TFBOYS Master Typhoon Youth Group walked the airport, short -sleeved stacking long sleeves, vitality and vibrant!

TFBOYS is a young idol group that everyone likes. Their style has always been very sunny and casual. It is the perfect boy in everyone’s minds. The Typhoon Youth League of their teachers also continued the style of the masters, and they were full of sense of teenagers.


A few days ago, the Typhoon Youth Group appeared at the Space Gala, bringing a wonderful performance. After the performance, you have changed the cool and handsome stage costumes, and wearing your own leisurely private clothes. The vitality and vitality should be worn.


The first is the shape of short -sleeved stacked long -sleeved. Several teenagers appeared in stacking shapes, casual and vibrant. Ma Jiaqi wears fruit green short sleeves, white and long sleeves inside, and the layered sense of stacking has a stylish atmosphere, fresh color, a refreshing teenager coming up.

Ma Jiaqi Little Love God with black sports pants, loose pumping sports pants wrapped the tube with socks, full of dynamics and showing the slender ankle, have a different sense of fashion. Is this combination very familiar? Brother Yi Xi Qianxi likes to wear sports pants like this.

Yao Jingyuan also chose to stack the shape, but she chose an orange short sleeve+white T -shirt, and the warm color clothing was more dynamic. Yao Jingyuan is paired with light blue porn jeans show long legs, and black and white color sneakers are even more dynamic.


Song Yaxuan’s stacking styling color is more rich. He chose yellow long sleeves to base, and the sleeve tube was stitched with color stripes, which was very eye -catching. Slightly fancy long sleeves with clean white short sleeves, neutralizing it, refreshing and stylish.


The slim black trousers and small white shoes are also very fresh, and then hanging the UnionPay decoration between the waist, adding a fashionable personality. Although these three teenagers are very simple, they are very small and fresh.


Ding Chengxin wearing a little hip -hop fan this time, loose white sweater with gray sports pants, and white socks and sneakers, the casual shape shows fresh temperament. A little thinner boy wearing it like this is very good.

Liu Yaowen’s shape is also very refreshing. The white POLO shirt is paired with light -colored loose jeans, his pants are covered with long legs, and white sneakers are paired with a fresh temperament. Is the shape of the Typhoon Youth Group that makes people shine?


Although everyone’s shape is very simple, they are full of Fan Er, and they are very comfortable to look at. The combination of Yao Jingyuan, Ding Chengxin, Ma Jiaqi, Song Yaxuan, and Liu Yaowen can also recessed the sense of infinite teenagers and vitality.

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