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When lunch, I instructed my daughter to review the English words of last semester. The wife said, “That (daughter) is ready to go out to play. How can I have a kung fu to review the words?” I have a slightest psychology, but I said nothing because of eating. Of course, my heart is not because my daughter goes out in the afternoon. Although I have strict requirements on my daughter, I have never asked my daughter to participate in extracurricular tutoring. As long as you complete your family homework, you can enjoy it. And for my daughter’s timid character, I often encourage her to complete her homework on Sunday, so I can play or let my classmates play at home. The cause of the incident was that before the school started last week, her daughter said that after listening to the teacher in the classroom after reading English, she would not read it after class. She wanted to use the New Year’s money to buy a learning machine this year. Level English, although it is useless for many years, but the daughter of the fifth grade of elementary school should be more than enough, but I have a fatal weakness that English pronunciation is “Chinese English” -the pronunciation is extremely inaccurate, so I treat my daughter The proposal was readily accepted, and the wife resolutely opposed it. The reason was that the daughter was a three -minute popularity. It would not be necessary to spend thousands of yuan to buy a learning machine for a few days. In the end, after a weighing weighing, I still bought a Wanlida learning machine for my daughter. If you do n’t just have a wife, when you just buy it, your daughter is very enthusiastic. After a while, she learn English, do mathematics for a while, and even open the learning machine to learn at 9 pm. But three days later, her daughter threw the learning machine to learn from behind. After dinner, I was about to go to the bathroom. My daughter was shampooing, and let me take the washbasin and shampooing cream from the bathroom. I know she was in a hurry to wash her hair to play outside. Without playing a place, I trained my daughter fiercely and leaked all the dissatisfaction these days, making my wife hurriedly stop me.

After that, I regret it again, especially when I reprimand my daughter’s test last semester, I think this hurts the child’s heart to a certain extent. For how to educate children, there is a set of Eastern and Western sides: we now educate children sometimes follow the past: “” Sticks out of filial piety “,” strict teacher “,” giving children kindly, not giving children a good face “, etc., so The issue of educating children is still a feudal parent -style education method, especially like me, a rectum, and said it whether others can accept it. For a long time, children dare not communicate with you. A generation of ditch is formed between people, so that the children can’t let go of what children do, and they dare not take a step in the thunder pool. To a certain extent, the child’s creative spirit is stifled. Because the ancients educated their children so much disadvantages, some parents now educate their children in the way of Western, that is, adults and children are equal subjects. When they encounter problems, they are discussing solutions. When children have achieved a little grades in learning and life, they will give them a little. Commendation; that is, the child does something wrong, and does not criticize directly, but euphemistically criticize. However, it can be seen from the news that this “incentive” education method has also had problems. As a result, some children have always been alone, no one in the eyes, and unable to be disciplined. It has done some violations of laws and disciplines to the society. It seems that there are disadvantages of education in Chinese and Western education. This requires our parents to use Eastern and Western ways to educate their children to take their essence, abandon their dross, and master a reasonable “degree”. , And not getting used to children everywhere; not only encourage children to establish a sense of self -reliance, and do not let children develop a unruly personality.

As for how to educate children on the book stall, and how to write with their own experience how to make children admitted to the talents of famous universities, I feel that the role of parents to educate children is not great: because each parent and children grow up the environment Different, especially the family environment and parents’ own literacy, children’s IQ and personality characteristics are different, and the education methods of children are different. They cannot be the same. Analyze specific issues.

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