Online shopping shoe goods are not right, who pays the return freight?


The goods are not right, but the buyer pays for the return freight

On January 10, Mr. Wang, a citizen, spent 292 yuan to buy 19 pairs of casual shoes at the “Weidan Siwoffeng Store” in Jingdong Mall. After receiving the goods, it was found that the goods and descriptions did not match. One of them was black and white. The actual receipt was pure white, and there was a large amount of needle eye pores on each pair of soles, and the quality was worrying. After negotiating with the merchant, Mr. Wang completed the refund, and the merchant said that the shipping cost of 120 yuan needs to be carried out by the buyer. Mr. Wang is puzzled that the product is wrong and quality issues should not be paid by the buyer.

Consumer demand: 120 yuan freight should be borne by the seller.

Reporter investigation

Consultation, the seller will bear the freight in the end

A few days ago, the reporter contacted Mr. Wang. He introduced that after the shoes arrived, the 19 doubles had 1 pair of colors that did not match the color placement color. The quality of the other 18 pairs of shoes, Mr. Wang was also very dissatisfied. He said: “This shoe is not as bought by the roadside stalls. I wanted to buy it for employees in the factory, but the quality was not very good, and I simply returned the goods.”

On January 17, Mr. Wang returned all 19 shoes to the merchant through Yunda Express, paying the shipping fee of 120 yuan. On January 25, the merchant received a return and proceeded refund, but refused to pay the freight on the grounds of “the reason for the buyer and the cost”.

In the following days, Mr. Wang and the merchant repeatedly negotiated and helped to help the online mall dispute commissioner, but both sides still did not give up. Two months later, the return shipping costs did not progress at all. In desperation, Mr. Wang asked for help to Wencheng County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

After investigating and verifying the Wencheng County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the seller again communicated. After mediation, the seller agreed to pay 120 yuan.

Case comment

Commodity defect operators bear corresponding responsibilities

Hu Yuquan, clerk of the Consumer Protection Bureau of Wencheng County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau:

According to Article 48 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, if there is a defect of the goods provided by an operator, the operator shall bear civil liability.

The 19 pairs of casual shoes purchased by Mr. Wang have problems such as bubbles, flying burrs, etc. to varying degrees, and there is a pair of wrong models, which constitute the quality of the product. The seller’s theory should bear the return fee. At the same time, in response to Mr. Wang’s 2 -month -old rights protection experience, the staff of the Market Supervision and Administration Institute urged the company to further improve the quality of goods, strengthen after -sales service, timely handle consumer demands in a timely manner, and create an honest and trustworthy online consumption environment.

Source: Wenzhou Daily

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