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I don’t know if you have seen the Pentium shaving knife advertisement? Xiaobian saw two versions about Pentium razor ads, one is the starring cute little girl, the other is to shave kiwi with Pentium razor, Pentium These advertisements of the razor have indeed attracted the attention of many adult men, but how is the quality of Pentium razors, many people still hold questions. How is the Penium razor? What is the price of Pentium razor? Please see the analysis below.

奔腾剃须刀怎么样 奔腾剃须刀新官网价格

How about the Penium razor?

Shanghai Pentium Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing, and sales in stock appliances. Products include a series of kitchen small household appliances based on induction cookers, rice cookers, and water dispensers and a series of personal care products based on razors and hair dryers. After more than ten years, “Povos Pentium” [1] has won the “Shanghai famous trademark” “Shanghai famous brand” “China’s well-known trademark”, “product quality country exemption”, 2008 national customer satisfaction enterprises and other honorary titles. Pentium induction cooker, Pentium rice cooker, Pentium electric pressure 煲, Pentium water dispenser is recognized by the China Industry Enterprise Information Release Center in 2009, the sales scale is honored in the country, and the sales scale of Pentium razor in 2009 is ranked fourth in the country.

Pentium shaving knife, can be divided into a series of handsome series, Junjun series, Juncai series, Junxiu series, Junyi series Jun Feng series, Junjie series. In style design, it is divided into reciprocated and rotary, each product has quality performance, to some extent, to meet consumers’ shaving needs, but there is a difference in price.

About the Pentium razor is good, more users have evaluated:

1. Help colleagues bought this shaving knife for the second time, although than ten yuan for the last time, it is worthwhile.

2, good, big brand is very easy, the price is much cheaper than the mall, very good price is also cost-effective

3, personal feelings are not bad, good appearance, good domestic goods, paint water, use effect, the price is relatively high. satisfy.

4, the quality is not bad, I like it, it is still possible, the style is beautiful, it is easy to use! No Philips heavy, but there is no price of Philips! One point price. This price. Still value!

Pentium razor official website price:

POVOS / Pentium PS2203 Charging System Wash razor PS2203 official website Price: ¥ 79

Pentium (POVOS) PW8204D floating razor PW820 official website price: ¥ 399

POVOS / Pentium 4D floating rotary cutter head razor PT0092QPT0092Q official website price: ¥ 399

Pentium (POVOS) PS7626 reciprocating razor gray PS7626 official website Price: ¥ 99

POVOS / Pentium razor PL210 rotary three-knife head electric shaving knife PL210 official website price: ¥ 99

POVOS / Pentium razor new PS5302BL reciprocating three-tool head USB charging scraper blue PS5302BL official website Price: ¥ 99

PovoS Pentium Shaver Rehabilitation PS5200 Intelligent Precision Temple Behak High Speed ​​Motor Built-in Charge Plug PS5200 Official Website Price: ¥ 49

Pentium (POVOS) PW818 razor (light green) PW818 official website price: ¥ 69

Which is good? – Recommended Pentium PB0792Q

[Main selling points]

Rotary independent floating, three-tool head shaving, body washing, charge indicator.

[Main performance]

The Pentium PB0792Q razor uses a 36-degree gold sharp corner head, and the right angle is more thorough than the shaving, it can be deeply clean, and the root is smooth, and the shaving is more smooth. The design of the three-tool head is clean for your cheeks, more closely to the facial contour, more design, giving you more intimate shaving.

[Professional Review]

奔腾剃须刀怎么样 奔腾剃须刀新官网价格

Pentium PB0792Q razor low-profile stable look design, take you in your hands to show your distinguished life quality. The design of the whole body wash is convenient for users, and the pop-up knife can manually trim, very convenient. Global universal voltage to meet the troubles of users often travel, can’t charge, can be described as an international style. Its innovative bubble shaving function, dry wet, let you feel the different shaving experience. At present, the market price is 69 yuan, and the price is relatively high.

奔腾剃须刀怎么样 奔腾剃须刀新官网价格

In addition, the Pentium razor can also be used to shave the hair, so the supplies are not only suitable for men, women friends can also be used. Pentium official website is recommended to have the PS6106, PS3206 and other models, and friends who need it can purchase themselves.

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