Naruto mobile game: frog savings can, Mid -Autumn Festival gifts and other activities and strategies


Strangely, it is not a gold coin praying house but a special prefix. The gold coin praying house has been 3 months. In this way, it is not right to the previous return time.

But the activities have been chaotic recently. I don’t know what the Rubik’s cube wants to do.


The strongest team fragments are separated,

No wild

Yuan Lin’s must consider whether to return carefully.

Mid -Autumn Festival Gift

Team raid mutual assistance has extra moon cake rewards

Although the task rally does not clearly label the material, there are additional moon cakes.


The upper limit is 5 per day, and the upper limit is charged 5 per day.

Just do it with your own trumpet, or organization members, don’t lose anything.

Corresponding rules, full rewards records, whether the reward can not be received, can we counter -mail, it is unknown.

If the female group hits the sound, if the data is dissatisfied, it can be returned directly without deducting the number of times.

The reward can be changed normally, there is nothing to say.

The strongest team must find a reliable teammate.

After entering the team for 24 hours, you can play or leave the team afterwards.

Frog savings tank

In the black market businessman of the world level 90, it can be known that

1 runestone ≈425 black stone ≈40 dust, order coupons to buy 100 points = 1000 black stones = 100 dust


Direct purchase 50RMB = 1000 gold coins

Buy 2000 dust+60 runes =

4400 dust


Buy 100 with 10RMB coupons


It is equivalent to buying 1 bun for 100 yuan in reality.


This savings tank is really exaggerated, and the order of redeeming items is also obvious:

1. All dust is considered the price of cabbage and can be changed.

2. Whether the orange runes are full, not full change of orange runes.


3. There are already a lot of orange runes. If you don’t want to bet on luck, you can roll it densely.

500 gold coins gear

, All change of 50 and+1 10 coin dust,

There is 10010 dust, which is a 4,55 -fold income for direct purchase.

2000 gold coins gear

, Change all the dust,

There are 37900 dust, which is a direct purchase of 4.3 times.

1W gold coin gear


After changing all the dust, you can change 5 orange runes, and the income depends on the orange rune.

The earnings of the first two grades are close to 10 gold coins to buy 50 body: orange runes to see luck

The big guy must buy the highest, and it will be charged without gold coins. This is equivalent to the previously -ninja -to -order direct purchase.


Ordinary players who are about 130 jewelry and intend to rely on orange runes can consider buying the highest.


Ordinary players can just buy the first two gears, depending on their own economic situation.

The new district is also the first two gears, because when you 130, the rune price may change again.

Fortunately, my sales machine stopped the team three times, otherwise the 2,000 gold coins could not be taken this time, and the Rubik’s Cube is now too hard.

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