Men do not need to choose too complex on sports pants. Xue Pu Shu is so simple, the simpler the better

For men, again

When mating with clothing,

In fact, it is better than a lady’s choice


The difficulty of matching will also be higher. Some people say that men do not have their own opinions when matching clothing, or they are not fashionable enough. In fact, this is a kind of girl who does not know about boys in their own field.


The style in men’s clothing is so simple, it is still difficult to match the sexy, like



This common pants style. Men’s matching style


There are many, there is no way to choose special

Fashionable suit

Pretend, only through your own temperament, and more refined

Details to improve advanced


Men who like to wear sports pants to learn

Park tree,

Simple matching better looks

, Handsome and high

Level, like Pu Shu’s clothing and clothing, obviously simple sports pants, but under his combination, it looks very good


His unique uncle’s temperament is also very suitable for sports pants.

Men don’t need to choose too complex on sports pants.

it is good

See, there is no complex decoration, and it also tests a person’s temperament. However, the design of the sports pants has both a sense of sports, but also refreshing and simple. The design is also loose and not picky. It is still very easy to learn and control.


Simple blue sports pants

The connection between color and temperament

The version of the sports pants is still very small, so I choose

When it is, it is often a way to choose color. The effects of different colors on temperament are of course different. For the handsome uncle who wants to become more handsome, at the same time, it is more suitable for choosing dark colors, such as dark blue and dark green. It is particularly handsome and a lot calm.


Sport pants are also very common,

But too common so too too much


The effect is not as effective as wearing blue pants. It can show more


Age -reduced effect


Essence But even if you choose dark green and dark blue, remember to add white stripes to the sports pants to enlarge


Introduction to the version of sports pants


When choosing a sports pants, there are generally available

Light pants, tight pants, loose fat pants and wide -leg pants


These different options. For men, choosing small feet pants and hypertrophic tight -tight pants legs will be a little more common. When you want the temperament to look more capable, and the shoes or tops are relatively large, small foot pants are also good The choice can be thin and increased.


The effect of this kind of small foot pants is more effective than ordinary sports pants

Be younger

Essence When you choose to wear boots, leather shoes, etc.

The pants will look better.

Simple sports pants match recommendation

Sport pants are different from ordinary clothing,

Generally speaking

match. With the color of the same color system, the effect that can be manifested is equally fashionable, but it still looks more layered with the same color clothes. As long as you pay attention to the echo effect between the colors, you will definitely achieve it.


Simple matching T -shirt or white sweater is good. A sporty clothing style, many baseball jackets or POLO shirts, etc. are very suitable for matching

Blue sports pants.

Unique way of matching

Some slightly unique matching methods can better reflect your

Fashion product

taste. For example, the way of stacking is one. Put a white T -shirt in a blue hooded sweater,

Visual effect is very unique

There are wonderful levels, which may not appear bloated, and can also make the upper body clothing more relaxed, thereby achieving a obvious contrast effect.

Because the color of the shirt is the same as the color of the pants, the echo is also very strong. The cuffs, the side of the clothes, and the hat, are all one

The role of echo.

Different sports pants are recommended

Seven -point sports pants


The version is very much

, Seven -point sports pants or five -point sports pants are available

Seven -point exercise

The pants look more energetic and look longer.

When you are wearing a socks, choose a seven -point sports pants and look more

A bit handsome

, Pants are also recommended to choose black system, and then look at the stockings to make it unwell.


Simple dark blue sports pants


Dark blue

The sports pants can not only be paired with white clothing, but also can be matched

Brown or beige

Clothes. But pay attention, don’t match it

Black shoes and upper

Clothing, there will be a very strong one in this case

Feeling the feeling.

Perfect and comfortable red sports pants

Big model

The style of pants can be paired with more

Fresh color

, Such as red, yellow -brown and so on. In this case, the chic sports sense will be stronger, and it can also be echoed, or simply matches white sneakers and tops.

Sports pants with unique colors, the effect of matching will become more


In fact, it is more suitable for young men to wear and dress.


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