually be obvious, and the T -shirt is much thinner. If your legs are still thicker, it will easily look too thick.


The weight of the shirt is equivalent to the denim shorts. At the same time as the upper and lower structures are balanced, it is more decent to form a more formal shirt, adding a lot of style.

Differentiated by color, white cows also have a chic feeling among denim shorts.

Different from the retro vitality of Blue Cowboy, but also the cool handsomeness of Black Cow. On the basis of the hard texture, the white cow can show a more fresh texture. , Better stand out.

Gurkha Shorts, retro things in spring and summer

After various retro science science, everyone should also have a clearer understanding of Gurkha (Gurka) pants, but everyone may not know that the earliest Gurkha was actually the form of shorts, but later because it slowly transformed it to gentleman dress Fields are fixed with trousers, and we have forgotten the shorts.

From the perspective of Yezi, Gurkha shorts should be the most special and iconic shorts in all shorts. Even if you don’t plan to wear it, it is good to collect one or two.

High waist seal, built -in stumbling, and pants fold design make Gurkha shorts with high recognition, which not only brings a higher degree of activity convenience, but also makes the style retro. Essence

However, this is its double -edged sword. Gurkha shorts are elegant and unique, but it can also be said to be one of the most difficult shorts.

Generally speaking, we can only tie the hem of the clothes into the pants and expose the waist to see the goodness of Gurkha shorts.


But wearing shorts and high waist shorts are not a good thing.

If your legs are uneven, especially when some people have thick legs and the hip peaks are relatively low, put your clothes into Gurkha shorts, which will also magnify your imperfections and make your lower body cumbersome.

Dare to use Gurkha shorts like this, most of them are very tall and thin.


But if we do not show the waist of Gurkha shorts, put the clothes down, so it doesn’t make much sense to wear, it is impossible to distinguish from ordinary shorts.

what can we do about it?

At this time, we must learn to cover it with matching skills.

Wear a light and light T -shirt, stuff it into the shorts, and then put a shirt outside and open it as a coat. This may not be so cool, but the shirt can cover your hip peak, making the overall proportion more natural. Appropriate, only the front waist can be used as the overall detail embellishment, and the shorts of shorts have been put into higher degrees of completion, which is more infectious.


Of course, as far as it is concerned, with the development of styles, Gurkha shorts also have a better form of wear.

For example, in the latest 2020 spring and summer series of UNIQLO, a simplified Gurkha shorts appeared. There was no trip band on the trousers. You may wish to pay attention.

▲ Uniqlo2020 spring and summer series

Well, the above is the “shorts” brought to everyone in this issue. I wonder if there is one of your heart?

In fact, for shorts, we should no longer think of it so simple, full of discrimination, and think that you can’t get on the table. Every kind of shorts will be spent, and you will find that it is different, and it will also Can give you all kinds of surprises.

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