What underwear bras are wearing a small breast?

What underwear and bras are wearing a small breast, which is the trouble of many small breasts MM. When choosing underwear, you will also encounter the problem that I do n’t know where to start. In fact, as long as the breasts are paired with the underwear, they can be turbulent. Then What kind of underwear is good for the chest? Please see the master support.

Gathering underwear:

Gathering bras can gather excess flesh and concentrate, and play a role in enlarging the breasts visually, especially women with a pair of sidelines and breasts. effect.


Thick underwear:

Thickening bras are a good helper to increase the cup. The thickened bras at the bottom can not only fit the chest well, but also make the chest ditch. Is it very exciting?

Steel Totaco:

Women with small breasts do not recommend choosing a sport -free or thin bray breast, which will make the chest look very shrinking, and there is no effect of gathering and shaping. Talling chest.


Too branch:


This kind of bra is also very suitable for women with small breasts, which can support and support the breasts, especially for women who are sagging on the chest. It is very effective.

Silicone bray:


When you go out to swim or wear off -shoulder clothing, you can add a silicone bra to the conventional bra, which will make the chest turbulent.

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