Put on the inside to increase women’s shoes, and the small man can have long legs to create elegant vision.

Many little girls have this trouble. They envy the full -screen net red and have gorgeous long legs. But this kind of height is greater than the acquired, and he cannot come. So we can only modify in dressing. Although the shoes of the thick sole puffy cake can have a high effect, the heavy soles can give people a bulky feeling, and the inner increase of the shoes is different, letting you grow quietly and unknowingly.

This type of internal increase in casual shoes is a hot model this year. The lace can play a good role in regulating, making the feet feel more comfortable. The 3cm internal increase and 3.5cm of the heels are matched with a full increase of 6.5cm to your height.


The leisure leisure shoes of the leather increase in 3.5cm, and the heels have 2.5cm. The cleverness of these shoes is that there is an ankle protection circle at the ankle, a thick layer, which can prevent grinding.


The color -fighting loaf shoes are very breathable with hollow design. The heel part is 3.5cm, and the inside increases by 2cm. It is not obvious and has good vision. The design of the upper and the rear gang’s hollow mesh makes you not feel stuffy in summer.


The lace -up leisure shoes of the weel heel, this is a hot model this year, many merchants are selling. The elastic cloth is very skinny, soft and comfortable. The slightly increasing inner increase design is matched with the slightly tilled slope of the toe to make walking easier.

Use the shiny patch to be arranged neatly on the mesh lace gang to create a beautiful vision to make your feet more fashionable. Invisible increase is not obvious. From the perspective of appearance, it is a pair of ordinary loafers.

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